Chapter 1

It was a dark snowy night and Ally Booth was sitting down with a rose in her hand next to her parents grave.

" I wish i could see my parents again." I walk away and a strong wind hits my face. I turn around and see a big vortex opening up the ground before i know it, im being sucked up in it.

I wake up in a hospital bed or whatever they call it in the modern day world that my parents fell in love in. I look around and see. The Evil Queen and my brother Henry.

" Henry," I whispered to the young boy at my side who looked really confused.

" Dont talk to my son," Regina held Henry close to her. What is she talking about ? I look at her confused " Hes not your son, hes Emmas." I hear the doctors gasp.

She puts her hand on Henrys back and whispered in his ear " Go wait outside for a second." She gave the doctors her "devil stare" and they left immediatly.

Regina walked towards me with her heels clicking the ground. " Who are you and what are you doing in storybrooke." I decide to tease her. " Thats for me to know and for you to find out."

Her smirk turns into a frown " Fine if thats how you want to play, but i will find out."

I raise a eyebrow and take a winning smirk that i got from my father. " And when you do, you will already be defeated Regina." Regina squinted at me and opened her mouth to say something when someone walked in.

" Henry told me what happened." That voice. I turn my head and see a blonde haired woman with hazel eyes. " Mom." I said loud enough for both Regina and my mom to hear.

Regina stared at me in shock and mom just shook it off. " Shes probitly confused about her head injury." She walked towards me and just stared.

I shrugged " What happened."

" Aparently Henry said you "fell out of the sky" and landed right in front of Mary Maragarets apartment." Mom raised an eyebrow at me and crossed her arms.

I get out of the awkward stares the two are giving me. " If i told you, you would never believe me." I laughed and saw my mom sigh in frustuation. " Like i havent heard that before." Emma turned around and looked the windows.

" What is your name." Emma asked me, i tried not to shiver under her hard stare he was giving me.

" She wont tell me, she said and i qoute " Thats for me to know and for you to find out." I roll my eyes and smirk.

" Look kid, your going to have to tell me your name or else your in jail." Mom shrugged and sighed at the same time.

I hide a small sneer. " Ok i guess-" I quickly got out of the bed and flipped over my mom, i ran out the doors to the hospital. " Sorry, escuse me." I ran past people who were staring at me on the sidewalk.

I ran to Grannys Bed and Breakfast. I looked behind me and saw Mom staring at me furiously running towards me. I opened the door and saw Granny.

" I need a key and fast." She stared at me for a second than gave me a key. I heard footsteps right at the door. I ran to my room and unlocked it.

I closed the door and locked it tight. I looked at my key and engraved on it was a sword. I pressed my forehead together in confusion. The knob was moving and i heard " Its the shireff." I looked around the room and saw a window. I looked behind me and the door was opening.

Emmas POV

I opened the door to the trouble makers room and saw nothing but furniture. " Shit." I cursed and felt cold wind hit my face.

I looked and saw that the window open. I walked to it and looked over and saw raven black hair running.

I turn around and run out the door.

Allys POV

I run past the crowd thats surronding the sidewalk and run into Storybrooke clothing issue.

I look around for some clothes to wear since im in my night gown. I see a brown jacket and white under shirt, with skinny jeans and a pair of brown boots.

I grab those clothes, " How much." I ask the cash register. He looked at me and stuttered " Um 50" I pulled out the money that he needed and he looked over my shoulder as if he were scared.

I looked back and saw my mom opening the door. " Dressing rooms ? Where ar-" He pointed to my right and i ran into the stall as fast as my legs could carry me.

As i was changing into my new clothing i heard my moms voice. " Have you seen a teenage girl with raven black hair and blue eyes, wearing a nightgown." The boy didnt awnser, and i heard footsteps coming my way. Think Ally, Think. I looked around the stall. Aha !

Emmas POV

The boy didnt awnser me so i walked into the dressing room area. I opened the first stall, nope.

second stall, nothing

third stall, nota

fourth stall, i stopped moving and heard breaths. A small smile creeped on my face. I caught her. I carefully opened the stall and " AHA !" My eyes widened and the only thing i saw was a nightgown on the floor.

" But i heard breaths." I shake my head and walk off. I need a drink.

Allys POV

I watched my mom leave the store and dropped from the ceiling. I grabbed the night gown and left. I looked around to see if Regina was going to pop up out of nowhere. But thank god no.

I walked back to Grannys Bed and Breakfast when i heard. " Hey !" My stomach jumped and i turned around wide eyed. I saw my older/younger brother Henry.

" Uh Hi." I wave my hand slowly afriad of what was going to happen next. " I saw you flip over my mom in the hospital but just to make thins easier, i practically saw the whole thing." Henry slightly smiled at me.

" By the way, who are you ?" That question made my heart freeze in place. " Uh, lets just say im really close like family." I started to walk off when Henry but stopped when he pointed out " Even if you dont tell me ill find out anyway, i have my storybook here."

I smirked. I always knew Henry was smart and cunning but not like this. I turned around knelt down his level " Ok but lets go somewhere privite." He lead me to a small playground looking area. He sat down and i sat down next to him.

He opened his book to a page with a teenage girl with raven black hair and blue eyes like the sky.

The young princess walked across the rug with her light green dress. " Quick Princess, the Queen is coming and you need to hide." The head soldier lead her to a small room at the very top of the castle. " What about my parents ?" The girl asked with such concern it broke the soldiers heart. The soldier grabbed her hands " They will be fine, a soldiers promise." He smiles at her and she laughs.

" Well i got to go now, what ever you do. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT GO OUTSIDE !" the soldier locks the door and his footsteps fade.

The girl cuddles up in a ball and looks out the window, wishing she could fight with her mother and father.

An hour has passed and she still hears the killing and slashing of soldiers dieing and suffering. She cant fall asleep because shes afraid that if she does, her parents will die before her eyes.

Another hour passes and the screams and fighting has hears footsteps coming her way. She backs up against the wall and closes her eyes after saying a small prayer in her head. The door is being unlocked, the Princess is wishing it isent the Evil Queen. But its the soldier.

He gives her a sympethetic look and she knows it right when he looks at her. He gives her an embrace and she crys in his arms as Snow White and Prince James come foreward to cope with their granddaughter. Princess Ally

I was so into the story that i didnt even know i was crying. " So you are her, your Princess Ally and your my SISTER !" I grab his mouth and plead. " Please dont tell anyone who i am, they will think im crazy."

I look around and the sky is getting darker and darker as we speak. " You better get to your room before Emma finds you." I smile at this kids smartness.

" Your right," I get up and smooth out my shirt. " Ill talk to you tomarrow Henry."

" Ok, WE WILL CONTUINE THIS CONVERSATION TOMARROW." Henry yelled from the playground. I turned my head around and laughed to myself. Even though my older brother is younger than me now he was a cute kid. I walk inside Grannys Bed and Breakfast, i see a middle age man with a cane. Wait is that...Rumplstilskin ? I walk past him to my room.

I close the door and sit on my bed, thinking over what happened today. I shake my head and laugh. I got to get good sleep if I have to run away from my mom again. I go under the covers and fall fast asleep.