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A Second Journey


It was a relatively normal day, at least for most people in the world. In an area that would soon come to be known as "Japan" a thousand years later, a spaceship crashed right into the ocean next to it, eliciting multiple shockwaves as it thundered through the waves down into the sea.

If civilians that resided in that area, they merely shrugged it off as another one of those quakes that would come and go every so often. Had someone been staring out at the waves of blue that rushed the beaches, they would have seen a peculiar scene. Standing on the water around the scene of the crash were seven blond individuals, all bearing similar birthmarks on their cheeks, six strange whisker-like features to go along with their cerulean eyes.

"Right… what do you guys reckon?" The 'leader' of them spoke up in a pompous tone.

"Who cares, I want food! Let's get back to fishing!" The slightly plump blond replied.

"I can't believe I came out here with you guys… ah, those lovely ladies that are waiting for me!" He added in a swoon just for extra effect.

"Hey, hey, let's dive in and find out! Might even be treasure in them!" Drool trickled down his chin at the mention of possible treasure.

"Argh! Will you guys shut up! I swear I'm gonna kill you all one day!" A very angry individual.

"Awww, I want a thingy like that too!" Apparently, he was jealous of a hunk of metal.

"Tsk, so troublesome…" This one was the laziest of them all.

"Well, since this place is special to Boss, let's just dive in and do a quick search before reporting back to him." The 'leader' decided, easily ignoring all the other protests that arose.

It would be awhile before they stopped bickering and got to work, and it would be even later when they found that instead of treasure, this particular spaceship held one hundred and eight life forms within them.

As the seven blonds rushed off after making sure that the spaceship was safe and sound with no possibility of anyone discovering them for the time being, all they could think of as one was what Boss would say once they told him that aliens have invaded them.

X – X

It was now the year 2000, and the spaceship that had crashed over a thousand years ago was now known as Kamikura Island (神座島). Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, a military war was occurring right on this piece of Earth. MBI, Mid Bio Informatics, what started to be a pharmaceutical company, has slowly begun to climb the ranks of society and had established itself as one of the most powerful conglomerates in modern society. Granted, compared to other major corporations that resided in other parts of the world, such as the famous Trinity Inc, it was still lacking in terms of wealth and social status, but it was definitely building itself into an empire, and naturally, certain countries simply could not allow that to happen, especially when such an organization belonged to a single person only.

It was well-known that the only reason MBI was so successful was because of the technology it brought to the plate, or rather, the 'super-technology'. It was uncanny how medical breakthroughs were made with a snap of fingers, and inventions that shouldn't belong to this age were being produced by the minute. After much research, it was found that Kamikura Island, where MBI headquarters was based on for the moment, had a spaceship on it, one that recently rose to surface in the year 1999.

Minaka Hiroto, a mere University researcher at that point, had somehow stumbled upon that spaceship and rumours had it that there were aliens onboard it, holding information to technology far surpassing that of the current age. A surprising thing to note was that when the so-called 'technology' of the aliens did come out, they somewhat resembled what one of the major powerhouses of the economy, "Trinity Inc" already released. The only difference was that Trinity Inc had been around for as long as anyone could remember and MBI just grew overnight. No one thought that there could be some linkage between the two because frankly, that would be too much of a coincidence. Trinity Inc not only covered the medical and pharmaceutical side of things, but everything else that went on in the world as well. If you could think of any service, anything for sale, any person to hire, Trinity Inc would be your first and foremost choice. Nowadays, it was an absolute honour to be hired by Trinity Inc and since its headquarters were located in the United States, it was natural that its profits would be very well protected.

This was part of the reason why the rising of MBI angered some of the countries surrounding it, because they felt that MBI was attempting to usurp the power that Trinity Inc currently had and they would do everything they could to help protect their profits by showing Trinity Inc a sign of goodwill. That sign was the destruction of MBI.

No one knew who the CEO of Trinity Inc was; ever since the corporate first assembled hundreds of years ago, the highest ranking official of the company to ever face the public had been the executive vice-president. While it was repeatedly proclaimed that Trinity Inc was a family business and wanted a bit of privacy because of that, no one actually believed it for the simple fact that there was never news of the CEO getting married. Surely someone would have noticed a new female wandering around the headquarters if that was the case? Another surprising fact was that the employees didn't seem to be as curious. People thought they were threatened or brainwashed or something, they came up with multiple explanations as to why they didn't want to know who their boss was, but to no avail. All they could get out of them was that Trinity Inc was the best place to work at in the world and they wouldn't give that opportunity to anyone else.

The board of trustees was governed by seven individuals, and again, the matter of secrecy kicked in, so no one actually knew who they were. It was really impressive that the corporation was able to keep it a secret for so many years in the first place, but after a while, people didn't care anymore, for the simple fact that Trinity Inc's services were top-notch, efficient and affordable.

