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Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Back Alley

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It was while they were lovingly washing the other's body, after Harry had taken Draco hard against the shower wall, that Draco realized they weren't just washing away the remnants of their lovemaking. They were washing away the ten years of longing; of being stuck in loveless marriages and overcoming every obstacle society threw in their way when they decided to be together publicly.

But they had persevered and stayed together despite it all, and when they got out of the shower stall and finished drying each other off and left the bathroom they would leave not as a couple in a secret affair that one conducted in a back alley, but as a couple involved in a loving, stable and public relationship. This was worth all the hardship and turmoil they had faced and meant everything to Draco.

~~~~~~~~*********Chapter 4********~~~~~~~~~~

Almost nine years later found Harry James Malfoy-Potter standing on the lawn of Hogwarts with his husband, Draco Lucius Malfoy-Potter, and their three sons as they all watched the last Potter child collect their Hogwarts diploma; Lily looked radiant in the afternoon sun, her red hair flashing as brightly as her smile.

Once she stepped off the stage she was hurrying over to her fathers to give them both hugs and they offered their congratulations; it seemed surreal to Harry that not too long ago he was sending James off to Hogwarts and now all his kids were grown adults with promising careers.

James, like Lily, had decided to join the ranks of professional Quidditch players; James a chaser for Puddlemere United while Lily was recruited by the Holyhead Harpies as a reserve seeker. Harry and Draco were both immensely proud of them, both of them worked very hard to make their respective teams.

Albus on the other hand had gone in the completely opposite direction and was studying to get his Potions Mastery; maybe he was more like his middle name's sake than he thought. But Harry was proud of his son; the savior knew becoming a potions master was a tricky goal and only the smartest and best achieved it.

Scorpius, his son in all but blood, was also pursuing academics with a Mastery in Ancient Runes and Arithmancy; the boy, now man, had a true gift with warding and Harry knew he would succeed in anything he choose to do; maybe another Curse Breaker would be added to the family.

Lily's glomp knocked out of his thoughts; "Dad pay attention! Father was talking to you!" Harry looked and noticed Draco looking at him with an amused yet annoyed expression on his face. How the blonde pulled that look off Harry would never know. "Sorry Draco, what were you saying?"

The sheepish grin that Harry gave him seemed to work on allaying his husband's irritation at his absentmindedness; "Yes, I was wondering when you wanted to head to Andromeda's?" Harry looked at Lily; "When do you want to go love?"

"Well I wanted to say goodbye to some friends but I can apparate to Number Twelve when I'm done." Harry nodded and began to walk away, the rest of his motley family following him. Draco's slim hand slid into his; "Our last baby just graduated Hogwarts, what will we do now that they're all grown up?"

A lewd smirk was on Harry's lips in a moment as he slid behind Draco, wrapping his arms around the blonde's slim waist and subtly grinding his groin into Draco's back; "We could have more babies you know. A potions master developed a tonic that allowed men to bear children a few years back."

"What do you say love? Would you like to have a Malfoy-Potter baby?" To accentuate his point Harry ground his hips once again into Draco's lithe back, smiling at the low moan that came from Draco; even after almost twenty years together Draco and his attraction had not dimmed in the least, if anything it had grown.

"I'll think about it Harry." But judging by the breathlessness in Draco's voice Harry knew he had already won. Another child would be born, a child that would be half his and half Draco's; that was a novel thought seeing as both older males looked at the other's kids as theirs.

His three devils had flocked to Draco's love and warmth; love and warmth that their mother Ginny never gave them. Ginny; that was a subject best left in the past with the rest of the bad memories. After their divorce Ginny had gone out of control, sleeping around and drinking heavily in public.

Draco did not feel the least bit bad for the selfish twat as he called her and neither did Harry; she almost ruined his children's lives! Plus, he was too happy with Draco and their family to care about what or who Ginny did. After the last nine years Harry had also gotten over the hurt he felt when Molly and Arthur turned their backs on him.

Ron had eventually come around like he always did and Harry saw him quite a bit as they were both Aurors. Hermione was still his closest and best friend in this world, he loved her like the sister he never had. Ron and Hermione had two children as well, Rose who was Albus' age and Hugo who was a year behind Lily ay Hogwarts.

The rest of the Weasely family was doing well, all had married and had children; George actually married a man and bore him and his husband a son last year. Well at least Harry knew first hand that the conception potion worked.

Draco stopped and pushed his bum backward teasingly and pulling a low growl from Harry; "Ready to go Harry?" The tone in Draco's voice was teasing, the little brat knew what he was doing to Harry and Draco of course found it amusing as hell.

