Chika: F*ck those stairs and that ass.

Shito: akatsuki, act like a proper lady.

Chika: I'll beat you properly up!

Shito: Now, now. Don't get unladylike.

Chika: Shut up!

Michiru: [glares at the bot of them, they gulp] For the case you didn't know, I wan to and this as soon as possible. So, CONTINUE!

Shito: Sassy Michiru is sassy. Aurora starts to reach towards it with her left hand.

Chika: Why left hand?

Shito: [Ignores] In a flash of light, Aurora touches the spindle with the middle finger.

Chika: Why her middle finger?

Shito: Michiru, kick him.

Michiru: With pleasure. [kicks chika in the back. He falls unconscious.]

Shito: Maleficent turns beside, revealing Aurora laying face-down on the floor.

Momoka: [Looks at Michiru with new light] Wow, you kick hard 0_0

Shito: The three good fairies placed Aurora on a bed in the tower, and made all the kingdom to sleep until the spell be broken because they did not want the king and the queen to find out that their daughter was under the curse of Maleficent. They also wanted that when the princess waked up, she should be accompanied by all the people she knew and loved.

[The A-loan team drag Chika to the bed.]

Toko: Geez, what a light weight. He's even lighter than me.

Zen: Of course, you are the fat-ass after all.

Toko: Zen! [smacks him after putting Chika in bed and runs away while crying]

Shito: ...Boy, that escalated quickly.

Shuiji:...That didn't go well...

Shito: For the first time I agree. And i agree we need to let the dog apologize to the 'fat-ass' while we continue this play. By some words from the king Hubert before the slumber, the fairies found out that Prince Phillip was the young man Aurora met in the forest. They remembered that he was supposed to go to the cottage that evening, so they went to look for him. However, Maleficent had just arrived to the cottage in order to capture the man that could break the spell with the first true love's kiss.

Momoka: [Hold sugar glass and hits Michiru on the head with it. Michiru act like she's unconscious.]

Shuiji: Why didn't you do that with Akatsuki-Senpai?

Shito: 'cause it's more fun this way. [Smirks] And what a surprise for her, that man was Prince Phillip. She took him to the forbidden mountains, and the good fairies followed them to rescue the prince.

Zen: I said I'm sorry!

Toko: Hmp, I liked Shuiji more than you now. Shuiji?

Shuiji: [Does a victory dance in his head] yes?

Toko: Shall we go on a date tomorrow?

Shuiji: [Acts cooly but cheers inside] Would be great.

Zen: [Sulks]

Shito; When Prince Phillip was tied and Maleficent went out of the tower, the fairies helped him to escape and to fight with the evil witch when she discovered that he was not in the tower. Phillip run to the castle of Aurora but the evil witch cast a spell that caused the growth of thick thorny bushes, so the prince had to stop before them. Phillip stops only shortly, then starts cutting a way with his sword. Finally, he is through.

Michiru: [just slashes in random direction with wooden sword. Remember the word cheap.] *Sighs* This is stupider than chika who tries to speak Spanish...

Shito: We ware supposed to have a dragon, but we didn't have the money. So we go to the kissing part. Phillip and the fairies get inside the castle and up to the tower, where Aurora lies on her bed. Phillip slowly walks towards her and gives her a faint kiss on her lips. Aurora awakens, sees Phillip and begins to smile.

Michiru: I'm not going to kiss here.

Shito: But thou-

Michiru: i'm going to have a make-out session with him. [Starts kissing Chika roughly. He awakens and seems to enjoy it. They kiss with full passion and fight over the dominance in the kiss] You wanted a 'lemon' [Gets whip out of her pocket.] Than you can get one. [purrs]

Chika: I would surely have a lemon with you.

[Starts undressing eachother]

Shito: What a hea- Wait a sec, WHAT! PEOPLE, GO GO GO! THIS IS T RATED, NOT M. GO! NOW!

[everybody starts running away from set]

Time skip.

[Michiru and Chika walk downstairs. Michiru is wearing the dress while Chika wears the male clothes. They both kneed down before the throne and Michiru embraced her mother (koyomi).

Shito: And they lived happily ever after... Who wanted to kill sotsetsu. Who's coming?

Everybody: ME!


What am i sad that this ended ;-;. I'm gonna miss writing this parody. I thought that Michiru as tsundere would be hilarious. And Shito as narrator would be to funny for words XD. I thank the reviewers for leaving a comment behind, and the readers who toke some time to read this chaos.

I give a chose for the next story i'll write.

1. A cute MichiruxChika oneshot.

2. A multiple angst romance story with Michiru becoming evil.

3. a fifty sentence live journal live kinda story with all characters of Z-loan.

Please chose.