Before anyone knew it, Trinity Inc had branches all over the world, greatly increasing the profit brought to the developing countries in particular and was widely accepted by the crowd. All other companies that had wanted to sabotage Trinity Inc had been cut down without mercy, and right now, for countries that have yet to get on Trinity Inc's good side, they have decided to take action. An alliance was formed where they would destroy MBI and show Trinity Inc how serious they were in protecting its interests, hoping that would be enough to have a branch set up in their country.

"Ready! FIRE!" At the command of the general, military arms rained down on the spaceship without mercy. Their orders were absolute: Leave none alive.

At first it seemed like everything was working really well, and that the alliance had the upper hand. Soldiers had confident smiles on their faces as they charged right into the enemy base, ready to conquer any that stood in their way. What awaited them however, would be quite a cruel fate. Not that the higher-ups would care.

Pawns were meant to be sacrificed after all.

X – X

In but a few hours, the troops were decimated. What amounted to thousands was now reduced to hundreds, and even that was diminishing at an alarming rate. Veteran generals, renowned through the world for their military expertise were at a loss for words, fear gripping their throats denying them any ability to speak.

This was a massacre.

Blood and gore at its finest. Who would have thought blades would be enough to slice through the storm of bullets that were sent their way?

How many enemies were there? Five.

How many casualties have they had so far? Five thousand.

That ratio was quite unpleasant, further proven by the growing shade of green that now resided on the commander's face. It didn't take long for his satellite phone to ring.

"M-Mr. President, I can explain!"

"I do not want to hear a word from you! This was supposed to be a simple matter! What are you morons doing out there?! Eliminate the threat and return!"

"Please wait! There's no way we can defeat them! They're far stronger, faster and tougher than normal humans!"

"Commander, need I remind you, there's only five of them?! Get your act together and destroy them now! Failure will not be accepted. I'm sure you know of the consequences?"

"I-I… yes, sir."

"Good, now do what I sent you to do."

"Understood… sir."

"Beep… beep… beep."

Taking in a deep breath, the commander tried to steady his voice as he roared to his subordinates, "Get me reinforcements! We'll ready one final assault and run them to the ground with numbers! We must defeat them at all costs! Bring out every single piece of artillery we have!"

"Sir, yes sir!"

Despite the energetic reply from them, the commander couldn't help but feel sweat trickle down his neck. He had just taken another look at the screen showing the centre of the battles taking place.

Their eyes were devoid of emotion as they cut down enemy after enemy, taking life after life without the slightest of hesitation. Only four of them were doing the killing, the redhead was manning a special laptop that was disrupting every single electronic device within a five kilometer radius. If not for the efforts of the entire national military IT squad, even the command centre would be rendered useless by now. Even now, it took the brains of one hundred and thirteen individuals to barely match what the redhead was accomplishing.

The other four were all dressed in a special black uniform design, never before seen by any army in the world. The white cape billowed behind them from the gusts of winds generated from their devastating attacks. Never before would the commander have believed that one punch to the ground was enough to create a crater the size of a tennis court. He was now introduced to the harsh reality before him, where his soldiers were slaughtered like ants.

As much as he would like to order a retreat, he knew there was no such option. He could only go forth, telling himself to ignore the fact that those black garbs felt like the calling of the death gods.

X – X

"Well, that's the last of them." Matsu gave a happy sigh as she closed the cover of her laptop. It had taken her quite a bit of effort to finally shut down those annoying pests. Didn't they know that she was the smartest living thing on this planet?

In any case, they certainly did now. Those crappy machines they dare call computers won't be of any use for the next twenty four hours. Waving towards the other four members of the Disciplinary Squad, the redhead grinned widely, "Oooooooi! Minna! (Everyone!)"

"Stop your hollering, Matsu!" No.5 Mutsu grumbled as he sliced and diced through yet another wave of reinforcements. Seriously, what would it take for these people to get the idea that they couldn't win?

"Haha! Well, you can't blame her, she's clearly satisfied with the result of that little IQ battle she just had." No.3 Kazehana chuckled lightly as she send blasts of wind through an entire squad of soldiers, "Although I think the same can be said for Karasuba."

As expected, the most bloodthirsty of them all, No. 4 Karasuba had a lop-sided smirk on her face, her eyes slightly crazed as she continued to cut down anyone and anything before her. She didn't even bother replying to Kazehana's comment seeing how watching these worms squirm as their body parts flew all over the place was extremely entertaining.