Grabbing Draco's hips Harry ground his semi-hardened prick into Draco's bum, two could play that game; "Of course love, do you want me to apparate us or do you want to?" Draco didn't speak seeing as he was chomping down on his lower lip to stop from moaning.

Thank Merlin their boys were further away or they would have been yelling at their parents to stop being so perverted! How many times had their children barged in on them during sex until they learned how to wait until they were told to come in?

Ah Harry remembered now; it took one time but it was a lesson well learned, at least Harry thought so. His kids would understand his happiness about them learning to knock and wait for entrance when they had a spouse and kids of their own.

Once the boys caught up Harry gripped Draco tightly and turned swiftly with a crack they were in front of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Andromeda and Teddy's home. Harry had given them the house when he moved into Malfoy Manor with Draco, the kids and Narcissa.

Narcissa would be here as well; the two Black sisters had built their former loving relationship back to what it once was and spent quite a bit of time together. It made Harry happy that Andromeda had finally been able to see her sister again; Harry also knew it was good for Narcissa and Andromeda to have company.

Harry moved away from Draco and walked up the steps, opening the door to let everyone in before he entered. Teddy bounded into the room to see his godfather, cousins and Uncle Draco. Hugs were given as they had not seen Teddy for two months; the young man was in Egypt for Auror training.

Harry still wasn't sure how he felt about Teddy being an Auror, it was a dangerous profession but Teddy was magically powerful, intelligent and a natural spy with his metamorphmagus ability. Harry also did not want to stand in the way of his godson's dreams.

So an Auror it was but at least Harry could watch over Teddy closely; one of the perks of being Head Auror and all. Draco took his hand, bringing him out of his thoughts; "You alright love? You've been spacing out quite a bit today."

Harry smiled; "Yeah, I'm just thinking about the last twenty or so years and wondering where the time went. Just thinking about all that's happened and how much I love you." Draco smiled, placing a chaste kiss to Harry's lips; "Later you'll have to show me how much you still love me, hm?"

Harry's saucy reply of; "Why wait until later?" was met with Draco raising his eyebrow in silent challenge, clearly saying without words 'What are you waiting for.' Well nothing actually, striding forward Harry excused themselves, giving the excuse that they left Lily's gift at the Manor and had to go and retrieve it.

No one questioned the flimsy excuse and within minutes Harry and Draco were naked and kissing passionately on the stairs of Malfoy Manor, thankfully they had sealed the floo and closed the wards when they returned home and checked that Narcissa had left for Andromeda's.

Pulling away from Draco's mouth Harry stood and lifted the smaller man into his arms, carrying them toward their bedroom. Once in the room Harry put Draco down; "Get on your hands and knees on the bed, facing the doors and on the edge of the bed."

Draco shivered at Harry's Auror voice and submissively got onto the bed and did as Harry asked. The green eyed male knew the blonde loved it when he took control and ordered him about and right now Harry would oblige him. Walking up to the bed the raven grabbed his hardened cock and pressed it against Draco's pouty lips; "Suck me love and do it well this is the only lube that is going on my cock before I fuck you."

Draco sucked his rigid length with enthusiasm, the blonde's spit was beginning to drip from that talented mouth as he worshipped Harry cock, sucking and licking it in all the right places to drive Harry mad with need.

Satisfied that Draco was doing as he was told Harry began to thrust his hips, driving his large cock further into Draco's mouth. He knew the blonde could take him fully into his mouth but had to work towards it for a bit and Harry was fine with that as long as Draco kept bobbing and sucking on his cock.

A wordless, wandless lubricant spell had his fingers slicked and a murmured cleansing spell had Draco's ass ready for him. Leaning forward a bit Harry reached his slicked hand behind Draco and began teasing the blonde's puckered hole, loving how that pretty pink pucker seemed to try to suck his finger in.

"You really want me don't you love?" A nod was all the answer Draco could give now that his nose was buried in Harry's dark pubic hair as he deep throated the cock in his mouth; "Oh yes you do, now don't stop sucking me love while I get you ready."

Another nod and whimper was his response from the man sucking him off. Harry's other hand made its way into Draco's shoulder length blonde tresses and grasped on, encouraging the blonde to pick up the pace of his ministrations on Harry's member.

Noticing that the blonde's eyes had hazed out of focus let Harry know it was time to begin preparing Draco, slipping his first finger into Draco cause a shiver of anticipation to course through Harry as that blonde's tight tunnel clenched around his finger. Realizing he was close to his orgasm Harry slipped a second finger inside of Draco and began to scissor his appendages, loosening the blonde up.

