Title: Fire is So Overrated

Summary: Rose Waters has always been skittish around fire. Especially since the house fire back in Iowa, that killed her younger sister. After that, her parents decided to start new, in the small town that her mother grew up in, called Lillian. Shortly after that, strange things start to happen, and Rose doesn't wanna know why.

Author's Note: Hey guys! So, my amazing grandmother bought me Super 8 on DVD with like, 5 hours of special features and everything, so, my brother and I proceeded to spend the weekend watching Super 8 on replay… I've also come to the conclusion I should start watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, after I finish Supernatural, because apparently Ryan was on an episode, and Zach is set to be on an episode in the next season… (Thank you Wiki and Twitter...) Anyway, on with the story. c:

Words will be just words, until you bring them to life.

Rose groaned and looked at her watch, "Charles, it's almost 5:30, and I've gotta be home by 6." She called, glancing at Charles, who was sitting on the other side of the living room, and talking in a low voice to Cary about something.

"We've got one more scene to film," He replied, "And if Joe would hurry up on Alice's makeup, we could film it!" Charles added his voice louder, so it could carry over to the landing where Alice and Joe were working on makeup.

Joe rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything as he stroked the foundation brush once more over Alice's cheek. He handed Alice a mirror, and she grinned when she saw her reflection, "Where'd you learn to do this?"

"Mostly the Dick Smith's Monster Makeup Han-" Joe started, only to be cut off by Charles and Cary, who ran up to the railing.

"Hey, Joe! We need some more footage of the train crash. Obviously," Charles started, "You know that train model you just made?"

"Y-Your cargo train." Cary cut in.

"Well, I wanna blow it up, and film it!"

"Lemme blow it up!" Cary emphasized, smirking.

Joe pursed his lips, and nodded, "Yeah, I guess."

Cary and Charles grinned, and a chorus of, "Awesome!" and "Gnarly, man!" came out of their mouths as they made their way back to the living room.

The lights flicked, and everyone looked around, "Charles, man, I think you should check out your lights…" Preston said, looking at the lamp that sat next to him.

"What the hell? That's like, the third time that's happened!" Charles complained, looking up from the camera in his hand.

"The lights are probably just old." Rose said, tugging on the sleeve of her jean jacket.

"They're brand new…" Charles replied.

Rose pursed her lips and shrugged, "When are we filming the next scene?"

"Right..." Charles said, turning a knob on the camera, "Now." He motioned for Martin to get into place, while Rose and Preston stood up to get the equipment set up around the shot.

As Rose passed Joe and Alice, she heard a snippet of their conversation, "You wanna see it? The train? The train model? The train I made?"

Rose stifled a giggle, and smirked, her eyes darting up at them. They really are adorable, Rose thought, grabbing the microphone off the coffee table, and passing Charles into the hallway to help Preston and Martin.

Rose, yet again, tugged on the sleeve of her jean jacket. It was about a size too small, and even though she'd only need it for another week, it was highly uncomfortable.

"I think Joe likes Alice." Martin told Rose, looking over at her.

Rose laughed, "You think?" She replied, "Hasn't he liked her for ages?"

Martin nodded, "Yeah, but…"

"Do you think we're actually gonna get the movie done in time? I mean, we have, what? 5 days till deadline?" Rose asked, looking up as the water tower behind her house came into view.

"With the way Charles is pushing us, we'll probably have it done tomorrow." Martin said, taking off his detectives' hat.

"Hopefully. We have about, 5 more scenes to film, because, y'know, he randomly decides to add them."

Martin laughed, "Did he tell you what time tomorrow?"

"I think he said about 1ish. He said he'd call when Evan got to his place."

"Do we have to go to the costume store before, or…?"

"I think Charles said Evan has everything…" Rose replied, reaching her house, "I'll see you in the morning." She told him, turning onto her driveway.

Martin nodded, "Yeah, totally." He gave her a slight wave goodbye, and turned to continue down the street to his house. Something gave Martin a feeling, the next few days were gonna be fun.

Nothing goes to plan, it's all a game of chance, they say in Wonderland. Magic fills the air, a secret love affair, that I don't understand.

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