"Mo, Miya-tan! She's going overboard again!" Matsu grumbled as she adjusted her glasses. Why was she the only one that needed glasses anyway?! Stupid, insane researchers that liked to toy with their bodies for experiments…

An elegant figure with violet hair slanted her a glance, before sending a shockwave through her blade to negate the missiles sent their way, "I do not see what the problem is. As long as these humans are defeated, our objective will be accomplished. A little pain should help them learn the lesson."

She was completely unruffled by the chaos around her, her alluring figure coupled with that porcelain skin only served to make her an eerie sight on a battlefield of blood and death. Who would have guessed that this slim body would hold such power?

"M-m-mo – " A soldier that had just fell to the ground before her due to the explosion of the missiles, mumbled as he struggled to inch as far away as he could from the five individuals.

In a flash, Karasuba was onto him, stabbing her nodaichi into his thigh without mercy, effectively pinning him to the ground as he screamed out in pain, "What was that? I can't hear you?"

"Y-you m-mons-sters!" His lip was quivering as he spoke, his voice strangled by the fear that clutched at his heart. This, this thing before him was staring at him with those demented grey eyes, as though wanting to suck his entire soul out so that she could torture him completely.

Never mind the fact that she wore an outfit that emphasized her already appealing figure, what with the tight leather top, the mini-skirt and stockings that only served to accentuate her enticing bosom and those long, shapely legs. Watching her lick the blood of her nodaichi after she forcefully removed the blade from his body was more than enough for him to temporarily forget the flash of pain that flared from his wound. His soul refused to react to anything else but this monster that stood before him, rooted to the ground with dread as his mind yelled in anxiety for him to do something, anything to get away from the destiny that awaited him. Alas, it was not to be as his eyes flew wide open in disbelief that he had become a dead man just like that. There really wasn't much to think when one's head had left his shoulders.

A small chuckle was heard, before full-blown laughter erupted from the crazed swordswoman, "That's right. That's the look of despair I'm looking for! More, show me more!"

"Miya-tan, she's cackling now. Shouldn't you do something about it?" Came the nonplussed voice of Matsu.

"I don't think she cares to be really honest with you." Mutsu deadpanned as he moved towards the group, "She is kinda mad that these people tried to kill the other embryos."

"Maa, maa, no need to worry. Miya knows when she needs to take action. Besides, even I'm a little annoyed that these barbarians would try this on us."

Needless to say, the bloodshed continued for quite some time, before finally, the forces that were sent to Kamikura Island were decimated. The commander could hardly believe his eyes at the helplessness of the situation. 'Massacre' didn't even begin to describe what had happened to them. While it was true that these troops of his have yet to be in a real war situation, and this was perhaps the first time that they actually had to act to kill, so some warm-up jitters were to be allowed. Never would he have imagined that these 'jitters' would continue the rest of the way.

Some of his men didn't even know what hit them before they were blown to bits. Chunks of meat splattered over their comrades, eliciting shrieks and gasps that should normally be reserved for kindergardens. Alas, he couldn't blame them, he would have wet his pants too had he been at the frontline with them. Even with his experience, he didn't see himself holding out much longer than the elite of his army. One just could not overcome such a difference in power.

Now here he was, gritting his teeth in resignation, holding his head high, knowing that he would soon be saying goodbye to this lovely world… oh who was he kidding, this world sucked and if he ever had a choice, he would have pulled a retreat order, and said "Screw you!" to his superior. Nonetheless, there really wasn't time for regret as he did indeed say goodbye. Quite brutally too, what with the limbs flying first, then the head and last of all, a man's most precious organ. Considering how it was Karasuba who did that, the other four of the Disciplinary Squad weren't too surprised. She always had a mean streak in her, though they were somewhat curious as to why she would do that to the commander only.

No. 4 simply smirked, before pointing towards one of those remaining helicopters desperately trying to escape, "They've got cameras on those things. Surely their superiors would have gotten the message."

Matsu squinted her eyes as she adjusted her glasses, gaining a mysterious look as she stared right back at Karasuba, "You're just disgusted that the guy wet his pants, aren't you?"

An awkward silence settled in as Kazehana struggled to hold in her laughter, what with her cheeks pouting and all in an effort to not make the situation any more embarrassing. Though her efforts were in vain as she ended up guffawing, jiggling her impressive bust as she smacked her hand repeatedly on the shoulder of an exasperated Mutsu.

Karasuba had a tick above her eyes as she glared at an innocently whistling Matsu, putting an emphasis on each word as she stomped towards the redhead, "What, was, that?"

"Nothing! I didn't say anything! You guys didn't hear anything right?" Needless to say, No. 2 was very confident in the fact that there was no way she could match Karasuba in combat and easily chose to evade the question.

"Why you – "

"Aaaaah! Miya-tan, save me!"

