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Date: 17th of August 2012

Time: 11:32 AM

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Subject: "Created a blog"


This is Japan.

U-Um...I'm not quite sure on how to start...

I guess putting up my profile would suffice...

Country Name:日本 Japan, Nihon, Nippon

Human name: 本田菊 Honda Kiku

Birthday: 11th of February

Blood Type: A

Lives in: the Continent of Asia, in the country Japan

Pet: Pochi, Tama

Age: ...Approximately 2,670 years old

Hobbies: watching anime, criticizing anime, reading manga, playing RPG games, watching the sakura...That's all I can mention for now.

I guess some of you are curious as to why I'm creating a blog...Well, America-san...kind of convinced me to do it.

It started off like this...

-A Normal Day's Flashback-

America: HEY, JAPAN! D' ya have a blog?!

Me: No, I do not. Why do you ask, America-san?

America: Weellll...They say blogs are awesome! So in order to be heroically awesome, I started one too! So, how 'bout ya give it a try?

Me: U-Uh..um...M-Me? But...

America: NO BUTS! You should go and try it! It's totes awesome, dude!

Me: ...

-End of Flashback-

...And that is how it happened.

Well, I just did it...So I'm going to be doing this from now on...

I have to talk about something, yes?

...I'm not quite sure if it's interesting but...Hetalia Fantasia is going smoothly!

Oh, and there's a new event too! If you complete it, you receive a special item! More dungeons are also open as well! New monsters too! Not only that, new pets are also unlocked-!

...I'm sorry for talking about games... m(_ _)m

...What else is there to talk about? Hmm...

Oh, and Taiwan-san just visited my country recently. She said something about my culture being kawaii...

That was quite nice of her.

...That was random...I'm sorry, there's nothing interesting...yet.

But, I promise to do my best! This is a promise of a Japanese man!


Oh, I just remembered I still have to feed Pochi and Tama-! I humbly apologise, but I shall cut this blog post short for now!

Please do comment by the way-! (〃 ̄д ̄)八(  ̄д ̄ )八( ̄д ̄〃)

Disclaimer: Himaruya Hidekaz owns Hetalia:Axis Powers. I do not own Hetalia:Axis Powers.

A/N: This is inspired by Red-Tulips-Are-Awesome!
Japan's blog is here! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ Japan fans, rejoice! You can comment on Japan's blog, but please make the comments K+ rated!