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Usui P.O.V

Me and Misaki are going out to the zoo later on today, right now Misaki is getting changed in her room and she tied me up so I couldn't go take a look, I wouldn't do that I respect her privacy and anyway seeing a lot of her exposed skin will probably cause me a heart attack...I'm really happy she forgave me, I honestly thought she would hate me, but that's just Misaki so unexpected at times. "I love you Misaki" Mumbled Usui; Misaki walked in the living room holding up her heart-shaped necklace, the one she got at the Yumesaki Festival. "Usui can you help me with this" I held up my arms and legs so that she could see I was tied up, "huh Misaki what was that?" Misaki laughed, "Your still tied up I thought you would be released by now" I smiled, "Well if I released myself you might think I did that to take a look" Misaki smiled, "thank you. But you can untie yourself now." on cue I ripped the thing that kept my legs and arms tied up and I stood up and walked towards her, she was going to wear that necklace and that alone made me happy, I took the necklace, "Misaki hold your hair to the side" she did what I asked and then I tied the necklace around her neck. I kissed her cheek, "I'm happy" Misaki blushed, "can I ask why?" I played with a strand of her hair, "why do you, think I'm happy?" I asked, I wanted to know her answer. "It's because you're a perverted alien from planet pheromones" Misaki said matter- of- factly. I sighed, "just drop that all ready" Misaki frowned, "Well I mean because your weird and you get happy over simple things" I smiled, "I get happy over simple things because Misaki always has something to do with this things" I could see she started to blush, she always blushes when she gets embarrassed, I leaned into her until we were a few inches away, "I love you Misaki" Misaki shouted "what! Wait...you" but I kissed her before she could shout any longer, I could feel her ease into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around my neck, I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist and held her tightly against me. I started to lick her lips, and she opened her mouth slightly, I could hear her moan slightly ah, it's fun messing with her suddenly I heard myself moan...Damn! I released her before it's too late: dying due to breath loss and doing something I will regret later on. Although to be honest I wouldn't mind dying while Kissing Misaki. While we were catching our breaths I pulled her down to the floor and sat her on my lap. "Well done Misaki excellent kissing as always." Misaki hit me on the head, "shut up idiot" but she was blushing so I know she was happy. "Ah Misaki that hurt...I'm going to have to punish you" I pouted. "Usui when are we going to the zoo?" Misaki asked me, anyone could see she was dying to go, I knew she would love the zoo, "Misaki wants to go to the zoo so we shall go to the zoo" Misaki looked confused, "thank you but that doesn't really answer my question idiot" I laughed, "no Misaki think about it for a second...we shall go to the zoo; that means now" Misaki scratched her head, "no it doesn't!" I kissed her lips, "no it does you just didn't realize it" I stood up with her still on my lap...Misaki rolled off and onto the floor. "Oh sorry Misaki I didn't realize you were still on my lap" Misaki was on the floor her stomach and head were against the floor she was in a "planking" position, I laughed, I guess she didn't like that because when I walked closer to her she grabbed my leg and pulled me down so I was on the floor too. "Idiot Usui who's laughing now? Huh!" Misaki laughed at me, then I pulled her down too, "Never let your guard down Misaki" Misaki groaned, "you're so childish" I laughed and she looked at me for a long time before breaking into helpless laughter, then we started to roll around on the floor like five year olds. After we were done rolling around I stopped and I looked into her eyes until she finally noticed that I was looking at her, "What Usui?" I smiled softly, as I pulled a strand of her hair behind her ear, "Misaki is so beautiful, I love her so very much" She blushed, "thank you; Usui I love him very much too" she turned crimson red, I loved it when she blushed she looked so cute when she did that so I did the only thing I could I kissed her softly, "let's go to the zoo."

30minutes later

Misaki P.O.V

We were going to the zoo, I can't wait I haven't gone to the zoo in a long time, in fact I remember going to the zoo when I was like three with my dad, but that was it. So I'm really excited I guess, Usui made some food for us although he wouldn't tell me what, he kicked me out of the kitchen. "Misaki I'm done lets go" Usui walked out of the kitchen carrying a basket. He put on his jacket and walked towards me, "let's go" and he held out his hand for me to take, I grabbed his hand and he intertwined our fingers together. I closed the door with my free hand and we walked towards the station and cached the train.