"I can't believe you would just chop a man's junk off just because of that! Hahahahaha!" As usual, Kazehana was beside herself in laughter, continuing to slap Mutsu around because the male was technically the youngest of them all. Not that he liked it, if the grinding of his teeth was any indication.

Just before the chaos could continue to grow, the purplette who had strangely remained silent all this time, spoke up in her soft voice, "Who are you?"

"Huh? What are you on about, Miya-tan? Saving me should be more… whoa!" Matsu, who was in the midst of pleading mercy to a raging Karasuba, turned her head to find a strange blond human sitting right in the middle of their group, gazing peacefully at them, even placing a fist under his chin as he chuckled lightly, as though enjoying their little 'banter'.

In an instant, all four of them stood alert, stances ready to battle at any moment. Karasuba and Kazehana were shocked in particular, just how had this human appeared out of nowhere without any of them realizing. It was normal for Mutsu not to notice because… well, he was Mutsu (Said individual grumbled in protest at the faith that was shown in his abilities just because he was No. 5, or the 'non-faith' really, but was promptly ignored).

The blond human continued to sit there cross-legged, his sky-blue eyes focusing only on Miya even as she stared at him with eyes that would have frozen hell over. A small smirk found its way to his lips as he shrugged, "Just wanted to check what all the fuss was all about, this new MBI place."

Standing up slowly, he stretched his limbs for a bit, acting completely nonchalant at the fact that he was being surrounded by five aliens (four hot ones at that) ready to kill him if he were to pull anything off at all.

Once that was done, he eased up to each of the females, scrutinizing them as he scrunched his eyebrows together, as though admiring a piece of fine art. Naturally, he ignored Mutsu, which once again brought about quiet mumblings of 'non-faith' and 'must stab to death'. During his examination, the four females did not move at all, or rather, found themselves unwilling to move.

Karasuba tried with all her might to stay alert, forcing herself to ignore the fluttering of her heart and the progressive increase in her body temperature as the blond's gaze roamed all over her body. Kazehana could literally feel him undressing her with his eyes and never before has she been so aroused (granted, she really wasn't all that aroused by the researchers whom were the only humans she has had contact with so far, but still). Matsu gulped slightly as a slightly feral grin reached his lips each time his gaze flickered over to her, as though she was the prey this time around (she was actually pretty perverted already, given how those stupid researchers made her this way).

Miya seemed to be unaffected, but only she would know just how shaken she had been when they locked eyes with each other. It wasn't just an approval of her luscious body or a lust for her in pure animalistic fashion. For just that second, she felt a connection with her soul, something that she believed would never happen ever since she learned from her main adjuster, Asama Takehito, just why they needed limiters on them.

If one had the ability to crush a human simply by gently pressing a finger against them, who would still want to place their lives in someone who could annihilate them that easily? Regardless of whether her Ashikabi loved her or not, he/she would always be in danger of dying because of a casual action on her part. The differences between Sekirei and Humans were just too great, especially when she herself was the 'Pillar', and the most mature of them all. Even Karasuba openly admitted that her strength was in a different dimension to them all, and despite Takehito constantly telling her that she would be fine to enjoy the life of the human world once the limiters were placed on her, she couldn't bring herself to care.

Never would she find someone who could match her, let alone bring her to her true potential. Even when all her sisters and brothers would have found their precious Ashikabi, she would probably still be in the sidelines unwinged, simply because she would not allow a weakling to wing her. She believed in strength and might, and that before absolute power, all feelings and emotions would be futile.

She couldn't understand why Takehito had seemed so sad when he finalized her adjustments, sighing that he felt no sense of accomplishment in making her into the most dangerous killing machine this world had seen. Miya had thought that her adjuster would be elated, just like their idiotic head researcher, who then went on to become the head of MBI. He certainly looked overjoyed to find out how they turned out, and couldn't wait for the other embryos to hatch; which was probably what caused everything that led up to this current invasion.

Yet this human, no this man before her, had somehow made her feel humbled. It felt as if the entire world's gaze was upon her, showing her just how deep the roots of humankind ran, and just why they were still around whereas Sekirei like them still had to be adjusted. The only reason humans existed on Earth, was because they were the most suited to be on Earth. Sekirei, no matter how strong they were, failed to have that connection to Mother Nature and would always be deemed as 'outsiders', simply because their bodies weren't grown to suit the environment on Earth. It was reasoning with her that no matter how powerful she was, destruction would never bring about acceptance of Earth.

Only when one began to accept Mother Nature, to learn to cherish and protect, would one be truly strong. Destruction was a mindless and easy task, something that would come easily to her, and yet growth was a long and tedious process, something she merely treated as an aspect of her life. Those cerulean orbs seemed to be smiling at her, guiding her to the truth that was there all along.

