This has been a fuck awesome drabble war month! We never imagined that this story will grow on us like this. I hope you have enjoyed the journey.


The vitals spiral out of control as the nurses run around the room pressing buttons on the machines to inject sedatives to calm the sixteen subjects. Three men enter the area, walking into room lined with egg-shaped modules.

"Do you think they're aware?" Mr. Hale says running the palm of his hand over the module holding his dear daughter inside.

"No, I'm sure they are unaware of everything but the simulated projection to them." Carlisle turns away looking at the modules holding his children.

"And, if they find out?"

Charlie grunts and Eleazar sighs, knowing the answer.

"They will be terminated and replaced with programs," Carlisle replies emotionless. "As we have done many times before."

Maybe this is only an alternate ending? :P

See you on September! Birth month here we come!