On the train

I will seriously never take the train again...guess why? Nope wrong Usui did not get chased...I'm joking, no he so did...they were teenage girls about our age, wow they are fast! We were walking around the station waiting for our train to arrive, when a few girls spotted us...well spotted Usui and they started to chase him. "Misaki here they come let's go!" and that's how I became part of a human Cat and Mouse chase, Usui and me being the mice and them the cats. I think for the second time of my life I went twice around the whole station, that one time on my birthday and now. Usui stands out way too much, that's what I said to him, "Usui you stand out way too much maybe you should dress like a...punk!" I exclaimed, an image of Usui as a punk with crazy hair and piercings and tattoos flashed through my mind and I shuddered at the thought. I looked at Usui and he too looked like he had seen something really disturbing. On cue we both looked at each other and we started to laugh.

At the Zoo

Usui and I finally arrived at the zoo; it was kind of late, so not that many people were around. Usui liked that best so he wasn't complaining. We both walked around the Zoo looking at animals. We saw lions, and special birds and giraffes, but the Monkeys were the best, Usui suggested that I should feed them so he demonstrated by showing me how to do it; One of the monkeys who apparently was called Chiko. Whenever Usui turned around he would pull on his hair and when Usui looked back to see who it was, Chiko would point at different Monkey, I was laughing so much I fell on the floor. I loved Chiko. Usui would sigh and occasionally glare at me because I laughed at him. "Usui I'm sorry but Chiko was hilarious" Usui turned around, "I'm not forgiving you and I'll get you back" but he was smiling so I know he forgave me. After we left the Monkeys we went to see the birds, Again Usui was "bullied" by the animals, some birds called Cho and Chiyo would spit out seeds on his hair, Usui would glare at them while he shook his head to take out all the seeds and then for them to do it all over again made me laugh even more. "I really am not very good with kids or animals" stated Usui as we were walking to the giraffes. I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers together, "don't worry your very good with everything else and being very protective and a super amazing boyfriend" I started to feel my face heat up as his eyes bored into mine " I held your hand because I know you would do the same after what I just said" I explained blushing. I guess Usui liked my reassuring speech since he inched himself closer towards me, "do you really think I'm a super amazing boyfriend" Usui whispered in my ear as he held me closer, I subconsciously nodded then I immediately regretted it, he didn't even give me a chance to deny, he literally jumped right into me and kissed me! If it was any other guy I would have murdered him, but with Usui...you just got to have exceptions right. I ended up smiling against his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck, he lifted me off my feet and carried me to the nearest tree he put me down, still kissing me by the way; so now I was leaning against the tree with my back, and his body was against mine. I licked his lips, yes for the first time it was me who made a move...but you know, have some changes or something... Usui too was surprised since he let go and looked at me, "Misaki did you just make a move first?" not able to say anything really I nodded. Usui broke into a huge sigh he crouched down and placed his hands over his mouth, I crouched down next to him, "I'm sorry Usui" he shook his head, "no Misaki you don't have to apologize" he looked at me and I could honestly feel myself get lost in his eyes. "Misaki is so unexpected sometimes it scares me...it scares me, how much I actually love you" Usui pulled me closer and he embraced me, "I never knew I could love someone so much" Mumbled Usui, I sighed, "I know me too idiot! Don't think you're the only one" I replied wrapping my arms tightly around him. Moment like this made me feel so happy and save like nothing can hurt me ever again. "Usui I love you very much, and I'm still wearing the promise ring." I stated holding up my right hand against the light, Usui let me go and looked at my hand, it was true it was right there where it belonged, Usui kissed my hand softly and he hugged me again, "I love you too very much."