You reap what you sow. Before you even think about reaching your full potential, you have to find out what that is, and just how much you are willing to work for it. A toddler needed to crawl before he can walk; it was just a matter of how long the process of change took.

And just like that, she suddenly understood many things. She thought about just why Takehito had looked so sad, why she felt empty and emotionless as lives disappeared before her eyes. To her, it was just a task that had to be done, and the man understood that. What he was teaching her was to feel. At that moment, her mind thought back to what Sahashi Takami (another head researcher who was in charge of the adjusting of Sekirei) had once mentioned, "Emotions would be the key in deciding the growth of a Sekirei; be it anger, sadness, happiness or love, only when one fully understood them and was able to confer them to their Ashikabi, will they be able to reach their full potential."

What seemed to be ages was really only a few seconds, and once the blond human was finished with his scrutiny, all four Sekirei felt uncharacteristically relaxed, as though they passed a test of some sort.

Mutsu was ignored and continued to draw circles in the corner with a dark aura over his head.

"Well, that was fun. MBI seems to be doing a good job with you guys. Might as well just let them grow and see where that would take you. It's been quite a while since I've been awake, but this is definitely good news. Guess I'll cut the clones some slack." Muttering to himself, the blond laughed in a carefree manner, eliciting confused looks from the Sekirei.

Karasuba, for one, was extremely annoyed at how calm he seemed to be, "Why don't you shut your trap and die!" Quick as a flash, she lunged for him, blade unsheathed in one smooth motion, barely visible to the human eye before she slashed right through the human.

Or so she thought.

"So violent. Geez, why so serious?" The blond grinned as he laughed once again, much to the annoyance of No. 4.

"I'll ask one more time, just who are you?" Miya's amber eyes never left the figure that stood before them, or should she say, the image of the figure.

"I'm just an old hermit that you needn't worry about. I just woke up after all, it would take quite some time before I adjust to current society and get used to all the changes. Might have to train up my body from scratch again, which will be a pain in the butt, but I'll manage."

Gobsmacked expressions from Matsu and Kazehana could be seen as they could not for the life of them, believe what he was saying. This is old?! Are you kidding me?! I think you should try lying better first!

Karasuba merely scoffed at what he was saying, eyeing him with disdain and anger that somehow felt quite detached to what her normal rage would be. She just really, really wanted to make this guy bleed. Surely, there was nothing unusual about it. Another thing that got on her nerves was how Miya just stood there, calm as ever, as though she was drinking tea on a nice Saturday afternoon.

Well, it was a Saturday afternoon; she just wasn't drinking tea, that's all.

Mutsu was still ignored and continued to draw circles in the corner with a dark aura over his head.

Unknown to the five Sekirei, Naruto had actually been asleep all this while. It had been a long, long time since the Fourth Great Shinobi War. It was a very relieving sight when peace was restored to the five nations after Uchiha Madara was put down once and for all. One disappointing thing (for Naruto and Sakura at least) was that Sasuke insisted on revenge for Konoha and wouldn't consider a return at all. The smirk on his face even as Naruto was forced to kill him perhaps hinted that he wanted an end to his cursed bloodline too, and who better than the dobe to do it?

Returning to Konoha, Naruto happily spent the rest of his days as Rokudaime Hokage, married to the crush of his life, retired at the age of ninety-nine, and finally passed the mantle onto his son as he retreated back to Mt. Myoboku (妙木山) to continue his training as a sennin. There really was nothing left for him back in Konoha seeing how Sakura and most of his friends have more or less passed away. Over the years, Kurama had become a beloved family member for him, and got along extremely well with Naruto, with both of them sharing a mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Unfortunately, only Killer Bee survived the Fourth Shinobi War and before he passed on into the afterlife, he demanded Naruto take charge of Gyuki . Now this left them a problem, something that he hadn't really wanted to deal with when he was alive. All of the bijuu were currently sealed within a statue in Mt. Myoboku, monitored by Pa and Ma constantly. The last time they chatted, Naruto understood that all the bijuu really wanted was peace and quiet, since it had been quite a while since they roamed the lands, and since there really wasn't that much that they hadn't seen or felt, it would be nice if they could just get some true rest.

Since their bodies were made up of vast amounts of chakra, dissected from the Juubi, the only way to stabilize them would be to filter that chakra and return it to the Earth. Considering the amount, it was going to take a long time. Hence it was agreed that Naruto would enjoy life for as long as he wanted, then he would undergo the arduous task of neutralizing their chakra. First he would need to become a true Sage, explore his connection with Mother Nature, and act as the medium where he would transfer chakra from Mt. Myoboku to the lifestream.

The first two stages were easily done, since at age ninety-nine, Naruto really didn't have that much to think about. He was already an old man, so he understood the essence of patience and serenity. The final part was a bit difficult because he realized that compared to the pure energy within Mother Nature, the bijuus' chakra was considered to be 'vile', and for him to act as the medium, he had to be 'neutral' in terms of good and bad.

