Title: Fire is So Overrated

Summary: Rose Waters has always been skittish around fire. Especially since the house fire back in Iowa, that killed her younger sister. After that, her parents decided to start new, in the small town that her mother grew up in, called Lillian. Shortly after that, strange things start to happen, and Rose doesn't wanna know why.

Author's Note: So, hello! I know the Super 8 fandom is a particularly small one, but I decided I'd do this, since it's been in my head for ages. So, yeah. Also, just because the main character has a history with fire, doesn't mean it's Cary/OC. I mean, I love Cary/Ryan Lee to death, but I don't think it's gonna happen, but I can say Cary shall play a big part. So, yeah.

And they scream, the worst things come free to us, 'cause we're just under the upperhand, go mad for a couple grams and she don't want to go outside tonight.

Rose Waters knew one thing about Lillian the moment they pulled up to the new house, on that horribly cold January morning; it was a place Jenni would love.

"Do you like it? Auntie Faith is renting it to us, it's my childhood home."

"Yeah, mum, it's lovely. Jen would've loved it."

Joanne Waters looked sadly at her daughter. She had just turned 14, and she had already lost someone incredibly important to her. Sure, Joanne had lost her daughter, but she felt like Rose was taking it worse than anyone, claiming it was her fault for the fire, for leaving the fireplace on while she was babysitting Jenni.

"Let's go in." She told Rose, taking her hand and squeezing it.

Rose looked up at her mother, and gave her a sad smile, then grabbed her bag and got out of the car. She could see the moving truck turn onto the street and come towards the house, and she figured this was her que to go inside.

A Month Later

Just after Rose finally managed to get settled in, Joanne received a call saying something about a childhood friend dying in a freak accident. Rose didn't know much about it, but she knew it was Elizabeth Lamb, who she had met once or twice, and had a class or two with her son, Joe.

Though, Rose was still curious to why she was sitting in the Lamb's dining room alone. She didn't know anyone that well, but she came, to be polite. Rose was playing with a charm on her charm bracelet, one that Jenni gave to her, when a group of boys joined her. She looked up, and noticed none of them had noticed she was sitting there, and then she realized they were all friends of Joe Lamb's, who was missing from the group.

She didn't really mind, and went back to her charm bracelet, hoping that none of them realized she was there. Maybe they'd think she was a ghost. Rose still probably would mind.

"What do you think they'll put in the casket?" This caught Rose's attention, and she looked up. It reminded her of her sister's funeral, and she could distinctly remember one of her sister's friends ask her that.

She pursed her lips and went back to her own thing, ignoring the boys, who still hadn't noticed her. Rose didn't really look back up until a loud crash. She looked over, and saw Mr Lamb tackling another man, and leading him to the door, cop-show style. She bit her lip, as the boys ran towards the window, to see what he was doing with him. Rose got up from the chair and walked over to the window to see what was happening.

Mr Lamb was putting the man into a cop car, then he said something to Joe, who was sitting on a swing outside.

"Oh, so, there he is." The short blonde, who Rose recognized from homeroom and English, Cary, exclaimed.

Rose took this as her que to begin to leave. She turned on her heel and started towards her mother, "Isn't that the new girl?"

Rose bit her lip again, and stifled a laugh. She turned on her heel again, "Erm, hi."

Four Months Later

The final bell of the '78-'79 school year finally rang, and a cheer of triumph filled the halls of Lillian Middle School as kids filled the halls to leave for the summer.

Rose walked out of Mrs Potter's 9th period English class, smiling. She'd managed to get through the rest of 8th grade without a mental breakdown.

"Ah, Rosie Waters," Cary started, putting his arm around the shorter girl, "Ready for a summer of zombies and Charles?"

Rose shook her head as she laughed at her friend. They turned into another hallway of lockers, and were greeted by the foul odor of vomit, and there was only one answer, "Ohmygod, Martin." Rose mumbled, facepalming as they passed the pale boy, whose locker was now covered in vomit.

"Just couldn't wait until we were at least outside, Smartin?" Cary asked, stepping around the vomit to get to his own locker.

Rose left towards the middle of the hallway, where her locker was located. She stuffed all the remaining stuff in her bag, and threw her bag onto her shoulder and headed towards the front of the hallway to try and catch up with either Cary or Martin.

Thankfully Cary was maneuvering his way around Martin's vomit, at the same moment Rose was walking past, so she waited for him, "We'll see you later, Martin!" She called to Martin as her and Cary ran to try and meet the others.

"In two months, we start high school. Shit, that went by fast." Cary said, pulling his backpack off his back to count his firework collection.

Rose took a step away from him, "God, could you wait until I'm about, 50 feet away from you to count your 'precious babies?'"

Cary rolled his eyes and zipped up his bag, putting it back on his back, "Sorry, I forgot about your 'problem.'"

Rose rolled her eyes, this time, as they stepped outside, and saw Joe and Charles about 10 feet in front of them, "There's Joe and Charles, let's go." She told him, running to catch up with them.

As she neared towards them, she could hear a bit of their conversation, "What wife?" Rose asked, as she started to walk next to Joe.

"Hey guys!" Cary yelled, finally catching up, "Martin barfed all over his locker today! It was the grossest one yet! I've never seen so many colours!"

"Ohmygod, shut up!" Charles complained, and then turned to Rose, "Detective Hathaway has a wife now!"

"Oh, god, Martin is not gonna be happy." She replied, biting her lip.

"So, who's playing the wife? Jen?" Joe asked, curiously.

"No! I told you what she did to my top hat!"

"What top hat?" Rose asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What wife?" Cary asked, obviously not paying attention to the conversation in front of him.

"Alice Dainard." Charles simply said as the group reached the convenience store across the street, "I was putting a book back in the library, and I saw her in the Silent Reading section, and I asked her if she would play Hathaway's wife."

"Wait, you talked to Alice Dainard?" Joe asked, leaning on the gumball machine.

"You're not supposed to talk at all in the silent ready section! It's for silent reading!" Cary exclaimed, putting a quarter in the candy machine.

"Yeah, it's silent when you're not in there." Rose commented, running a hand through her hair.

"Shut up," Charles told Cary, who ignored Rose's comment, "She said yes, and we're filming tonight. She's driving."

"Driving? Driving where?" Joe exclaimed, as the group of them walked into the candy shop.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly.

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