So,I'm BORED SICK! GRR! So, to fill and occupy my time, I'm gonna do one of those random DannyxSam "Put your phone songs on shuffle" kinda things. Some will be extremley short and some extremley long. I needed a challenge, so I thought I'd give it a try! So, THIS IS CHAPTER 1!

Note: Chances are, this fic will never end. I'll just keep adding and adding... and I REALLY SHOULD START THIS!

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Danny's P.O.V.

It had been a long night, one of the longest. I had seven visits from the Box Ghost and Skulker and Ember kept escaping. Plus my parents seemed to be following me everywhere. They had shot me at least twice with each weapon they own this one night alone. This morning Paulina had dumped me and Dash blamed me for the prank he pulled on Lancer so I got a two hour detention.

I looked in the mirror and wondered why I never gave up. Why did he go through all the stress just to protect Amity? Why not give up? All he could see whas Dan when he looked through the Mirror. Why not-

"Danny? Open up!" yelled my best friend and secret crush, Sam.

I strode over to the window and phased her though and just couldn't take it any more. I just broke down.

"Hey, Danny whats the matter? Are you okay? What happened?" Sam soothed.

"I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE SAM! Ever since Dan I have My parents are constantly hunting me, every single ghost keeps getting away no matter how hard I try! Paulina dumped me this morning and my grades are stooping to d minuses! I had a two hour detention off of Lancer for something DASH did and I even got stuffed in my locker! It all makes me feel unloved! I am ready to crack!" I choked through my sobs.

"Oh Danny. You are a HERO! Your parents love you and Paulina's a shollow witch who only want's to be your friend or girlfriend because you know Phantom! Who cares about Dash or Lancer and, if it makes you feel better, I put pink teddy bears in his locker?" She offered.

She hugged me and then whispered in my ear 'You are loved.' and kissed me passionatley. When we broke the kiss, I looked in the mirror breifley, seeing just me and absolutley nothing else, before whispering back 'I love you too Sam, thank you for everything.' Then starting another sweet kiss...

HOW'D YA LIKE CHAPTER ONE! WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That one was so tough to find inspiration! NEXT CHAPTER: GIRL POWER BY THE CHEETAH GIRLS! Okay NalaxSimba There is no need to be worried I am just having a FEW -out-of-my-song-taste-but-I-still- likee-chappy's! :) R and R!