Now this posed an interesting question. What exactly was 'good' and 'bad'? Kurama gave the theory that if Naruto were to rid himself of his 'seven sins', then it would be somewhat accurate to assume that what was left would be 'good'. Hence seven clones were formed by Naruto, taking a page out of Nagato's book, and with the help of Ma and Pa, transferred the sins (Pride, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Greed) into each of the seven clones. Naturally, the original Naruto fell into a coma the moment this took place.

A human's thoughts was generated from each of this seven sins, so it was natural that when all seven were taken out, there was nothing left to 'think' and hence Naruto's mind simply shut itself down to preserve energy. Mother Nature maintained its connection to him, and linked his soul to the lifestream, thereby creating that 'neutral' medium they had been looking for.

The seven clones were spread throughout the continents, overlooking the peace of the Five Nations. The question one would ask was that, 'If those clones were made up of Naruto's sins, then wouldn't they start wreaking havoc all over the place? This was Naruto we were talking about.'

Quite true. The clones did cause quite a bit of an uproar at the start, but Naruto wasn't the Child of Destiny for nothing. It was quite an amusing discovery but, those seven sins were really pretty harmless.

Pride meant that he must have orange, at all costs. Throw him orange clothing, problem solved.

Lust would start willing relationships with females of all sorts, but never forcing itself onto others because… it wasn't Naruto's style.

Sloth became Shikamaru the second.

Gluttony started a ramen chain store.

Wrath was pretty docile, surprisingly. Naruto really didn't remember grudges that well, so that point was moot.

Envy was quite like Wrath, which might explain why they resided together during Naruto's coma. Naruto had pretty much accomplished everything that he could accomplish now. It's kinda hard to be jealous of anybody when you're pretty much the strongest and most prominent Shinobi of all five nations.

Greed liked money. A lot. So he started writing continuations of the Icha Icha novels, as a tribute to his sensei, Jiraiya.

So all in all, time passed by without much fuss from the seven clones. The bijuu's chakra had to be filtered in order, so from one tail all the way to nine. The fact that the Shukaku (Ichibi – One Tail) already took one hundred years was pretty alarming. Matatabi (Nibi – Two Tails) took a hundred and fifty. Isobu (Sanbi – Three Tails) took two hundred, so on and so forth.

The clones would live as long as Naruto lived, seeing how his chakra was a direct link to the lifestream where Mother Nature was preserving his life force, maintaining it at its pinnacle. It was as though She understood what Naruto's objective was and was doing all that She could to help him. Pa and Ma would never forget how Naruto would look younger and younger as the years passed, before stopping at the age of twenty three, when he was at his best. The only trouble was that his physical body was undergoing atrophy, though at a much slower rate compared to normal humans, but even then, after a few hundred years, you would expect the bones to be a tad too brittle and the muscles a bit too flimsy.

Kurama took it upon himself to prolong that as much as he could, using his own chakra as a means to heighten Naruto's already impressive life force, regenerating the cells at an alarming rate, keeping his body in perfect condition. Naturally, that meant the clones were also enjoying this benefit and were having the time of their lives at… whatever it was they enjoyed doing.

As such, years passed by, and civilization developed. Shinobi slowly died out, seeing how times of peace could only bring you so much and people soon began to discover other trades that would better benefit the society than assassination. Each of the seven clones took up one continent of the world, ensuring that when Naruto did wake up, he would be up to date with events everywhere. No language barriers, no lack of knowledge and of course, a ton of experience in all professions.

And so the clones helped Naruto live his multiple lives to the fullest, and soon the year where the spaceship crashed near 'Japan' came. The clones had actually all gathered for a quick reunion, which they did every year and went to check up on their 'boss, before witnessing the crashing of the spaceship. They would then analyze the information with the toads at Mt. Myoboku, which was still relatively well hidden, undiscovered by humankind and conclude that this might be something they could look into when Naruto woke up. At that point in time, only the last four bijuu remained. But of course, their chakra capacities were bigger and hence would require more time.

An interesting idea came up from Pride around the eighteen century. Why not help boss build up an empire using technology from that ship? The clones all held knowledge of what was on that ship, which would explain how they were absolutely brilliant at their professions throughout their lives, but never really thought of using it on current civilization.

Sloth was the voice of reason and agreed to that idea, but decided that sudden changes were pointless, and maybe gradual introductions of what they knew would be the best. So in honour of their 'boss', Trinity Inc was formed. It started out small, but then gradually branched out into the respective fields, eliminating competitors with relative ease (the clones had brute force, smart intellect and hundreds of years under their belt, there really wasn't much they couldn't handle or foresee).

