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The first time it had happened, Sarah had been completely bewildered and at a loss for what to do. The second time was just a surprising and equally confusing as before and left her apartment a disaster zone. After the third time, she went to her friends for help. To add more frustration, they were just as lost as she was but promised to look for answers for her. Again, it happened twice more before they finally returned. Hoggle and Sir Didymus, and even Ludo all found the same thing- all the blame was due to a story, a very oddly familiar one. Apparently, in the seven years since she ran the Labyrinth her tale had been told over and over again so much by the goblins, the Knockers, the Fierys, and even the False Alarms… Well, it had gotten warped and a bit twisted to say the least. Already she was perceived as the thing of nightmares to the Labyrinth's inhabitants, excluding the ones she befriended on her travels, of course. However, one thing led to another, wishes got made and she was forced to grant them.

"That doesn't even make any sense," Sarah said, reading through a book Hoggle had brought her of a goblin's equivalent to fairytales. It was mostly all pictures, some with happy endings, most without. Turning the page, Sarah recognized the images of her travels, regardless of how exaggerated they were. She turned her head, not sure if she was pleased or not about how she was drawn.

"Which part of it?" Hoggled asked, from where he sat at the vanity Sarah had brought with her from her childhood home, as he looked through her bits of costume jewelry, that had also been brought into her adult years.

"I don't have any magic, I don't understand how I can just-" She stopped suddenly, a cold chill going down her spine, her fingertips and toes tingled, the hair on the back of her neck stood up.

Her friends looked at each other and then to her, concern written all over their faces, "Milady?" Sir Didymus questioned softly.

She didn't reply though, instead her focus was on a faint, nasally voice in the back of her head-

"I wish the Girl Lady would come and take you away, right now!"

Without any choice of her own, Sarah appeared inside a room that was too small for her to properly fit without hunching over, "Ow." She rubbed her head after trying to stand up once she arrived, feeling all too much like Alice in Wonderland.

"You're her aren't you?" A scared tiny voice said, the same voice Sarah just heard. But this wasn't a late white rabbit, no it was a pintsized goblin, who couldn't have come up any higher than her knee. He was backed up all the way in the corner furthest away from her, "The girl solved the Labyrinth and beat the King."

"That's what I'm told." Sarah replied, attempting to shrug, 'Beat the King' was an interesting new addition to the title though, something she would have to think about later because before she could blink, the goblin was suddenly at her feet sobbing.

"Please oh please give him back, Lady, I didn't mean it! I swear! He's my only friend!" He lamented.

Sarah looked at the creature and leaned over to awkwardly pat his bumpy back, "There, there." She soothed, feeling sorry for the poor thing, after all she could sympathize "You can have your friend back," She told him.

"I can?" He blinked at her with watery eyes, rubbing the dribbling snot off his face with the back of his hand.

Sarah tried not to make a face and nodded, she thought about it for a moment, "Just as long as you don't tell anyone about this, okay?" She didn't need the goblins to be gossiping about her, confirming that she was indeed hundred percent real and living up to her tale. That could end up really bad really fast.

The goblin sniffled and nodded enthusiastically as he hugged her legs tightly, "Oh yes, Girl Lady, I promise!"

Then, just as quickly as she disappeared, she was back in her bedroom- which she now noticed looked like a war zone. Feathers were strewn everywhere including Ludo's fur, pieces of her bedding were torn, and anything that had previously been on shelves was now on the floor. Her friends looked just as dazed and confused as she had been. She couldn't have been gone longer than five minutes.

"Never… have I seen such a combat as frightening as or as frantic." Sir Didymus said, a dazed like look upon his foxish face.

Sarah sighed heavily, her shoulders slumping, "It was another chicken, wasn't it?"

Far away, in the throne room of the Castle Beyond the Goblin City, happy goblins sang and drank merrily, while their ruler was a portrayal of quite the opposite. He sat sprawled across on his throne, deep in thought, a scowl painted across his features. For some time now he could found distinct signatures left by transportation spells around the castle grounds. He couldn't trace nor remember seeing another one quite like it, but something about it seemed slightly familiar. There wasn't an immediate threat or danger that he could find, but it was still unnerving to have someone or something popping in and out of his kingdom without his knowledge. His subjects were no help at all, either. Last time he had asked a goblin if he had seen anything, he began wailing "Never again!" while clutching a poor chicken to him as tightly as possible. After the fourth discovery, however, Jareth had called in a bit of help from the most trusted source he had. Alerting any others from any kingdom would possibly show a sign of weakness in his defenses, which could lead to ideas for an attack against him that he didn't particularly feel like participating in anytime soon. He was so immersed into his thoughts he didn't notice a figure hiding closely to his side or so the figure thought.

"Really, Jareth, it's not fun at all to try to sneak up on you if you're not paying attention." The person complained, which got a response from the king.

"I've been aware since the moment you got here." Jareth replied without moving, "I've known you your entire life, I've long since memorized your tricks, and hiding behind a tapestry is certainly not your best."

