Digimon Tamers: Quantum Displacement Theory and Other Big Words

Chapter 1

If people ever tell you their life sucks, they're being vague. Most people just have a slightly off day, but make it seem worse. My life however does suck. I have so many sucky days that I had to make a suckiness scale, from one to five with five being very sucky.

Today was a four, meaning it sucked harder than a thick, dry milkshake through a straw. Yesterday was a three, so average suckiness. I don't want to speculate on how sucky my future will be, I prefer to reminisce about how sucky my past and present are.

It could always be worse of course, but it still sucked.

I had just finished watching season three of Digimon, a little weird seeing as I'm twenty five now. But everyone has their quirks, I happen to like Digimon. The Tamers season is by far my favourite, and much like other people I happen to like a certain yellow fox that is currently all over the internet in a wide variety of images. I hope I don't need to make that much more obvious to understand what I mean.

So, season three watched for the upteenth time again. I swear I could give a complete synopsis now since I have watched it so much. I wouldn't class myself as a fan boy, I don't squeal that much...

But now I was hungry. Cold pizza it is. There's nothing wrong with cold pizza, I made it myself anyway. I just prefer it cold, saves burning myself on it and makes the base slightly firmer so it doesn't fall apart. Nothing to do with my laziness I swear.

Today is a Saturday. Sucky level four as I already mentioned. Watch season three, check. Eat cold pizza, check. Next thing was easy. Go to sleep. Can't do much wrong with that can I? Off I went, trudging up the stairs of my simple house. I live alone so I don't need to worry about noise levels.

Jumping into bed I settled fairly quickly. I can fall asleep very quickly these days. Again, nothing to do with me being lazy. Honest. It was only two thirty in the afternoon too. I had plans tonight that I needed to be rested for, a quick sleep before I left should help.

At six twenty I rolled out of bed, throwing on a change of clothes so I don't smell too bad. Bolting downstairs I grabbed a quick snack, more cold pizza, then my car keys. I opened the door to the garage and closed it behind me and unlocked my car. Jumped in, started it up, listened to the throaty engine roar to life and opened the main garage door. I pulled forward, out of the garage and closed the door, locking it. I always reverse in as I leave late and going forwards is faster. Pulling out onto the road I gunned the engine for all its worth, completely disregarding the speed limit as I race to my destination. The noise is satisfying too.

After fifteen minutes of hair raising speeds I arrived in the car park I was heading for, sighting the familiar shape of my mate's car. I pulled up to his sky blue Evolution X and jumped out, finding him not too far away.

"Yo, Danny boy!" I yelled, catching his attention.

"Hey! Axel! You're late again." Yep, that's me. Axel Mavor. Nothing special, my parents obviously got bored when they named me. Rest their souls.

Yeah, they passed this life. Train accident while they waited at a station, never saw it coming. I was told it was certainly a quick death, I preferred that to hearing they suffered a slow one. It happened five years ago, I deal with it. Of course I remember them, I just choose not to get depressed about it.

"You know me, stylish as usual."

"Yeah right. You still up for tonight?"

"Hell yes, you still using that matchbox replica?"

"You can talk. At least I got that damned turbo fixed now."

"Oh really? Good. I'd hate to beat you too badly." Yeah, we are street racers.

"Not gonna happen now mate, fresh turbo. Clean and clear."

"Turbo? A turbo?" He didn't seem to grasp my meaning.

"Yeah, a turbo. You gone deaf on me Axel?"

"No, just wondering how your turbo will stack against my turbos." I purposely exaggerated the plural.

"Plural? How many you got in there?"

"Um, three?" His reaction was epic.

"Three? How did you even fit three in there?"

"Easy, I dropped the air con out. Needed the room for those and the five inter coolers."

"Dude. Skylines don't have that much room."

"Tell that to mine." He glanced over at my white Skyline R34 with a confused look.

"Show me." I walked over to my car and popped the bonnet open. He took one look and gasped. "Dude, I cannot believe you fitted that lot in there. That's some crazy shit."

"Tell that to me when I kick your ass."

"Guys!" A new voice came across, Matt our organiser came running over. "Guys! We need to split. Someone tipped off the cops. They're on their way!"

"Damn! Looks like no race tonight then. You got off easy Danny boy."

"Yeah yeah, shut up and go already. I don't want to see you get busted."

We got in our cars and split up, driving off in different directions as the sirens got nearer. I dropped my speed and slipped into another car park, passing as a parked car as a cop screamed by. After five minutes I returned home, nice and slow in case I was being watched. Sighing with annoyance I left the garage entered my home, taking the last piece of pizza with me as I went to bed. It was early, but I could use the rest.

I figured I was asleep for around two hours when I woke up again, only something was off. I was sure I went to sleep in my bed, so why was I outside? Standing I realised I was fully clothed again. Something wasn't right. I didn't recognise where I was, it seemed foreign to me. I looked around and saw a sight I never thought I would see with my own two eyes.

Off in the distance, framed against the setting sun, was the familiar outline of what appeared to be the twin towers of HYPNOS. But that couldn't be right, HYPNOS was part of a fictional story. I couldn't be seeing things clearly, that was it. I closed my eyes for a bit and reopened them, those towers were still there. Something was really off.

A noise sounded behind me. I spun round and was met with a yellow and white figure, standing about six feet tall. It took only a moment for me to recognise it as Renamon.

"What the..." That was all I could say before I did the most appropriate thing possible in my situation.

I fainted.

