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It was a fairly standard day at the Enrichment Center. Testing had been going as planned, and everything was going quite smoothly in general. A very welcome change from when that Moron had been allowed to run things. The robots from the Co-operative Testing wing were going through some routine maintenance, so GLaDOS was occupying herself with reviewing old testing footage archived from before she was put online.

Ah, humans, the silly little creatures. They were admittedly more entertaining than the robots she had now. It was very interesting to watch the old videos and work out just how their funny little brains worked. She sometimes missed the Monster that she'd kicked out, but knew that it really was what made the most logical sense. She was smart, especially for a human, and she had proven to be more of a problem than an interesting subject. None of the humans she'd found in the vault had turned out to be very viable test subjects either, but for other reasons, such as being unable to keep themselves alive or having brain damage, so it was just her and her loyal robot testers Orange and Blue, and that was just fine, for the most part.

She was continuing happily with her work, sorting out a new test course to set the robots on when she was alerted to activity in one of the test chambers. She quickly checked and confirmed that Orange and Blue were still in the Maintenance wing, only just finishing up.

Strange. There shouldn't be anyone in the facility other than them. GLaDOS thought, and if she'd had the ability to, she would have frowned. She considered all of this for only a few picoseconds before deciding that it must be one of those wretched birds that had managed to survive underground likely due to one of Mr Johnson's DNA modification ventures. With a hypothetical glare, she activated the cameras in that wing and sought out the pests, determined to find out where they were all hiding and flood the place with neurotoxin, but what she found was a bit more shocking:

A blue wooden box. A police box from the fifties, apparently. Now how had that managed to appear in her facility? Granted, if it had shown up in fifties Aperature, she might have just accepted the fact that it must have always been there and continue testing as normal. She never did do much looking around in those areas. The few cameras that were down there were broken, save two or three, so she could only have look around from Blue or Orange's point of view, and they were much to easily distracted for that to be a very productive use of her time.

GLaDOS had still not determined what to do with the box when two people stepped out, looking around. One of them was a blonde girl, likely in her early twenties or late teens, and the other a male that seemed to be about thirty or so, his brown hair sticking up at numerous gravity defying angles. She watched them curiously, wondering what two people were doing in a small blue box and still not sure how they'd managed to get said box several stories underground.

"So where are we now?" the girl asked. The man answered as he stepped over to the sign detailing the hazards of the test chamber near the elevator, pulling out a pair of black-rimmed glasses and studying it.

"Earth, 2300 or so. A few miles underground, it would seem. Some sort of science facility by the look of it. It's got fairly advanced technology, but it must have been closed off from the rest of the world for years. I don't remember hearing anything about this place."

"It seems kind of abandoned. There aren't any people around." the blonde replied, then frowned. "But how could it still be running if there isn't anyone here. Everything's still clean and everything."

"And it looks like someone's watching us," The bespectacled man turned and looked directly into one of the cameras that had been following them, smiling.


"Who are you, and how did you get into my facility?" GLaDOS growled, curious but still very annoyed at something so illogical happening on her watched. She was going to get answers.