The figure chuckled moving out from the shadows, "Oh yes, the disadvantages of having an older sibling." He sidestepped, avoiding a drunken rumble between two goblins.

"You make it sound as if I caused all the mischief, when I do believe you caused me nearly, if not more trouble." Jareth recalled, turning his head to look at the new arrival.

He practically scoffed, "I played tricks on you, but your revenge methods could hardly be classified as fair."

"It was all well deserved." Jareth said flashing a grin, "It's good to see you Micah, though I wish it were on better terms."

"What exactly is troubling you so much that I had to cross several kingdoms and a sea full of sirens as quickly as possible without a proper notice?" Micah asked with a smile, cocking his head.

"Yes, yes. I'm ever grateful for your haste." Jareth waved a dismissive hand, slightly more sobered he continued "A mild problem as occurred within the city, I seem to have a visitor who I can neither see nor find but have left more than a significant evidence of their presence. Being so gifted in your skill with tracking, I was wondering if you would aid me in finding this person or creature?" He asked to be polite, but it was a statement.

Micah hesitated as if to ponder about his request, "It is incredibly lucky that you are my favorite brother, Jareth." He told him.

"I am your only brother, Micah."

"Then the fates have surely blessed you," Micah replied with a slight smirk. "But why are we wasting time, bickering? Let's go see this evidence of yours."

Soon enough the two found themselves walking the cobble and dirt paths through the Goblin City, Micah observed the buildings closely noting every detail in his head, even before they were at their destined location he was frowning. "Well, what do we have here?" He mumbled to himself, examining the landscape "This place is pulsing with magic."

"This isn't the only area either." Jareth informed him, at Micah's quizzical expression, he led him to all of the sites. They were random, without pattern or connections. Three of them happened in the homes of the goblins, one in a tree, and two out in the open. They currently were on their way to one just in an alley behind the Goblin Market.

"How long has this been going on for?" Micah questioned.

"Nearly three months," the king answered. Jareth's words nearly caused his younger brother to stop in his tracks. "Indeed," Jareth said, his face a mask of disgust and annoyance.

"All of that was residual? Most of the time you can't even find a trace after a few hours, let alone weeks," Micah fussed, his eyebrows knitting.

"I'm very well aware of this fact, which is why I called you so urgently." He came to a stop then, "This is the second to most recent point," Jareth told him approaching the area. The most recent was a much too tangled space to hassle with, along with its weeping occupant, he had no desire to return there.

Micah analyzed the ground and surroundings, "I've never seen anything like this, if someone wants to be noticed, they're doing a good job of it," He commented. The whole alley was positively sparkling, "Perhaps the doing of a lost youth? The spell's remnants, regardless of how impressive, are much too messy for someone at least a little in control of their magic, this looks like a small explosion."

"Possibly, there's no tracing it either." Jareth informed him, "However, your guess is as good as mine."

"Very interesting," Micah hummed in thought. "Have the goblins or any other creatures seen or said anything about this? The worms maybe?"

Jareth shook his head, "All the goblins do is howl about some story, I can barely understand them at all. As far as I know this has only happened in the city, not in the Labyrinth, the Worms or anything else wouldn't know much more than you or me at this point."

Micah nodded, deciding to test the king's words, he pulled the attention of nearby passing goblins, "Excuse me, have you seen anyone who might look different or out of place recently? Possibly… appearing at odd places?"

"The Girl!" He screeched, instantly clasping its knobby green hands over his mouth "We cannot talk about the Girl!"

Micah was surprised at the reaction, whereas Jareth didn't seem to be fazed, "What girl?"

The one beside him clicked his tongue, chiding his friend, "It's just a story."

"Is not! I saw her." He protested, slightly muffled. "She takes things when you get mad at them, then gives them back when you miss them. You just have to say the right words. Wishing words."

The other goblin made a scoffing noise, "What a load of rubbish! Why would you give anything back?" He shook his head in disbelief. They bickered back and forth for a while about whether the Girl was real or not.

Micah had watched the whole exchange and decided let the two wander back off, seeing their fight just go in circles. He looked back up to his brother, "Does that mean anything to you?"

"Not that I can make sense of at the moment." For one brief moment, Jareth looked slightly uneasy, but quickly brushed it off, "I think that's enough for today." He began his way back to the castle, a small memory echoing in his mind, an idea he quickly ruled out.

Micah swiftly followed him, "Do you know who this girl might be?"

"A fragment of the goblin's imaginations, nothing more." Jareth replied, half thinking and half listening.

"What if she's real, though?" He pressed on, "My theory would prove right, it's just some lost young one, the goblins simply interpreted it however it made sense to them," Micah mused out loud.

"Oh dear, what have I started?" Jareth said with some amusement.

Sarah leaned over the sink fixing her lipstick and adding some extra hairspray to keep her curls in place throughout the night. She walked back into her room, fixing her dress she looked to her friend, "How do I look?"

Hoggle had his arms crossed, as he had the most of night, he eyed her closely, "You're goin' out lookin' like that?"