I came to slowly, expecting to be in bed and for it all to be some messed up dream. I opened my eyes to see I was inside. Good. It was a dream. But then I noticed I wasn't in my room, or my home for that matter. Another unfamiliar place. Confused I sat up, feeling very lost. Getting off the bed I was placed on I looked around the house, nothing seemed familiar. I saw no one else either. Deciding I needed to get my bearings I headed out the door, looking around searching for something familiar. Nothing.

Off to my right was a park of some sort, though on closer inspection it seemed to resemble the park in season three of Digimon. That had to be a coincidence. I spotted a fire escape to my left and climbed it, trying to get a better view of where I was. As I reached the roof, I realised I was nowhere near home.

The park was in fact West Shinjuku park. Those towers were in fact HYPNOS. I could even see the Matsuki bakery on the other side of the park. This was too weird. Was I actually in the Tamers universe? Was that even possible?

Of course it wasn't. I must still be dreaming. That's it, it's all a dream. Soon I'll just wake up and it will be all normal. Any second now. Just wait for it. Now. No? How about now? Damn. Maybe now then.

No matter how much I willed it, the dream wouldn't end. Sighing I turned around, only to come face to muzzle with Renamon again.

"Uhh, hi?"

I received a trademark stare in response. "Are you well today Axel? You seem jumpy."

"How do you know my name? I've never met you before?" This really confused me. It must be a dream.

"Come inside, you're not well. Let me take care of you Axel."

"Stop saying my name! I don't know you!" I was seriously freaking out now. The way she spoke to me with such familiarity was disturbing me to hell and back.

"You do know me, I'm your partner. Remember?"

I stopped. "Partner? Me a Tamer? No way! That's bull shit right there. Nice try. Take off the suit already and drop the act. I'm not playing your game anymore." It seemed so unreal that it had to be a trick. She had to be wearing one of those high quality cos play suits. Furry convention, that's what it was.

"Axel, please. You're scaring me. Come inside." She actually did look scared, in the worried sense that is. Before I could protest she grabbed my arm and dragged me back inside.

"Get your hands... Um, paws off me!" She didn't listen as she lead me back inside, pushing me into the sofa and barring the door closed so I couldn't escape. 'Right, don't panic. She's just going to kill me. It's ok, I'm sure it will be quick, painless. Possibly. Why else would she want me inside so desperately?' I watched her fearfully as she approached, my eyes darting to her clawed hands. Even from here I could see how sharp they were. Things looked bad, but at least this dream would end, right?

She stopped and sat next to me, no trace of hostility coming from her. She placed her paw on my forehead. "You seem warmer than usual. I'll get you some water." She stood again and went to the kitchen. I collapsed into the sofa when she was out of sight. Never before had I feared for my life like that, and I did some hell raising stuff normally. Driving at one hundred and thirty two miles an hour down a freeway seemed easy compared to what I just went through.

She returned with a glass of water, flashing a look of concern when she saw my slumped form. I still couldn't fathom why she was adamant about caring about me. I hadn't met her before. "Here. You need to drink." I took the glass gingerly, nearly dropping it in the process. I instantly placed it out of the way, not trusting it. She saw what I did and retrieved the glass as I moved away from her. "Please. Let me help you Axel."

"I told you to stop saying that! I have never seen you before. You're just a damned cartoon character!" If it wasn't for the whole situation I was in, I would have found her reaction hilarious. I reached the other end of the sofa as she slid over to me, closing the gap to beyond uncomfortable levels. I began to panic again, throwing myself off the sofa and scrambling away. She caught me by my ankle and dragged me back to her.

"Why don't you remember me? We've been partnered for two months now, how can you forget that?"

"I told you I have never seen you before, you're not real. I'm not here. This is just a dream, or some sick joke! I want out!"

"It's not a dream. We are both here, this is real. You are my Tamer, I am your partner. This is real Axel. How else could I know you so well. This is your home. Our home as you called it." The desperation in her voice seemed so surreal, I couldn't really be here, could I? "How else would you have this?" She offered me a small white object I instantly recognised as a digivice. The yellow circle in the middle framed the screen, showing a picture of me and Renamon. Proof of our partnership I had no memory of.

"Ok, get a grip Axel. There has to be a logical explanation for this. One minute I'm in bed after our race got postponed, the next I'm here. Think Axel." Renamon seemed confused as to why I was taking to myself, let alone what I was saying. "Quantum Displacement Theory? No, nothing like that. Too complex. Trans-dimensional Shifting? No, too cliche. Then what? Parallel Universes? Not proven to be possible, too many variables. No to that too. So what? How am I here, in this fictional universe that I have only seen through a screen?"

"Axel? I don't understand. What's going on?" I suddenly remembered I wasn't alone.

"Oh, uh, never mind. I'm just going completely insane here." She shot me another confused look. "I'm laying on the floor of a place that is supposedly my home, even though I have never seen it before, talking to a bipedal yellow fox who claims to be my partner, even though I have never met her before, in a place I have only seen through a fucking television screen!" I was shouting by the time I finished and dropped into a hysterical fit, flailing myself around as I fought against the facts being pressed onto me. Renamon pinned me down as I began to hyperventilate. This didn't seem possible, how could I enter this world when it didn't exist? Were people now watching me?

The lack of oxygen my body was receiving caused me to slip unconscious. The last thing I remembered was seeing the concerned face of Renamon watching me.

A/N: Well, something new here. I hope I didn't confuse too many people with the start of this. Anyway since I've managed to complete both 'Crimson Ash' and 'Zero's Legacy' I figures I'd start posting this. I'm also posting a prologue to a Naruto Fic that I will be working on from time to time when these stories aren't crying out for new chapters.

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