Ash And May love story (lemon)

"Hey May," Ash blurted out as soon as he saw her. "What the?" May turned at the sound then noticed who it was. "ASH!" They both hugged then looked in eatch others eyes they both didn't want the other to know how they really felt about each other. "So how has it been?" Ash asked to break the unwilling silence between them. "Well i must admit it has not been good because i didn't see yo-," she stopped what she was about to say as soon as she realized what had almost slipped out of her mouth. "It has been fine," She lied. "Oh," Ash kinda sorrow full. "Whats wrong you sound depressed Ash?" May asked curiously. " Nothing," Ash shot back not in an angry but not in a joyful or sad. "Oh it just seemed like it," May said with a shocked expression. "OVER HERE GUYS!" Yelled a familiar voice. "Brock?" Ash said stunned. "Well hello Ash and May!" Brock said with a smile crosses his face. "Why are you here?" May asked. "I just moved in the dorm down the hall!" Brock exclaimed happily. "Awesome!" Ash said and gave Brock a high five. {next day} Ash walks into Brock's dorm and Brock is watching porn on tv "Brock?" Ash said wide-eyed. "ASH AHH?!" Said Brock quickly shutting the tv off. "I need your advice," Ash proclaimed. "Whatcha need?" Brock asked concern in his eyes. "Well you see i kinda love May and well...," Ash got cut off. "You cant tell her?" Brock answered. "Yes," Ash said shyly. "Go tell her!" Brock said. " You sure?" Ash asked with not being sure if that's the right thing. "Yes im sure!" Brock replied with confidence. "Well ok then i will!" Ash said as he is leaving. {Ash knocks on Mays dorm door and May answers it} "Hey Ash?" May said confused of why he was standing there. " Well can I tell you something?" Ash asked starting to blush. "Sure ash what do you need?" May said wondering what ash needed "Well i was wondering if i can do this?" Ash kissed May and almost pulled away but May started to put her tongue in his mouth and the started to french and May and him went into her dorm and she locked her dorm and turned to him. "May what are you-?" Gets cut off by May who now has her shirt taken out and boobs out. "Wow you want it that way huh?" Ash asked as he started to take his cloths of and whipped out his friend and May quickly came over and started sucking while jacking him off while Ash has a pleasure feeling then he smiled while May turned around and he stuck it in her vagina and and started putting it in then blood started dripping and he realized...she was a virgin Ash stared wide-eyed. "I...I...I didn't know!" Ash said. "Why did you stop keep going!" May moaned. "Oh ok!" Ash smiled and started to go harder then they started to french and he started to suck on her nipples. "This was fun Ash!" May said after about 2 hours. "Yes it was," Ash said as he gathered his stuff "Would you like to be my girlfriend May?" Ash asked curiously. " I WOULD LOVE TOO!" May halve shouted. {10 years later} "Whens daddy getting home?" Said Chris. "I don't know he is working late today," said May to their 10 year old child.