Self-consciously, she pulled at the hem of her black dress again, it wasn't impossibly short, but it wasn't conservative either, "I promise not to get into trouble," She smiled.

The dwarf snorted in disbelief, "Yeah right."

"Really, and I'll be home before midnight." She pulled on a bracelet and searched for her purse, her heels making clopping noises on the hardwood floor as she moved around the apartment.

"And what if ya get summoned while out there?" Hoggle fixed her with a stare.

She paused for a moment thinking, "It's never happened at night before. Knock on wood. Besides, there's not much we can do to help it at this point." She glanced over to where Ludo and Sir Didymus snoozed peacefully on her bed, Ambrosius curled at the end, how it held all of them was magical in itself. Hoggle made a noise of distaste at her shaking his head, muttering about lazy knights and silly humans. Sarah smiled at him and bent down to give him a hug, after a sigh of protest he returned it.

"Thank you, for helping as much as you guys can. I really do appreciate it."

"Yeah, yeah." He brushed off her gratitude, still after all these years not used to having her as a friend.

A loud long buzz from the intercom came from the living room, waking up all three sleeping creatures. Ambrosius and Sir Didymus went into to a barking frenzy, while Ludo just looked confused.

"Oh, brother," Hoggle rolled his eyes.

Sarah laughed, grabbing her things and waving, "That's my cue. I'll see you soon."

Hoggle watched her leave, shaking his head slowly, a plaguing feeling that refused to leave. He didn't know what, but something somehow was going to go terribly wrong tonight.

The two brothers had decided to simply walk their way back to the Castle as they talked and threw around ideas. Micah had talked to a few other subjects of the Labyrinth, and unsurprisingly most of them had no idea, but a handful or two had speculations, a few were completely disprovable, but one that shouldn't have come up so much was the Girl. Jareth was starting to tire of hearing it so much, it reminded him of someone who hadn't spoken to him in nearly a decade. He thought at first, perhaps, it might have been her causing all of this trouble, after all, he was fully aware of her involvement with her friends, he knew they traveled over there frequently and even she had been here a few times. There was nothing he could do about it however, as he had no power over her. Even the thought made the king's jaw tighten. Nonetheless, no mortal could have had caused this mess without help of some kind.

"I think the one goblin was onto something, or maybe she's a powerful witch. Perhaps if we call on her, we might get our answer." Micah said aloud, one index finger tapping his chin as he pondered.

"How do you purpose we do that?" Jareth asked, stopping at the castle gates crossing his arms, he could've predicted the response.

"Say your right words." Micah grinned brightly.

"No," Jareth continued walking briskly up the steps.

Micah frowned catching up, "Why, do you actually believe in the folklore?"

The king sighed, holding the bridge of his nose, "No, but I do not wish to push my luck."

His brother stared at him for a moment, studying him, suddenly something one passerby goblin had mentioned, one who claimed to have met the Girl, how she gained her power came to the forefront of his mind, "Could possibly this girl have anything to do with you?" He asked carefully.

"Absolutely no involvement," He replied instantly, "That I can put together at this very moment, anyway." He added quietly, hoping the subject was dropped for a moment. Ever so slightly he was starting to regret bringing Micah into this. His brother was an excellent tracker, his skill far exceeded anyone else's in the entire Underground. Though, Jareth was starting to feel they were stumbling onto impossible theories or dead ends. Sometimes, certain things were better left to the unknown. They made it to the large doors of the castle, the guards automatically opening it for them.

Micah watched him a little longer, before continuing "We won't get very far if you're hiding anything from me, Jareth. I still think that-"

"Oh for the sake of our sanity- I wish that blasted girl would come and take you away." Jareth snapped, "Right now."

As soon as the words tumbled out of his mouth, he wanted to reorder time and take it back, it was a childish move, not the actions worthy of his title as a king. He stopped walking at the silence that threatened to engulf him. He no longer heard his brother's footsteps beside him. He whirled around to discover he was entirely alone.

"Micah, if this is one of your games, it certainly isn't amusing. Not now," Jareth called out into the empty dark hallway, but nothing returned his call but his own echo. Something was entirely wrong, he could feel it in his very bones, every muscle was tense, his hands clenching into fists at his sides. Jareth already felt he lost the high ground, what was worse was that he was in his own home. He turned again, but this time he saw that he was not alone.

A dark silhouette stood in front of him impossibly still, he thought it might be a shadow for a split moment the way it froze. Instinctively, a crystal formed into his palm in defense. The figure seemed to notice this and held up a hand, stepping into the light.

"It is you, isn't it?" He stared coldly at her, she smiled weakly in return, his realizations hitting him in the chest like a stone, his face showed no emotion however. "You're the girl from the goblin's story."

"That's one title," She nodded, her eyes reaching up to meet his, unable to help it she added, "I think my favorite is 'the girl who the King of the Goblins fell in love with and gave certain powers.' That was a one was fun to hear, a little too specific."

The crystal he held slipped from his grasp and fell to the floor, it didn't pop like a bubble, but instead it shattered like glass.

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