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Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Back Alley

Notes: Another little fic for all you Yaoi fans! If you don't like stories of the Yaoi variety feel free to click that back button. Enjoy All! : )

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~~~~~~~*******Chapter 1*******~~~~~~~

Draco appeared to be a good husband and he was a damn good father, no one would dispute that but he had a secret one that would shock most people if they knew. Yes, Draco Lucius Malfoy; husband, father and an influential power player in the British Ministry of Magic was involved in an illicit homosexual affair with another equally influential married wizard and father.

Who might this secret lover be you wonder? Why Harry James Potter of course. Draco was quite shocked the first time he and Harry had sex. It happened so quickly; they were out having a fire whiskey, discussing their work and one drink led to another and before Draco knew it he was being pounded into hard from behind by Harry in the back alley of the pub. Since then Draco and Harry were hooked and met in secret once a week, more if they could slip away.

Draco had never given much thought to his sexuality when he was at Hogwarts. He had a marriage contract with the Greengrass family to wed Astoria since he was born so his future was essentially planned for him. The blonde's life went as follows; go to school, get married to Astoria, produce an heir, bring honor to the Malfoy name by expanding their wealth via business deals and ventures and then die of old age.

Draco had realized very quickly that he could possibly be gay. This realization happened on his wedding night of all times; Astoria was an attractive woman and any man would love to lay with her but Draco had to struggle to get and maintain an erection just to consummate their nuptials.

Draco snuck off to the apothecary to purchase an aphrodisiac before they went on their honeymoon. The grey eyed male took the stimulant up until Astoria fell pregnant with their son, Scorpius, three months after their wedding.

Draco the went on to explore his sexuality covertly; watching and observing women and men during his work and whenever he attended social events; that research solidified his belief. He was undoubtably gay and no matter how beautiful any woman was they just didn't do it for him. Breasts and the softness of the feminine form did nothing for him. Now give him a firm arse and muscular physique and Draco was in heaven.

Since this revelation, almost two years ago, Draco had taken a few lovers. They were nothing serious just someone Draco could meet up with and satisfy his urges and needs. That was until Harry had fucked him senseless into a wall that night six months ago.

Draco's floo flaring to life brought him out of his musings, glancing toward the hearth in his large office the blonde saw Harry's handsome face. Draco smiled when he saw his lover and waved him through. The taller male stepped out, pulling out his wand and silently cast a strong locking and silencing charm on Draco's closed office door and closed down the floo connection; no one would be interrupting their time.

"You busy beautiful?" Harry spoke his words huskily with a cheeky grin on his face. Draco snorted and stood, slipping off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt while Harry stripped out of his red Auror robes. The slim blonde was naked before his lover and sauntered to the space in front of his desk.

Seeing that Harry only had eyes for him Draco moved past Harry, stopping to place a quick kiss to those slightly chapped lips and made his way to the plush sofa in the corner of his office and crawled onto it.

Situating himself so he was sitting on the soft suede cushions, Draco leaned back so he was resting against the back of the sofa and opened his legs wide while tilting his hips so his entrance was displayed for Harry's hungry emerald gaze.

Slipping three long fingers into his mouth Draco lavished them with firm, noisy sucks and copious amounts saliva. Once they were coated thoroughly and wet enough the horny blonde pulled his slick appendages out of his mouth and brought his hand to his entrance.

Bringing his aroused stormy grey eyes to look into his partner's lust blown emeralds; after murmuring a cleansing charm Draco caressed the silky skin around his puckered entrance lightly. He moaned softly at the wonderful feeling, before slipping his lubricated finger inside his tight arse. Moaning louder at the sensation of being filled and the knowledge that Harry was watching him finger fuck himself.

It was delightfully sinful knowing that outside his door twenty people were mindlessly working away at their desks while he was in his office fingering himself and about to be fucked into a sofa by his lover's hard cock. Draco's cock hardened further at his lewd thoughts and he picked up the pace of his thrusting finger.

Keeping eye contact with Harry he slipped another slender finger into his tight hole. The blonde's needy moans were joined by whimpers, the sounds being released by Draco were becoming louder, as he twisted and scissored his fingers, loosening his rings of muscle.

Harry was stuck to his spot, watching Draco with undivided attention. Half-mast grey eyes watched the raven haired man lick his lips and slip a large tanned hand into his unfastened pants. Harry groaned loudly at the pleasure his self-stimulation was causing him. Draco's hard cock twitched and began to leak small beads of pre-cum as he watched his partner fist himself inside of his pants.

Draco was getting impatient and slipped the final finger into his tight channel, thrusting harder and faster. The blonde whined in frustration when no matter how deep he pushed his fingers inside of him he couldn't reach his prostate.

Draco's eyes were still connected to Harry's and the blonde knew what he needed; "Harry please, ngh fuck me!" The larger male moved with the speed of a seasoned Auror, his pants down and cock lubricated before Draco realized he moved.

Harry grabbed Draco's wrist and pulled his fingers out of his stretched passage, making room for Harry's heavy cock to penetrate him; "You want this love? Hmmm tell me you want it."