"Look at me love." Draco's gorgeous lust blown grey eyes opened and looked at him; "I'm going to fuck you now. Do you want it?" Draco mewled around his cock in mouth, nodding once but Harry wanted to hear it.

Using the hand in Draco's silky hair Harry pulled his love off of his cock; "I want to hear you say it love. Do you want me to fuck you?" Draco had spit dripping down his chin, his lips were swollen and his hair disheveled but Harry thought he was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Draco's hoarse voice brought him out of his perusal of his husband's appearance; "I want it. Please fuck me Harry, fuck me so hard I can't sit down." Well how could Harry deny that?

He couldn't and he quickly removed his fingers from Draco's immaculate body, clambered onto the bed and positioned himself behind Draco; it really was a nice view. Smirking, Harry took his cock in his hand and pressed it against Draco's entrance, sliding his hips forward so the head of his cock could breach his lover's entrance.

A loud wanton moan left the blonde as Harry's cockhead slipped inside him. Harry was already on edge and that delicious moan sent him over it, snapping his hips forward so he fully sheathed his length into Draco in one hard thrust, pulling another moan from his husband's lips. Placing his hands on slim hips the raven began to thrust in and out of his blonde's body, beginning a hard and fast pace.

Realizing that this would indeed be a good hard fuck Draco suck down onto his elbows and allowed his head to rest on his forearms as he shouted his pleasure into the mattress. Harry was pleased with the change in position as Draco's ass was now higher in the air and allowed his thick cock to penetrate the grey eyed male's lovely hole deeper.

A loud scream from Draco made it known that Harry had found his prostate, with a devilish smirk still on his face Harry gripped Draco's hips harder and began to drill into the love of his life's tight heat, enjoying the continuous screams of pleasure that were leaving the blonde's lips.

Harry's orgasm was close as well and he wanted to see Draco's lovely face when he surrendered to his climax, moving his hand from the other's hip Harry slid it up the blonde's back and clutched his soft hair, pulling harshly Draco sat up. Letting his back and head rest on Harry's neck and shoulder.

From this position Harry could see his lover's face when he came; happy with the change in position Harry began to thrust into the blonde again in earnest, delighting in seeing Draco's face contort in pleasure as that little bundle of nerves was punished by the blunt head of Harry's cock.

The tightening of Draco's anal walls around him tipped Harry off to the fact that Draco was close to reaching his orgasm. The larger male leaned down, placing his lips next to Draco's ear; "Cum for me love, let me see you cum without me even touching your cock."

That was the end for the beautiful blonde, with a scream of Harry's name Draco came, spurting his seed across the comforter on their bed. The clenching of the blonde's walls pushed Harry over the edge and with one more hard thrust the raven haired male came deep inside his husband's gorgeous body.

Draco dropped to his elbows once Harry let go of his hips and hair, breathing quickly and shallowly. Harry was no better, his breathing was harsh and his heart was beating at a quick pace as he shallowly fucked his blonde until he was fully sated.

Harry could not resist watching the cum run down his husband's thighs when his soft length slipped out of Draco's loose body; it was always an erotic sight to behold and the raven took full advantage of watching whenever he fucked his husband from behind.

Glancing at the night stand Harry realized that they had been at this for almost forty minutes; it did not take forty minutes to find a present! Well fuck him or Draco in this case; "Love we need to get cleaned up and back to Andy's." Draco mumbled tiredly, Harry had no clue what the man was saying but he knew they needed to go.

Getting off the mattress Harry walked into the bathroom, summoned a towel and coated it with water, walking back out he cleaned his husband's body of any cum before cleaning his own. Summoning his wand he then cast a few cleansing and freshening charms on them for good measure.

Draco was now sitting on the edge of the bed, wand in hand as he summoned his clothes back to him. Within a few minutes they were redressed and Draco was casting several charms to get the rumples and wrinkles out of their clothes.

Once Draco deemed them presentable they hurried down to the receiving room, unlocked the wards and unsealed the floo, and with a crack they were back at Number Twelve.

Unfortunately when Harry and Draco walked in they ran into Andromeda and Narcissa, both women sported knowing smirks on their pretty faces. Andy broke the silence; "Well I hope you found Lily's present and I sincerely hope Draco and you didn't have to go through too much trouble to find it."

The words themselves were harmless but not the suggestive manner they were spoken in and Harry found himself blushing a bit while Draco, Narcissa and Andromeda shared mischievous glances with each other.

Harry knew he was doomed to a day of teasing and taunting at the hands of his gorgeous husband and two very wicked witches! But then again he would not want it any other way!

So my muse has been satisfied and I hope you all enjoyed this impromptu update!

This story is still complete as another update may never come but who knows?

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