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Digimon Tamers: Quantum Displacement Theory and Other Big Words

Chapter 56

Sakuyamon stepped forwards beside us, staff ready. We hefted our spear, twirling it around us before levelling it at Maraxus. Said guardian regarded us with rage as his tail lunged forwards, aiming for us. We dodged slightly and slashed at the appendage, severing three feet of the ten foot length that came our way. Maraxus roared with pain.

"Insolent worms! I will destroy you!"

Not the first time he had said that so far.

We were slowly taking him apart, piece by piece. But we knew that a single strike from him would end us easily, we needed to evade everything he threw at us. Now his tail had been shortened he couldn't use it to attack us, the exposed flesh providing us a weak point to attack him in return. Not wanting to give us a free target he kept it behind him, instead lashing out with his claws.

We rushed forwards again, spear ready as Sakuyamon circled around and released another 'Fox Drive' at him, scorching the side of his head underneath his working eyes. He hissed in annoyance as we got behind one of his back legs, driving the spear deep into the weakened area.

Maraxus whipped his head around, nearly smashing into Sakuyamon, as he roared in yet more pain. With the spear now removed we quickly took advantage of the wound we made.

"Fox Drive!"

The fireball was send straight into the gaping hole we cut, the smell of searing flesh almost too much to bear. We raced away, clearing the retaliatory strike and circling around for another point of opportunity.

Maraxus really didn't look too good. Half his eyes, the pair on the left side, was ruined and useless. His tail was missing a large section from the end and his left rear leg was in the air, unable to put any weight on it due to the agony it caused. There were slashes and burns all over him as well, but he still stood despite the battering he had received.

Time to change that.

We dived back in, Sakuyamon covering us with attack after attack directed at his eyes, and drove our spear forwards. We impaled Maraxus in his left shoulder and ran around it, cutting a deep trench through the skin and muscle until we had made a full circle. The bone of the join glistened with blood as we rose above it, before descending with a loud shout.

"Amethyst Mandala!"

We slammed into the shoulder, smashing through the bone and severing the front left leg from his body. It was too much for the guardian who collapsed on the ground, teeth barred in sheer pain. He bored his eyes into us, the most threatening thing he could do to us now, with a hate filled gaze.

"This isn't over Axel! You think this is the only world I am claiming? You may have won yourself a little victory but I am still here, I can still claim this world as well as the others I have in my grasp!"

Something ripped me and Kiara apart, separating us as we landed heavily. Kiara recovered and ran to me to check me over, but I felt something else. A power within me. A sign.

The shard.

I dug deep, finding the gift from Aluna and focusing on it. The energy rushed through me and condensed in my right hand, now visible and taking a shape in my grip. A spear, a silver spear of light and sheer power.

Maraxus' eyes widened as he saw the weapon form. "How did you get such a power? Only guardians have that much energy!"

"Call it a gift from Aluna. I don't think she planned on me using it in this manner, but it still works." I dropped my gaze to him. "It's over Maraxus, now you die!"

I threw the spear at him with a strength I didn't know I possessed, the silver lance curving through the air and burying itself in the side of his head. As soon as it struck Maraxus was surrounded by a bright explosion, which revelled nothing but open ground when the light faded. Maraxus was gone.

Rika and Renamon also split and made their way to us. Kiara latched onto me as they approached, pushing her head against my neck.

"We did it Axel. It's over."

I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer. "Yes we did Kiara. And I had you by my side the whole way. Our work is done."

Rika and Renamon also joined in with the relieved celebrations before another vast presence filled the air. Light shimmered as Aluna made her entrance.

"Axel Mavor. You have achieved a victory here that had saved these two worlds. You have my thanks, as do you Kiara, Rika and Renamon. For without your help he would have failed, this victory is as much yours as his." I nodded in respect to the guardian as she continued. "By now you will be aware that Maraxus was the one who tampered with the time line. You asked yourself frequently where characters like Impmon were at, the answer is the fault of Maraxus. He removed him from the plot you knew of, as well as Kazu and Kenta, which ultimately changed the course of events drastically. Enough for him to take hold of this realm and try to make it his own. You have stopped him and saved millions of lives, all but a handful will never know of what you achieved here. But that doesn't diminish the value of your victory. You have done well Axel, very well indeed."

I regarded the colossal being before me with dread. I knew what was likely coming my way now and I hated the very thought of it. "Aluna, I have done as you asked of me. But I beg of you, don't send me away from Kiara. I can't live with that." Kiara clung to me as well as Rika and Renamon stepped forwards.