Fast-forwarding the time to the year 1999, just as Minaka found the spaceship along with Takami, Uzumaki Naruto finally woke up from his long coma. The last thing he remembered was the smirking face of Kurama, who uttered a curious word, "Enjoy" before he too entered the lifestream.

The clones were ecstatic to see their boss back in action and were more than happy to relinquish their control back to Naruto. Despite two thousand or so years of living, the clones still had some of that young Naruto within them, and in that moment of joy, they all decided to disperse at the same time. Impulsive as always.

It wasn't that good a move as Naruto's brain and body were instantly overloaded with more information than they could handle and once again… shut down. Funny that.

Sloth was the only one who had some sense (or was just too lazy) to disperse, and ended up staring with owlish eyes at their once again unconscious 'boss'. It would be the year 2000 when Naruto would wake up, cursing his clones for being so childish. That led to him reviewing the information about the current world, current events, Trinity Inc and of course, the spaceship. It would seem that the clones felt it was some sort of present for him, as though a second life was prepared for him so that he would be able to do exactly what Kurama had told him to: Enjoy.

He didn't understand it then, he understood it now.

Enjoy anything and everything. The world he was in was completely different from the one he grew up in before. Advanced technology was now on the rise and it would take a while before he could adjust completely. Memories only went so far after all, it would take himself travelling all around the world to fully comprehend the mass of the changes that occurred.

But first, he decided to pay a little visit to the Sekirei. His clones had been keeping close tabs of it, since the information they received from the spaceship was extremely precious, and they didn't want it leaking out to the public. This led to his curiosity of the newly formed MBI. Something must be right about Hiroto Minaka if his clones allowed him to near the spaceship.

Years later, he would come to regret even thinking that thought, realizing it was just a major prank played on him by his clones.

He entered Sage mode once more, asking permission from Mother Nature to grant him a connection to Kamikura Island, which was approved, leading up to the events of him meeting Sekirei numbers 1 to 4.

No. 5 Mutsu got tired of drawing circles and decided to go back to the base and report to Minaka and Takami about the current proceedings. No one cared about him leaving, of course.

Deciding that his would be enough for now and he really needed to get back to tuning his physical body after filtering all of the bijuu's chakra, Naruto gave the girls a wink before grinning, "I'll see you girls around. Please don't hesitate to miss me." It would seem that he was now very comfortable with the female species given how Lust was very thorough in his exploits.

Again, he would later regret in the years to come for saying that, not knowing of the agony that he caused to the Sekirei with that casual comment. Although he was reassured multiple times by them that it really wasn't his fault and that it was completely voluntary on their part, he still couldn't help but feel guilty. But that's a story for another time.

Matsu had sensed that he was about to leave and quickly yelled out, "When will we see you again? Surely you have to tell us that?" By knowing his location, it would be much easier to get information on him and next time they met, she'll be much better prepared and … much… oh such naughty thoughts she was thinking! Stupid researchers!

Naruto however, raised an eyebrow before mumbling how it might be a good idea if they forgot about this for now, since he didn't want to attract unwanted tension. In the midst of his mumbling, Kazehana stood next to his figure and began poking at his image experimentally, as though wanting to know just how this was all happening.

Karasuba was oddly quiet as she stood beside Miya, as though wanting to see how this would all play out. The purplette finally made her move as she moved right in front of Naruto's image and whispered, "You don't think you'll be let off this easily did you? No matter where you go, we will find you."

The last words Miya would remember hearing from Naruto were a soft whisper of "Genjutsu: Makyou Tenshin (幻術:魔鏡天心 – Illusion Technique: Mystic Mirrors of the Heart)".

It would be awhile before any of the four Sekirei woke up, before their minds registering a clear blank between now and when they had just defeated the invading army. Mutsu would come back and be bombarded by questions of what had happened, only to find that he didn't have answers at all. Although Minaka did order a detailed search for anyone that matched Mutsu's description, it ultimately ended in failure since there really was too little to go by. He instead returned his focus back to his Sekirei Plan, oh how he couldn't wait for it all to come to fruition!

X – X

Naruto had returned to Mt. Myoboku, where he would once again get in touch with the Great Toad Sage. To be honest, he was surprised that it was still alive, as well as Ma and Pa, not that he was complaining but you had to wonder how a toad could live for two thousand years. Turned out that because of his presence at Mt. Myoboku when he had acted as the medium, some of the energy he filtered had been returned to the place as a minor reward for his efforts. Naturally, that meant longer lifespans for all the toads present.

"Now, now, Naru-chan, you've only just woken up, are you sure you want to get right back into training?" Shima asked, her voice filled with concern and joy that her favorite human was now up and running.

