Chapter 1

A/N: I wanted to write a glee story with a twist, and some how this came about. When I read some fanfics about Lion!Quinn I immediately became addicted to her lion version, so definitely expect her. P.s. No baby!gate.


Quinn = Lion

Santana = Zebra

Brittany = Zebra

Rachel = African wild cat

Finn = Giraffe

Puck = Jackal

Kurt = Peacock

Mercedes = Warthog

Tina = Fish Eagle

Mike = Fish Eagle

Blaine = Peacock

Sam = Rhino

Artie = Crocodile

The animal-people of McKinley High were at school and the day was like any other. Nerds getting slushied or stuffed into trashcans, while the hierarchy of jocks and cheerleaders just laughed.

Quinn Fabray, queen of McKinley and only were-lion in the whole school, watched how the rejects were teased, not having a care in the world. Being the only lion, female at that, who had a mane made her extremely special and rare, because when she transforms she becomes a male. Along side Quinn was Finn Hudson, king of McKinley, a tall giraffe, and the head cheerleader's boyfriend, going on about his recent football game.

Quinn listened with one ear to the giant, while starting to get her books out of her locker for her first lesson. Easing away from Finn, the cheerleader frozen completely, taking a whiff of air deep into her lungs, she smelt the most tantalizing smell. Gardenia and vanilla mixed for some odd reason with bacon. To all who don't know, Quinn is a bacon addict and if she could, would only eat as her food for life.

Snapping out of her delightful stupor, Quinn was on the move, sniffing the air on the prowl for whoever was wearing the perfume. Letting out a growl, the HIBC walked faster, turning corner after corner, till she found the gleeks gathered around Rachel Berry's locker. "What is that smell?" The blonde growled, sniffing everyone of the glee members.

"What smell is it that you are referring to?" Rachel asked, grabbing the lion's attention. Rachel Berry was an African wild cat, she and Quinn were the only cats in the whole school. She couldn't understand the behavior that the blonde was displaying.

Quinn turned to look at Rachel, and almost fell at the potency of the scent coming off the little cat. She could feel her inner lion trying to force itself out and transform, wanting to devour the tiny diva. "You! You smell like bacon and other scents. Got to have a taste." The lion said, grabbing the brunette and throwing her onto her shoulder.

"Quinn what are you doing to Rachel?" Finn asked as he caught up to his girlfriend. Kurt and Blaine watched Quinn go berserk with all the sniffing the gasped as Rachel was hoisted onto the HIBC's shoulder. Mercedes didn't know what to say or do so just snorted. "Got nothing to do with you Hudson." Quinn stated, not caring about the tiny fists that were pummeling her back. "Quinn Fabray! I demand you put me down this instant." Rachel shrieked, hitting every body part in her reach.

"No." Quinn growled, she then ran out the school front doors, leaving the gleeks gapping behind her.

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