Casey took a sip of water as she glared through her dark lens glasses across the table at a far too entertained Derek. She couldn't believe he thought this dilemma of hers was a hoot.

Her head was still pounding from the night before as small details of the party ran loops in her mind. Her ex that had broken up with her a week ago making out with another girl and her crush flirting with one of her friends. It had not been a good night. She would have looked through the fridge for ice cream, but alcohol was easier to access in large sums.

After the first six drinks, her memory went fuzzy. She was just thankful that she had somehow made her way back home before morning.

The dizziness and headache she awoke with the next morning was not a friendly surprise however and Derek was being no help in her quest to piece together the events of the night before.

"I'm telling you Derek, hooking up with a complete stranger while drunk out of my mind is not my idea of fun."

Derek chuckled. "It is for some people Casey."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Last night I was with this amazing brunette." he said looking back and smiling at his latest conquest.

"How do you know she was amazing if you were barely conscious?"

Derek smirked. "I know."

Casey screwed up her face.

"I know I don't remember much about her. But she was hot enough, amazing in bed and so gutsy." he smiled leaning back in his chair trying to recall more about the night.

"Oh gosh. I don't even want to know what that means," she huffed.

"What? Gutsy?"

Casey nodded rubbing her eyes behind her glasses.

"The things we did," he said gloating. "The things she said and places we did it."

"Wow. Gutsy," Casey said mockingly.

"Hey. It was!" Derek fought back looking offended. "I don't remember it all, but there was definitely the back of a car; I don't think it belonged to either of us. The locker room in the ice center, somewhere cooler," he said winking. "And I know for a fact we did it once more in some cafe she works at. That's where I really passed out and she was gone when I woke, but it-"

"Derek!" Casey interrupted. Her head still throbbed, but she managed to stand up alarmed quite quickly. "Did you say you slept with her in the back room of a cafe?"

"I said a cafe, but not the back room. Although I guess it could of been the back room."

Casey looked away in panic. She tried thinking back but it was mostly a blur.

"Derek. What else do you remember about this girl?"

Derek scoffed. "I don't know Casey," he shrugged. "She was average height. She was wearing clothes when I met her."

Casey looked pissed and scared at the same time. "I'm serious Derek!" She slammed her hands on the table in front of him and leaned down looking him right in the eye.

This caught Derek off guard. He was used to Casey freaking out, but this was different. He saw it in her demeanor.

"Um. She was wearing jeans and her eye make up was blue," Derek continued, racking his brain for any information that wasn't blocked from his large consumption of beer.

Casey gulped feeling as if she might fall over and faint.

"What is it Case?"

Casey didn't answer. Just stared down at him, his eyes reflecting in her black glasses.

Derek's eyes got very wide as he stumbled on words. "Casey?"

He leaned forward in his chair and looked up. He reached for her glasses and pulled them down. His thumb grazed the top of her eye-lid, coming away with a smudge of blue eye shadow on the tip.

"This really happened?" he asked motioning to the two of them.

"Appears so," Casey said trying to register everything quickly.

Derek looked like the wind was just knocked out of him. There was no good thing to say at this point.

"Was I really amazing or were you just boasting?" Casey asked shyly.

Derek's grin widened. "Both."

Casey nodded happily to herself, as they both remained quiet for several minutes.

"So you really don't remember it?" Derek asked pained and hurt.

Casey shook her head 'no' before patting Derek on the arm and walking back into the kitchen for more water.

"Not even whether I was good or not?" Derek complained from the other room.

Casey chuckled. "Being drunk out of my mind might have actually been a good thing like you said Derek. A very good thing."