"Aluna, Axel has given all he can to the protection of this world. You must know what he has been through to get here, what he has sacrificed to ensure this victory. You can't just separate him and Kiara. She has died for him Aluna, if that isn't a sacrifice then nothing ever will be. They deserve to remain together." Renamon's speech was surprising but appreciated.

Aluna held up a paw to silence any more statements. "I already know all this. I have watched Axel for some time before he came here, to make sure he was suitable for this task he has accomplished. I know all there is to know about his time here and before he came to this world. But Axel cannot remain here, this is not his world to live in. He has a place in his own world to fill, I have no choice but to send him back."

Rika didn't seem to like that. Well, none of us did but she voiced it. "Now hold on! Did you even listen to what we just said? You'll be sending Axel back to his grave while Kiara will delete herself over her loss! Are you really that uncaring of those who serve you? Will you really just cast them aside and let them die after you used them?"

Aluna's eyes narrowed. "You would do well to remember your place Rika Nonaka. I am not uncaring but I cannot ignore my own duties. Axel must return, end of discussion."

I winced at the tone but I already suspected that this would happen. "Then if I may Aluna, I wish to say my farewells before I leave."

The guardian softened. "Of course Axel. Take your time."

I swallows thickly as I addressed Rika first, everyone else backing away to give us privacy. "Rika. Oh feisty Rika Nonaka. The one who made her Renamon punch me in the face. How you have changed since that fateful day when we first laid eyes on one another." There were tears welling in her eyes as I spoke. "Remember me Rika. Remember what we have been through, the lessons we have learnt. I won't ever forget you nor this world that I came to call home. Keep yourself safe and don't be afraid to admit true feelings. Make sure Renamon is alright as well, don't let her sit alone and think too much on past events. Keep Seiko safe as well, make sure she knows that I couldn't have done any of this without you and Renamon. That's my one wish, besides staying here which I can't do. Don't let my memory take the glory for something we all did, this is our victory, not mine alone."

Rika embraced me tightly. "It's not fair Axel! You should be able to choose to stay, not be forced to leave!"

I wrapped my own arms around her in a friendly gesture. "I know, life is hardly ever fair. I got lucky a few times but here my luck runs out. Stay strong Rika, for you never know if I will come back again or not. Here's to hoping eh?"

She backed off, a weak smile on her tear face. "I won't forget you Axel."

I nodded in response. "Nor I you Rika. Nor I you."

Renamon then took her turn, going straight in for the embrace. "I can't express anything in words Axel, I don't want you to leave."

Short and to the point, very un-Renamon like. "I wish I could stay Renamon. I really do." I sighed deeply, feeling her tighten her embrace. "Stay strong, Rika will need you now and I'm sure you will need her too. Look after yourself as well as her. Don't let things get to you, talk to Rika or someone about them instead of hiding them away. Don't think I'll ever forget you either, you will always have a place in my heart."

Renamon locked her eyes with me. "Axel, I know it's unfair for me to say this, but I need you to know. Kiara isn't the only one who has a fondness for you. You have touched my heart in a way no one else ever has, nor ever could. If it wasn't for Kiara then I would have sought you for myself a long time ago, but you two have each other and I won't ever come between that. Nothing I can ever do will make me forget you nor replace you in my heart. I love you Axel, as wrong as that may be."

I smiled, pressing a hand to her cheek. "Renamon. Oh what am I going to do with you?" She laughed lightly as I spoke. "Truth be told I've had my suspicions about you in that respect but I could never be sure. I also didn't know what I would or could do if I was right, so here I am clueless after your confession." She laughed a little again. "But maybe a small parting gift will say what words cannot."

Before she could ask what I meant I pulled her head to mine, pressing our lips together. Renamon responded in seconds, easing into the kiss as she desperately tried to make sure she remembered every second, or so I imagined. We parted soon though, making my departure much harder now.

"Take care of yourself Renamon. For me?"

She nodded, smiling. "For you."

She too backed off as Kiara made an approach. Her eyes locked with mine, conveying everything that needed to be said in a single look. She stood right before me, paws on my face as my hands cupped her cheeks. A single kiss, as deep and loving as the first we ever shared, passed between us. Memories of our lives together were relived in those few seconds, even though they felt like a lifetime in itself. Her arms circled my shoulders as my hands rested on her flanks, pulling her just a bit closer as the kiss was deepened.

"Don't leave me Axel."