Draco wanted to tell Harry to go to hell and fuck him but the grey eyed male learned it was easier to acquiesce to Harry's demands and responded. "Yes, Gods Harry I want you inside me. Please fuck me." Draco's voice was husky and wanton but demanding.

"As you wish." After his words Harry thrust his cock inside Draco's body, sheathing himself in one stroke. Both men moaned at the feeling and sensations of their bodies joining together. The raven didn't pause for long knowing his lover liked a little pain with his pleasure and began thrusting hard and deep into Draco's compliant body.

Draco moved his legs up so they sat on Harry's broad shoulders, tilting his hips higher to enable his lover's cock to sink deeper inside of him. The slender male whimpered as Harry struck his sensitive prostate on his next thrust.

Harry moved his hands to grab Draco's legs and pulled them from his shoulders to wrap them around his strong hips. The smaller male was confused as to what his lover was doing but as long as Harry kept fucking him like he was Draco could care less.

A yelp left Draco's pouty lips as he was lifted off the couch, his slender arms moving to grab those broad shoulders so he didn't fall onto the ground. Harry's thick cock was still buried deep in his body as he walked them toward the wall. As soon as Draco's pale, lithe back hit the wall Harry was pounding into him again. Large calloused hands were supporting the slim blonde's weight by grabbing the underside of his smooth thighs.

Draco now had the freedom to move with Harry's motions and began to push his bum downward as Harry thrust upward causing that glorious cock to penetrate him deeper and nail his prostate on each inward thrust.

Draco screamed his pleasure to the ceiling as Harry continued to punish his prostate in quick thrusts. The animalistic noises from both their mouths filled Draco's well-appointed office; the sound of slapping skin resounded against the walls.

Draco felt his release coming on fast. It had been over five days since they'd been together and Draco's body was simply overwhelmed by the pleasure he was being subjected to by Harry's ministrations.

Harry looked like he wouldn't last for much longer either; his thrusts were now coming in a rough staccato. Draco felt his balls tightening to his body and brought his hand to his now copiously leaking erection and stroked himself in a fast rhythm, trying to match his partner's erratic thrusts.

That coil of pleasure was wound so tight in Draco's belly it was almost painful. After one more hard stab to his prostate Draco came screaming Harry's name as strand after strand of cum erupted out of his slit, spattering their toned stomachs. The blonde continued to lazily pump himself until his cock began to soften.

Draco's now sated body became heavy after his powerful bone melting orgasm and he watched Harry relentlessly pound into him through hazy grey eyes. Before long Harry growled out Draco's name as he spilled his release deep into his love's willing body.

Still joined Harry used the last of his considerable strength to carry the blonde to the couch. The raven sat down and shifted so he was lying on his back with Draco splayed out lazily on top of him.

"That was what I needed! I was about to kill Ron; the sexual frustration was getting to me." Harry words came out a bit breathlessly as they were both still panting from their sex session. Draco chuckled and murmured something that he thought was an agreement to what Harry said.

At this point in time Draco was ready for a nap and once he woke up maybe another go with Harry. Sleepily the slender male pressed a kiss to Harry's lips before snuggling into the crook of his lover's neck.

"How long do you think we can do this Draco? I care about Ginny but I don't love her. You know how I feel about you; I want us to be together. It's just frustrating to keep living the lie, you know." Draco huffed knowing that his nap would not be happening anytime soon.

Raising his head so his sleepy eyes met Harry's he spoke in a gentle voice that only Harry and his son were privy to. "I know Harry and I feel the same for you but right now we can't leave. Our kids are still so young and I know it would kill you to miss them growing up. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I missed out on any part of Scorpius' childhood."

"You know if we both filed for divorce our wives would get custody of our children. Wizarding society is a lot like the muggle one in that regard. As unhappy as I am with Astoria I love my son enough to stick it out until he goes to Hogwarts."

"Please understand Harry. Now is not the right time for us to be together publicly but one day it will be. If you can wait that long." Harry stared deeply into Draco's usually guarded eyes and saw the truth and affection shining in them.

Huffing, Harry nodded and let the matter drop but not before getting the last word; "Fine; I'll wait but once Scorpius and Albus are on the Hogwarts Express for their first year we will be together, no arguments." Draco just rolled his eyes at his love's antics but nodded his consent to the deal.

"Now hush so I can take my nap! Wake me in fifteen minutes so we can go again" Draco's words were muffled by the warm skin of Harry's neck. The blonde could feel the laughter rumbling through his human pillow's broad chest at his haughtily spoken words.

"Of course Draco. Anything you want. Your wish is my command." Harry laughed again when Draco mumbled; "Someone's a bloody genie now! What can't the amazing Harry Potter do?"

The raven sighed and let his body relax as a light sleep crept up on him. Both men were content at the moment but they knew this golden hour they had been gifted with was all they could expect right now and they were determined to use it to the fullest.

Twenty minutes later the sound of skin slapping against skin was heard as Harry thrust hard into Draco once again. This time the blonde was bent over the sofa's arm with his lover pounding into him from behind. This position always brought Draco back to the first time they'd enjoyed each other in that dimly lit back alley behind their now favorite pub.

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