"Ha! It's better than eating those stews of yours I bet!" Fukusaku snorted before he was whacked on the head by his wife.

"What did you say about my stew?!"

"You heard me before, do you want me to say it again?!"

Staring at the bickering couple before him, the blond couldn't help but chuckle lightly as a wave of nostalgia ran over him. He couldn't believe it had already been so long.

It really was quite a lot to take in. Two thousand years was a long time, and the experiences of the seven clones were of such a wide variety that he still felt slightly disoriented by it all.

A thing to note was that his whisker-like birthmarks have now thinned considerably and Kurama's chakra was nowhere to be found. What he did gain from this was a better feel of Mother Nature, meaning it would be that much easier for him to pick up Senjutsu (Sage Arts) once more. His body was highly lacking in training, and his control over his chakra was all over the place.

Sighing to himself, he knew that it would be a long time before he would ever reach proper form, let alone his form in his prime. Considering how his chakra capacity was slightly smaller compared to when he had Kurama within him, he was quite happy to find that the chakra was now purer, which meant that with training, he could get his efficiency levels higher, meaning his control would be that much easier to improve. He might even be able to learn some healing jutsu at this rate, especially Tsunade-baa-chan's monstrous strength technique.

With a training plan already forming in his mind, Naruto couldn't help but let a smirk appear on his lips.

Minna, thank you for giving me this second chance, I'll treasure it with all my heart, and enjoy it as much as I can!

"Naru-chan! Come help me get this hag off me!" Fukusaku's yells effectively ruined the moment, leaving a sweatdropping Naruto to repeat an action that he had done countless times before in his life – preventing Shima from stomping the crap out of her husband.

X – Twenty Years Later – X

It was now the year 2020, with the MBI taking control over Tokyo, renaming it to the Shinto Teito. The corporation has really grown over the past years and developed into a force to be reckoned with. In some ways, MBI was on par and even better than Trinity Inc in the Asia Pacifica regions.

The First stage of the Sekirei plan has just begun, not that the civilians would know. To them, it was just a relatively normal day, with people bustling about their daily lives.

For a certain blond, this would be a day to remember, for this would be his first time stepping foot onto this land, and essentially start his second life. Earlier on at dawn, he had bid Ma and Pa, along with the Great Toad Sage and the other toads goodbye, saying that he would come back to visit when the time was right. Naturally, the tears wouldn't stop from Ma and for once, Pa didn't find it in himself to bicker with her.

He was now in shape and fit to go, at least that's what Ma and Pa told him. He still felt that he could train a bit more and push himself a little since he retained Kurama's regenerative abilities due to his treatment when he was still in a coma. There was just nothing like pushing yourself to the next level through hard work and perseverance. Now all he needed was a green spandex and a bowl hair cut with perfect shining teeth and he would be as youthful as he ever was!

Actually… No, not really…

Dressed casually in a black leather jacket with an orange undershirt, Naruto made his way across the streets of Shinto Teito. The Jade necklace he received from Tsunade ages ago (literally) hung loosely from his neck, gleaming in the sunlight. Standing at a rough height of six foot, he weighed roughly a hundred and eighty pounds; his sun-kissed hair retaining its spiky appearance and his gentle cerulean eyes glancing around as he tried to locate his destination.

He had sent a clone down a few days before to get some cash out of the bank and put together a basic backpack for him so that he wouldn't look too out of the ordinary. He did want to look like a guy that just got back from overseas after all.

Hey he wasn't really faking it. He did come back over the sea. Mt Myoboku was on an island in the ocean!

Anyway, he soon found his way to the northern sector of the city, where he tried to find a place to stay for himself. He had tried the other three sectors with no luck, but figured that it was just because of the other three Ashikabi controlling the population traffic in those areas. Pondering just what he needed to do to get himself started in Shinto Teito, he stumbled across a humble two-story Japanese house sitting quietly by the road.

The more he looked at it, the nicer he found it to be. Nodding his head in satisfaction, he began moving towards it, hoping that it wouldn't be full like all the others.

As he neared the sign that read Izumo Inn, he pushed open the wooden gate that led to the entrance, he was greeted with the sight of an elegant lady dressed in a purple hakama and a white haori and a sash like belt. Her long hair, a graceful shade of violet was held together by a lovely white ribbon. Noticing the new arrival, she raised her head and gave a warm smile, "Welcome to Izumo Inn! How may I help you?"

Staring at her face in silent awe, Naruto reminisced to that particular moment twenty years ago.

To think that she has changed this much, one would find it hard to compare this lovely lady to that killing machine.

Shaking his head, Naruto couldn't help but give a short barking laugh, before a foxy grin crept to his lips, "Hello there, I was wondering if there are any rooms available for rent at the moment?"

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