That one thought shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. If it was words spoken then they would have hurt a lot less, but as a thought those same words carried a weight of emotion that couldn't be described as anything less than the weight of the world. And then some. I had little resolve left anyway but that shattered with my heart. I couldn't leave her, life wouldn't be worth living without her. I knew that the very second I left this place without her she would go insane, taking her own life just as quickly. I wouldn't be any better mind you, it might just take me a little longer to find a way to end myself.

She gripped me with a fervour I hadn't seen before from her. She shook as wetness dripped onto my face from her eyes. My own tears were falling too. I couldn't leave her, not now not ever. Yet I had no choice. My life, my love, was being taken from me as I feared it would.

"I can't do this!"

Try as I might I couldn't bring myself to lose all I had gained. My old life was nothing, I lived for the sheer sake of it. Now I had a purpose and someone to share that with, and it was all being ripped from me.

Kiara pulled away, regret and loss in her once beautiful eyes now marred by the negative emotions racing through her. I was broken, unable to do anything as everything unravelled around me.

"It is time Axel."

Aluna's voice was barely heard by me or Kiara as our eyes refused to break their lock, as if just looking at each other could stop the impending separation.

"I love you Axel."

No more could be said, no more needed to be said. "I love you too Kiara. Just live, live for me please. Don't throw yourself away. Be strong, for me. For us."

She nodded very slowly but I knew she couldn't agree to that. I couldn't either. But I had to try.

Aluna stepped closer. "Axel, there is no more time. Please."

I turned to her. "You told me to take as long as I wanted."

"You've been here for fifteen minutes, I cannot delay any further. Please."

I sighed, nodding reluctantly. I couldn't fight this anymore. Aluna sent me a single sympathetic look as my eyes locked with Kiara's one last time, before I felt the world be whipped from under my feet.

My eyes opened, seeing the ceiling of my real bedroom. I was laying in bed where I was last time I was in this world. Out of habit I looked to the side, expecting to see Kiara but actually seeing nothing. My eyes welled up as I grieved for my loss. She may as well be dead, chances are she actually was by now.

I eventually rose from the bed and checked the time. Eight twenty in the morning. I grabbed a random set of clothes and went for a shower, I don't know why I bothered but it was a habit that I was in. My current mind set didn't allow me to think clearly about how pointless everything was.

I left the shower as usual but stopped my routine there. What was I doing? Tying to live a life I knew I couldn't? Hoping I could carry on after everything I had been through and lost as a result? Who was I kidding?

I entered my lounge, empty of life except me. Even that wasn't much of a life. I gave up there. I couldn't do it, live without Kiara.


I whirled around at the voice. Kiara's voice. Nothing was in the room with me. I became frantic and paranoid. Was my mind starting to slip from me, making me imagine Kiara's voice? She wasn't there, nothing greeted me in my state.


Again I heard the voice, but in my mind. I could place the source now, my mind was playing tricks on me.

I wanted out. Out of the hell that was fast becoming my life. Out of the mental torment I was going through. I grabbed my keys and left the house, not bothering with the car. In fact I had forgotten about it since I had gone for so long without it.

I walked down the road, oblivious to everything around me. Focusing on finding something to draw my mind from my mental instability.


Over and over again my name sounded in her voice. I was close to breaking down, giving up and waiting for my life to end on some street corner. Each time my name sounded a little more of me flaked away, fading along with my sanity. It was her death all over again, yet I knew she was out of reach.

"Axel... Axel... Axel..."

More and more, on and on. Word by word, piece by piece. I was losing it.


I stopped. That word wasn't in my mind. It sounded behind me, in her voice.

I turned slowly, expecting to see some trick. My turn completed, my eyes seeing the road I had walked down. Nothing else. I had drawn some hope when I heard the word, my name, behind me. That hope was dashed just like all the others. But just for a second.

Because after that second of growing despair, the air before me shimmered. A shape appeared before me, a yellow vulpine creature. It looked like a small blob with four tiny legs and two long ears, with an equally long tail behind it. The large blue eyes shined with hope as it looked at me.

A Viximon.

The digimon smiled at me, and I knew why.


She nodded furiously before jumping at me. I caught her in my arms, relief flooding me as well as confusion. I suppressed the confusion for now though, my relief took priority. I held her tightly as she nestled against me, her tail whipping back and forth with joy.

Eventually she gazed up at me and I voiced my million dollar question.


She replied with a single word. "Aluna."

I needed no other explanation. "Well, you're late then! Do you have any idea what I have been through since coming back here?"

