What will happen if you can't get out of your imagination?

What if you can't wake up from a nightmare?

There is nothing you can do... Or can you do something?

A group of people wanted to bring the Dragneel Co. down.

But what if the plan has to do with the imagination?

The group created a device that can go through a person's imagination and see it's thoughts.

But if they don't go out of that realm in time, their lives are going to be in danger.

But if they die in that realm, they will go to a deeper realm and there is a probability that they will stay there for years, decades, or even centuries.

But their leader, Gray Fullbuster had a dream, a dream that can kill him in that realm. A past, that can let him stay there for the rest of his life.

Will they survive in that realm? Find out in The Imagination Device!

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"What do you want, boss?" A dark figure asked to the famous business man, Lyon Bastia.

"I only want you to destroy the Dragneel Co. They are ruining my business." The famous business man said while holding a glass of wine.

"What do I get in return?" The dark figure said harshly, not caring about what the business man said earlier.

"Hmmmmm... all you can get in return is that since you have been in lots of crimes and you just broke out of jail, I can free you using my money. Sounds good?" Lyon said while holding LOTS of cash.

"Sure, I'll use my team to put that company's CEO, Igneel Dragneel to his knees!" The figure said.

"No! Do not do anything to the CEO! I want you to steal the code in a safe that contains the will of Igneel Dragneel since he is very sick and is going to die in the near future." Lyon explained.

" Uh, okay... Lyon can I ask you something?" The figure asked.

"Sure what?" Lyon answered.

"One: How can we steal the code? Two: Where is the safe? Three: Can we use the device that transports us to the imagination of a person? Four: We will need Levy on this job, so is she allowed? And five: What will we do with the will?" The figure asked one at a time.

"Hmmmm... One: Kidnap his son, Natsu Dragneel and torture him until he says the code. Two: I don't know, ask Natsu Dragneel. Three: Sure, but make sure you won't die in there, 'kay? Four: Since you really need Levy in this one, sure. Five: Since you are you THE device, go into the realm and torture him there. Then go to his memory and in the nearest hotel. But be careful, you will need to convince him to remember the time when you kidnapped him and tortured him but don't let him remember your faces. That is all." Lyon said swiftly, but taking a breath every 5 seconds.

"Sure, I'll now go to the team." The figure said before he closed the door.

Good Luck, Gray.

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