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Chapter 1: The Start Of It All

It was dark. It was also stuffy as a bundle of clothes covered my small figure. Got to hide got to hide was the only thing in my mind so I slipped inside the closet before she could see me. But being too clumsy and not watching CSI Miami closely enough caused me to leave a crack open in the closet letting a hint of sunlight in. Silently thinking "oh no", I made small reminder list of things to do.

Mental Note #1: Get some darker curtains for my room.

Mental Note #2: watch more CSI Miami.

Hearing my bedroom door open, I buried myself deeper in my closet full of clothes. With every step I heard her take into the room, I pressed myself deeper and lower against the inner face of my closet wall. Another step I heard her take and hid my face with my ayna coat. I then hear shuffling through my bed sheets and I see the opening of my light pink curtains. Well I could tell they were being opened by the more light being let in through the crack of the door.

Then seeing a shadowy figure make its way towards the closet, I silently thought "no this can't be happening, please don't let it happen", and just when a hand pressed against the closet door, all 3 of my dogs started barking in their room. The shadow then left to go investigate. Taking a breath of relief, I relaxed for a second.

Mental Note #3: NEVER let your guard down.

"I knew you were in here!" a cheery aunt in a fairy nightgown said opening the closet door wide open.

"ugh! Yes auntie and I have gone into hibernation so please go away!" I said in frustration.

"Dear if your mad, that you lost our little game of hide and seek, then I must let you know that it wasn't that hard to find you."

"yeah I know, leaving the door cracked was just a clumsy mistake."

"No it wasn't that, it's just that you're getting kind of fat so the ayna coat wasn't going to help either way."


"I told you to lay off the Butter Peacan Ice Cream."

"Whatever, I'm not going to school."

"Oh yes you are missy."


"Don't you raise your voice at me young lady."

"And what if I do, what are you going to do about it!" We stared at each other very intensely.

*5 minutes later*


Auntie had reached for me after I asked her what was she going to do. Leaning back, I slipped on my silk gown on the floor, giving auntie a chance to grab my legs. She then pulled and dragged me out the closet towards my bed. But I wasn't going to give in without a fight. I held onto the closet door.

"C'mon Breonna! We don't have time for this! You're going to be late!"

"Well then hopefully this school doesn't accept lateness so then I won't have to go!"

"Well I guess you don't want to drive your own car to school then. Fine by me. "She said as she started towards the door.

"Wait what!"

As soon as she left, I shut the door and rushed my clothes on. I sported nothing but a simple white tiger striped polo shirt with some wide legged jeans along with some white boots with a black heel. I unwrapped my cyan hair and it fell down into a long bob. Running into the kitchen of the apartment complex, 1000 words were flying out my mouth at once.

"Where's my car? I can drive with my permit without an adult? What type of car is it? Is it a used car? How fast does it go? Is it blue? Does it come with food? And is it- "

" Calm down breonna. You will get to see it in a minute." She told me. " But if you want, you can go look at it out front but leave the keys in here though, I don't want you to do anything until I fully know that you fully know what you're doing. "

On my way out the door, I spot the keys. Okay now I know she said don't touch them but hey the cars needs to be on to start the music. I don't want to be bored while I'm waiting do I. Taking the keys, I rush downstairs and upon walking outside, I'm just in shock. There in front of me was a SUV Escalade and it was just so shiny and white.

Running up to it, I hopped in the front seat and put the keys in. I then put on my seat belt and pretended to drive. I had the car in Neutral so it wasn't moving I think. After a few minutes of pretending and bumping music, I then decided playtime was over. Unbuckling myself and opening the door, my purse fell on the side walk. In frustration I leaned down and started picking up my things.

Unbeknownst to me, I had made a mistake and kicked the gear shift into drive when leaning down out the car. Using the steering wheel to help me get out of the car, the wheel turned and since the car was on drive mode and it was kind of sitting on a slanted drive way, hey who can't put two and two together. After picking up my few things, I turn around to see a runaway SUV swerving towards a small grey Toyota Camry and then crashing. Luckily no one was in the other car at the time. But then I realized something but it was far too late.

"BREONNA!" My auntie screeched at me.

Mental Note #4: Start looking for a job.

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