*Welcome to the Blog of Blooming Chrysanthemums*

Date: 3rd of October 2012

Time: 9:12 PM

Location: Japan

Subject: "My apologies for my lateness."

I'm sorry for being late.

It's...some business I have to attend. I apologise.

I will answer your comments...


From: Froggiecool


Do you remember everything that everyone tells you?

That would be a very useful thing. I would always be on time to class, babysitting, and I would never have to stand next to another drunk person on public transport!

You're welcome. Cyanide is a very useful ligand, just like carbon-monoxide. Again, it's poisonous. Most of them are, in fact.

Very true. It is fine when your fingers are so numb that you just need the hot water to warm them up. The tea, however, is... interesting... Maybe it is the paper cups? The newspapers sometimes have banana skins in them, too.

Not too much... It's not great if you have three deadlines coming up at once, but I love learning things.

As long as you also make sure to relax sometimes, I shall as well.

(from Britain)

Good day. Maybe this greeting can work better.

Thankfuly, it seems to have passed with few hitches... Russia has taken advantage of the system as per usual, but nothing unexpected.

There's no more than usual, they are just more resistant to treatment.

Of course it's the American's fault. They should use their head-lights, and remember which side of the bloody road to drive on.

Of course they're real. They're whom I was talking to when I came to visit, and you wondered why I was taking so long in the water.

You're no less sane than I.

Thank you.

You sound uncertain about this.



P.S. I need some help. Do you have any ideas about what America might enjoy?



Well...not everything.

...I'm...shocked by how many information your brain has...

It is possible it's the cups.
...Banana peels? Newspapers?
...Those sound like things I see in a movie...

Good for you. Some people just shove it away...their want to learn I mean. And just replace it with...laziness. Some of the people, some of the people.

(To Britain)

Good day indeed.

Oh...but...can you really count on Russia?

I-Is it true that Americans sometimes drive like Italians when they're drunk...?

...I...get it...

I still find it very hard to believe.
Well...it's because it's unusual for me to wake up every morning, open the door to stroll around, then suddenly see floating things in the air.

Things that America would enjoy?

Simple question.

Why don't you try video games?
Or...some hamburgers?
I also noticed that he is fond of...aliens.

...W-Well, I hope I helped, even just a little.

From:Greece's kitty

2p japan: this is getting boring...*leaves*
2p greece; ...
kitty: YAY HETALIA! do you know when americas getting it?!



I don't know...

What do you mean? The new season?

It doesn't have an exact release date in Japan so...I can't estimate a date when America is getting it.

I'm sorry.

From:Hex the Ninja

Nah, I'm not really brave. I just have a knife collection that everyone's afraid of me actually using! ^^

Well, I'm not all that sure... It seems that Trinity and Cynthia know, but they won't tell me! :( I should go look for myself! :D

Thanks! I will! :)

-Bianca Fides

(Like she said, I think it's just how creepy she is. Not to mention the knife collection...

Yeah, but if I wasn't like the older brother, I think I'd hear more complaints about Bianca than I do now.

Morgan's an eternal mystery to us. She's so cold, so distrustful, yet she let Trinity into her heart. She saved not only our lives, but Sydney's as well. Then, she's sort of all distant, like she's remembering something she doesn't want to. I'm trying to figure her out but... It's really tough. It's clear she's hiding something. The question is what.)


...Are you somehow related to Belarus?...

Ah-! N-never mind!

Yes, maybe you should...

You're welcome.

...Ah yes, now I see your point.

I guess so...Older siblings have it hard as well.

...A mystery...Are you going to be detectives and find out?


I'm sorry for the lateness once again...

I will try my best to update this, if possible, this coming weekend.

Thank you and farewell.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.