Normal P.O.V

Misaki and Usui sat down and ate their picnic, it seems Chiko escaped and he would hide behind the tree and wait until Misaki turned around, to snatch her food and then he would hide again, Misaki would constantly find parts of her food missing she would look at Usui but he shrugged, "it wasn't me Misaki but I'll give you a hint...pay back" Misaki looked confused but then it clicked, "No not him" Misaki stood up and went round the tree and her culprit was found! There was that little monkey Chiko, as soon as he saw Misaki standing there, her arms crossed, he tossed his stolen food and pointed at Usui, Misaki looked at Usui and in front of him on his plate was the "stolen food" Misaki sighed, "I saw you throw that!" Misaki picked him up and carried him back to her place; she started to feed him, "you could have just asked my little Chiko." Chiko nodded as if he understood, Misaki nodded, "good boy...see Usui he is so cute" But Usui was pouting, "why can't you be that gentle with me?" Misaki looked at Usui, "because you're a pervert" Usui smiled, "well you love this pervert so I'm not complaining." Usui grinned; Misaki blushed as she rolled her eyes. She distracted herself with Chiko, "hey Usui can we keep him?" Usui smiled, "if you want him I'll buy him for you" Misaki looked so happy, "really Usui you're the best I'll do anything for yo...i mean forget that...hey is that even possible Usui...Usui" But Usui already had a huge grin plastered across his face, "anything Misaki...ok you wait here." Usui stood up and walked towards Misaki and kissed her head before walking away to buy Chiko. Misaki sighed, "I'm happy you have a chance to come home with us...but what the hell did I do!? Had I just promised something I'm going to regret?" Misaki hit her head, Chiko thinking it was a game hit his head too, Misaki laughed.

Usui went to go talk to the man in charge and they let him have Chiko apparently he was a trouble maker and they wanted more Monkeys but there was no room, so they were happy to give him away. Usui walked back to where Misaki was and he flashed her the thumbs up and Misaki grinned and did the same back. When Usui reached her he kissed her cheek, "you promised you would do anything...let me think about it for a while though." Misaki nodded, "fine but nothing too perverted" Warned Misaki. Usui nodded, "yes yes...you have to kiss me a total of twenty times before tomorrow." Usui was grinning. Misaki smiled, "Ok deal since you did get my little Chiko and I did not say I hate kissing you so I'm fine with that." Usui blushed, "Misaki how much are you going to make me suffer before you're satisfied. I will seriously do something that I might regret if I'm not careful." Usui said seductively. Misaki turned crimson red, "you better stay a safe distance from me." Misaki held Chiko up warning Usui if he had any bad ideas she had back up...Chiko is meant to be her back up by the way, Usui licked his lips, "huh Misaki don't you usually say you better stay away from me...but just now you said, "stay a safe distance from me" what does that mean my Misa-chan?" Usui slowly crept towards her. "How much is a safe distance Misaki?" Usui was really close now, Chiko escaped and he was now feeding himself on their leftovers in the basket, Misaki wailed, "Chiko! Come back save me please I thought you were my little back up! Please save mommy." Usui laughed, "does that make me daddy?" Misaki gulped, "stay back!" Usui shook his head, "nope Misaki remember the deal and besides it's really bad for a maid to disobey her master right?" Misaki sighed; "fine" and she grabbed his collar and pulled him onto her lips. Usui pulled her onto his lap and embraced her tightly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and she licked his lips, this time Usui expected it and he accepted. They both let out a moan. Misaki started to play a little with his hair, and Usui held her tightly, After they parted Usui kissed her cheek, "that's 19 more to go" Usui grinned he touched her cheek, Misaki smiled and nodded, she stood up, "I'm tired can we go home?" Usui nodded, "yeah me too and it's getting late" Usui stood up he packed everything up and he put Chiko in the basket, Chiko seemed happy so no hassle, Usui held out his other hand and Misaki grabbed it, he intertwined their hands together and they set off back home.

"Hey, Usui?" Usui looked at Misaki, "yeah Misaki?" Misaki looked up at him, "Well I was just thinking...the trains don't let animals so how do we do this?"

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