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CHAPTER 1- The Biting

Caroline P.o.V

It has been 5 months since i first chose Klaus and honestly it did'nt feel like that long ago, but it was.

Nik still has'nt properly forgiven Rebekah for killing his doppelganger.

But everything is quite quiet in the original household.

Except from Klaus badgering on about how he wants to mark me in his wolf form.

So far i've declined, but i know it's not going to happen for much longer.

Seems tomorrows a full moon.

And recently Nik has been getting extra jealous about me spending time with some of the hybrids and he's scared (not that he'll admit it) that someone will try and hurt me after all as he said 'Love is a Vampires Greatest Weakness'

Next Day (6 o'clock, before dark)

"Caroline, im going to mark you, i don't care what you say ,im going to mark you and then everybody knows they can't hurt you, you are mine!" he said getting possesive at the end.

"Klaus, you know i don't want you to mark me yet, it's to soon!" I said pouting.

"Caroline," he said in his moody 'im a big bad hybrid' voice.

"Fine, but is this going to hurt?," I asked feeling slightly scared, i knew there was no point arguing with him, afterall he was at his strongest point tonight.

His eyes softened, "It'll be like a tiny pinch and then it'll be over," he whispered softly.

I nodded as he turned into a giant wolf.

I stretched my neck out so he got better access.

I could'nt help but scream as his elongated teeth ripped into my neck.

The pain was unbearable.

I fainted, just as Nik changed back to catch me.


As i slowly gained consciousness, Nik fed me his blood.

But i could slowly feel my attraction for him growing.

"Nik come here," I whispered unable to speak much.

As i pulled him down on top of me.

-Yeah so this is the first part of Love Is A Vampires Greatest Weakness

-The Next Chapter Will Be Called 'Jealousy' because the feelings for each other will be multiplied so if Caroline flirts with anyone else, Klaus will instantly be jealous and angry.

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