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Chapter 3: The Dancers

After that first night, Jack had taken to asking Ianto to join him on missions every night. They did little jobs once Gwen, Tosh, and Owen left for the night. Ianto's favorite was when they drove all around Cardiff together finding and capturing loose weevals. He liked this because he and Jack always talked a lot, flirt, and listen to music. Sometimes Jack would sing along to the songs, but only if there was a lull in the conversation. Ianto remembered being shocked by Jack's better than average singing voice. Ianto had always thought he had a pretty decent singing voice, but Jack's put his to shame. It was easily the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Sometimes Ianto would stop talking just so Jack would start singing.

Tonight was no different. They were out on their nightly mission. Jack was driving as he laughed at a story Ianto had just told. Ianto smiled to himself, happy that he could make Jack laugh so easily. He was beginning to realize that he had fallen for Jack hard, and it started long before Lisa had died. At that moment Ianto spotted a weevil. He pointed out to Jack, who stopped the SUV. They got out and tried to catch it. They failed, the weeval got away. But Ianto didn't care. In their rush to capture the creature, they had left the door of the SUV open, and the radio on. Jack had started singing along as he walked back to the car. Ianto had made it back first and was leaning on the hood, waiting for Jack to come back, who was still singing.

-"Oh, God, I love your voice," Ianto said before he could realize what he said, a blush creeping up his neck when he did realize what he said.

Jack looked at him with a mix of confusion and amusement on his face. He hadn't expected that, but it pleased him. He went over and leaned on the hood next to Ianto.

-"Thanks," He said, getting a corney idea.

He got up off the hood and went to the driver's side door and opened it. Ianto also got up, sad, thinking there were going back to the hub. Then he was surprised to hear the music in the car abruptly change and get louder. He stopped and turned to see Jack in front of him with his hand outstreteched in the universal sign of "do you want to dance with me." That's when Ianto realized the song was a karaoke type track of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." He had always loved that song. As he accepted the invitation to the dance, Jack began to sing. They danced together under the lights in the abandoned parking lt. Ianto began to realize this song had just become his favorite song. During the instrumental part, he said,

-"I didn't think I'll ever be able to listen to Sir Elton's version of this ever again."

Jack smirked as he continued to sing. As soon as the song ended, Ianto dropped his arms, expecting Jack wouldn't want to dance more than the one song. He was wrong.

-"What, one song and that's it?" Jack asked in his famously flirty tone.

-"I –I didn't think you'd want more," He said as he went back and took Jack's hand to dance.

The CD kept playing, but Jack didn't sing. When Ianto realized he wouldn't sing more, he decided to sing along. He had never sung in front of Jack before, so he was a little nervous, but judging by the smile his face Ianto figured he liked it. It was another one of Ianto's favorite songs, "Vienna" by Billy Joel. Ianto made a mental note that Jack must really like piano music. Halfway through the song though, Ianto was cut off by the ring of Jack's cell phone. They both looked sadly at it before Jack answered, throwing Ianto an "I'm sorry but I have to" face.

-"Captain Jack Harkness… Yeah, un-huh? Uh, okay. Yup, be there as soon as I can." He hung up the phone.

-"You have to go, don't you?" Ianto asked, a little sad.

-"I'm sorry, Ianto. I don't want to go."

-"Really?" Ianto asked as he started to walk to the car. Jack pulled him back by his hand.

-"Really. I would much rather dance with you all night than go deal with Unit."

-"Perfectly understandable." He said standing there still holding his hand.

-"I really did enjoy dancing with you, and listening to you sing. You have a beautiful voice," Jack said.

-"Same, sir."

Ianto suddenly realized how close they were standing. How'd we get so close?

-"Ianto, can you please stop calling me 'sir'?" Jack asked, exasperated, suddenly pulling away and getting into the car. Ianto stood there for a second trying to figure out why Jack was suddenly so upset. He got into the car and looked at Jack. He looks pretty bothered by this. What on Earth just happened? He sat and thought about what to say. He didn't want to make Jack any more upset.

-"I'm sorry, Jack." I just need to remind myself that you are my boss and therefore off limits.

-"In the past Ianto, it's in the past." Jack said turning to him smiling. Just then they got to Ianto's flat and Jack parked the car.

-"It was lovely dancing with you, Ianto" Jack said. "I just wish you could have finished your song. I love your voice."
-"Thank you, s—Jack, you have a wonderful voice, too. And maybe I can finish it for you at some other time." Ianto smiled as he waved good night and walked into the flat.