well it seems im back xxx i was debating with myself if i should write another KWMS fan-fic :

me : i think im going to write another fan fic

other me: nope you'r not!

me: what do you mean nope..and where did you come from?

other me : no you are not writing again and im your conscience

me: cooooooool! wait yes i am!

other me : no! no! no! no! you are too busy

me : yes yes yes yes... you can't tell me what to do!

other me : yes i can because im you...just differently

me : well you'r not welcome so im going to go

other me : no wait

me : byeee! i win hahahahaha

that's pretty much how it went...anyways so this is the first chapter of another KWMS fan fiction... tell me what you think review xxx

I was walking around aimlessly not giving a care for the world since Misaki was away doing student-council work everything seemed boring in comparison to her being with me. Misaki might not know this, but she changed my life somehow she broke down the walls I build upon years and years not letting anyone in; at that time, I was alive but dead at the same time...if that even makes sense. Usui chuckled as he was thinking about his little maid/girlfriend!

"I can't believe I'm in love with her, and it pisses me off that I'm so hooked, probably because she can't be around me all the time. Making my life pretty much useless!" Usui mumbled to no-one, in particular. A little further away a woman, drunk, for that matter...a young teenage boy with striking blonde hair caught her eye as she made her way towards him. Usui noticed a woman of around thirty making her way towards him; he sighed as he had a feeling why she made a B-line towards him.

"YAY! I fink-i fink i found myself a-a hott young fella let's have fuun. Woo i love ishee-cream!" Miss drunkiee here!...that's what we're going to call her... staggerd as she stood there dilusionaly insane. Usui waited until she finished,

"We could drink beer and eat lots of ishee-cream! And then we can ride on our unicorn's! yay woo hahaha this so fuun!" miss drunkiee continued as she took another swig of her bottle.
"ishhh not that *hic* harrrrd," miss drunkiee hear said pulling on Usui's sleeve. Usui jerked his arm away from her. He started to walk aside, but she blocked his way.

"Wass wong palleee *hic* ?" she asked innocently blocking his way by staggering all over the place. Usui had enough of her dilusions; he faced her and started to speak,

"Step aside," Usui commanded.

"why! You'r my boyfrienth you can't shpeak to me like dat!" slurred Miss drunkiee. Usui had enough she was getting on his last nerve.

"I have never met you in my life your obviously just drunk and for you'r information I have a girlfriend.. not that it's important to you but would you step away before I do something we both are going to regret!" Usui shouted giving her a fierce death glare. Miss drunkiee took a step back. She was shocked by the way he was looking at her. Tears started to fall down her cheek, " YOU! You mean you'r sheatting on me! How could you?" Shouted miss drunkie dillisionaly.
Usui groaned, never had he seen such a troublesome woman before in his life! "look I'm not you'r boyfriend, I don't know you..." Usui was cut of by her immense screaming.

"HOW DAREE YOU SHAY THAT!" Miss drunkiee pulled out a knife from her handbag. (kids don't carry knives with you; it's dangerous!) and took a quick swing at it towards Usui's face! He would have been able to doge it if he hadn't seen a girl look a lot like Misaki, almost mirror-image catch his eye.
A huge cut mark appeared on Usui's cheek, and blood started to pour down his face and onto his clothes and the floor. Usui was shocked, not that it hurt...it did, but because he didn't expect her to pull out a knife!
People noticed some ran away scared; a man pulled out his phone took a picture of the women and called the police, a little girl started to cry. Women screaming every where...basically all hell broke loose!

Miss drunkiee looked at the knife in her hand and screamed, she fell to the floor crying. Usui just walked away back home to his apartment to plaster up the little cut!...(yep Usui just thinks it's a little cut)...

"Oi young man wait I called the police, you need to go to the hospital!" said the same man who took the picture.
Usui turned around and looked at the man,

"Oh this," Usui said pointing to his cheek, " this is nothing don't worry about it's just a little cut" (told you so). And he turned around and walked away leaving an ordinary man speechless.

In Usui's apartment

Usui quickly grabbed a pack of plasters and stuck it to his face, and he lied down on his couch waiting for Misaki.( for those who are wondering why is he waiting for Misaki? Well, after her "coma-incident" he gave her a spare key for if she ever needed it and in return she gave him one too but on the condition that he was to only use it on emergencies, and that these "emergencies" do not include "it's because i missed misa-chan") Usui dozed off way to tired to clean up the mess he created. He started to dream about Misaki...


Usui smiled as he cupped Misaki's cheeks, she blushed which to him was so adorable; he smiled knowing that he was the reason for that blush! He picked her up bridal-style and carried her towards a field of roses. Misaki started to run around the field picking up roses and smelling them dancing around everything was so blissful, Misaki walked towards Usui and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer; Usui wrapped his arms around her waist, and they closed the gap between their lips; Usui could feel every touch of her lips that made his heart beat race. Their kiss was just an innocent kiss but with emotions. After they parted Usui whispered,

"I love you Misaki don't ever forget that."

"I love you too Usui, and you better never forget that either!" Replied Misaki grinning.

"you know you'r so adorable one day I'm going to make you forever mine!" Usui stated embracing her. She clenched onto his clothes, and he placed his head on her shoulder,

"I can't wait" whispered Misaki...

Misaki P.O.V

"Aaaaaaaaaah" I screamed; I went to visit Usui at his apartment because I was away all day for some stupid student-council meeting! Although I hate to admit it, I really missed him, in fact, I couldn't concentrate at all because of him; the stupid perverted alien! ( finally she admits it...well in her mind) Usui gave me his spare key, so I let myself in and to my horror, I find a puddle of blood! right there just on the floor.

"WHAT THE...why is their blood here!" I shouted, then when I looked up, I found Usui laying down on the couch with blood pouring down his face; his clothes were covered with blood; I screamed again...you know normally I wouldn't shout or scream I'm not like that! but hey, you try walking inside a house to find you'r boyfriend laying on the couch blood pouring down his face and a puddle of blood on the floor! I ran towards him and looked at his face. "O.M.G there is a huge cut on his face, what the hell happened!" "Actually that doesn't matter right now!"
"Yh you'r right I need to call the ambulance...wait who just spoke?" "You did...no I did...we both did...ok I'm you? I'm your conscience now go call the ambulance!" "ok I'll deal with myself later!" I quickly ran to the phone and dialed the number I looked at Usui.

"Usui you'r a big idiot! Please be ok" Misaki prayed a silent prayer for Usui...

so that was it xx if you have read any of my other stories tell me is this one better? does it sound better? tell me because you'r reviews keep me going...

Misaki : so does this mean were back?

miako : yep! :D

Usui : ...

miako : what's wrong Usui ?

misaki : oh he is just angry that you got him hurt don't worry about it

Miako : right Usui is silly

misaki : finally some one get's me

Usui : you both are so mean!... i get to plan the next chapter as a sorry gift

miako : fine as a sorry gift xxx

misaki : Oh god Miako why did you agree!?

usui : bye for now

misaki : don't just ignore me!