She didn't take my mock anger seriously. "Oh shut up Axel! I'm here now, let's go home and celebrate!"

I began walking back, careful to keep Kiara hidden in my coat. "I hope you aren't suggesting what I think you are Kiara, haven't you realised what you currently are?"

She blinked her large blue eyes. "I'm still the same as before Axel. I haven't changed no matter what form I take."

"Maybe not, but your current form lacks any form of definition required for any celebrations." She then realised what I said. "Except a football."


I smiled. "I'm joking, I'm just happy you're here. Are you... You know... Permanent?"

She smiled back. "Yes Axel. I won't be going anywhere without you. We are mated for life remember, wherever you go I will be beside you."

We reached my home and went straight inside, locking the door again. "Well, if we are going to celebrate then we need to make you digivolve." As if reading my thoughts a digivice materialised in my hands, exactly the same one I had before. "That's handy. Right, let's get straight to it."

A single thought registered as Kiara was engulfed in bright light. Within seconds I was tackled to the floor by a freshly digivolved Renamon, a furry mouthing engaging with mine instantly. The digivice was disregarded shortly before my shirt was removed, Kiara going straight to the point and I didn't stop her for a second. I had her, she had me. What else mattered?

A knock sounded on my door. I jumped up with Kiara, putting my shirt on quickly as she phased out. When I was adjusted I went to the door and opened it. Danny was here.

Of all the times for him to show up... "Hey Danny, uh, why are you here?"

He darted inside, looking very frantic. "Dude, you are not going to believe this for a second, but I beg you to hear me out."

Okay, that made absolutely no sense at all. "What are you on about?" Then I had an idea. "Did the cops bust your ass?"

He paused in his frantic flailing of his arms. "What? No! Something else that only you might believe."

"Well then get to it! I have plans today!" Plans involving Kiara...

Danny calmed a little. "Alright, but don't freak out on me. I can explain." He held his arm out, palm upwards. "Sasha?"

To say I was shocked was an understatement. Right in front of me, a paw on Danny's palm, appeared a Strabimon. It looked obviously female, in the same was as Kiara, and regarded me with confusion.

"Danny, this one smells like a digimon."

I glazed over the comment. "How did you get a Strabimon?"

Danny wasn't about to answer me. "Back up here, how do you smell of digimon?"

I sighed. "Kiara?"

She appeared beside me, startling both Sasha and Danny. "You too huh?"

I nodded. "Yup. Aluna?"

"Yup. Saving the world from Maraxus?"

"Yup. Did you get a shard of her power?"

"Yup. Are you two... Uh... You know..."

I grinned broadly, matching his smile. "Yup. You?"


We both broke into relieved laughter, our digimon giving us weird looks. We calmed down after a while, although the occasional smirk was exchanged.

"Well, I assume you went into season four Danny boy."

He nodded. "I did but I had the spirit of Sasha in me for a while. She spoke to me the whole time, which is how our feelings started. Aluna gave me one wish before we fought Maraxus, I asked to make Sasha real whilst retaining my abilities. She agreed and that was that. That night was one I will never forget. We defeated Maraxus with help from the shard, although we didn't know he would be there, and Aluna sent us back here together."

I fumed. "Oh that bitch! She sent me back on my own! I didn't think I would ever see Kiara again."

A paw touched my shoulder. "She apologised, saying you took too long to prepare transport for the both of us. She wanted to interrupt our exchange but we didn't respond."

I shrugged. "Well we are here now, that's all that matters."

Danny clasped my other shoulder. "Dude, you have to tell me what happened. This is too big to keep a secret."

"Fine, but you have to share too Danny boy." He nodded as we sat down, exchanging all that went on in the other realms. We were going to be a while.

It was quite an experience, being in a world you only saw through a screen or read about in stories. Finding yourself in the same situations and knowing how to get past most of them. I had gained a hell of a lot in my life from my experiences in the tamers world, Kiara being the main one by a long way.

But I couldn't help but wonder if I would ever go back. If I would ever see those who I called my friends again. If I would ever be able to call that world home once more.

Better questions still were also on my mind. Would it happen again? Would I be called upon by Aluna a second time to fight Maraxus in another world? Would I get the chance to make more friends that I would have to leave behind again?

Questions with answers I didn't know. But as I laid in bed with Kiara sleeping with her head on my chest, my clothes discarded and fluids dripping from her lower regions, I couldn't help but wonder if this was the calm before a storm. After all, I had been watching a fair amount of Naruto...

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