Casey took a sip of water as she smiled across the table at a more than happy Derek. She couldn't believe this was him sitting across from her and not somebody else.

Her hair was messy and her clothes were an eclectic mix of her dance shorts and one of Derek's band t-shirts. She yawned for a few seconds, stretching her arms out to the side while he sipped his coffee.

"So, was that your idea of fun?" Derek asked suddenly, breaking the silence that had held for minutes as they simply stared at each other.

"Huh," Casey responded, caught off guard. She blushed once she caught on to his cocky grin. "Yes."

"And do you know why it was?" Derek asked leaning in.

"Der-ek!" Casey said surprised, shoving his shoulder playfully.

"Well?" Derek waited for an answer.

"Because-I-slept-with-you," Casey said mumbling under her breath.

"I didn't catch that," Derek said bugging her.

"Because I got to sleep with The Derek Venturi." Casey finally answered dramatically. "Gosh."

Casey stood up from her chair to put her glass in the sink as Derek eyed her closely.

"What?" Casey asked when she had caught onto his gaze.

"I guess I still haven't taken this in."

"Haven't taken what in?" She said glancing up momentarily.

"You." He said simply.

"Me?" Casey's voice got squeaky as her blush returned.

"I guess it just hasn't sunk in that you are mine," he said shaking his head laughing.

"I'm not yours, Derek. I am my own person." Casey said matter-of-fact.

"Yeah, yeah. I know I don't 'own' you. But you know what I mean."

"No, I don't think I do." Casey wasn't serious this time. Her eyes were low and she had a mischievous grin on her face.

"Really?" Derek questioned, rising from his chair.

"Yes," Casey replied. "Would I lie?"

Derek stood still for a while before words came to his lips. "You might."

"I wouldn't," Casey said sauntering over to him.

"Okay, well… Tell me this: Did you remember our first night together?"

Casey's playful look dropped immediately. "What?"

"I asked you if you remembered that night?"

Casey looked away nervously before raising her gaze back to Derek's. "Yeah, I do. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was nervous and confused. I didn't like the idea of me being the only one that had remembered."

Derek didn't seem concerned or upset that she had lied at all.

"Are you not mad?" Casey asked when she noticed the lack of frown or furrowed eye brows on Derek's face.

"Course not," Derek said taking her face in his hands, his index fingers pushing her brunette hair behind her ears.

Well, that's a relief," Casey said melting into his touch.

"Just tell me this then," Derek started. Casey waited, staring up at Derek and having a hard time resisting closing the distance between them again. "If you remember that night, please tell me! Was I good or not?"

Casey's transfixion broke and she was about to push Derek away when he pulled her closer to him in a hug.

"Der-ek!" The familiar shout was music to his ears. "Let go."

"Not until you answer me, miss 'I'm not a liar.'"

Derek had her enclosed in his arms, unable to escape as she breathed heavily into his shoulder.

"Of course you were," Casey gave in making Derek smile against her hair.

"That was all I wanted to know Case. Wasn't that easy? And to think we could have saved a bunch of time if you had admitted that when I asked the first time."

"But then you wouldn't have written me that sweet letter," Casey sighed stepping back far enough to mock him as she closed her eyes and put her hands over her heart.

Casey heard Derek chuckle to himself before his breath snuck up on her face and at last, his lips were on hers again.

"That letter was a one time thing, just so you know." Derek informed Casey stepping back momentarily from the kiss.

"We'll see," Casey said winking. "I know you're just a softy underneath it all."

"Underneath all this man!" Derek said proudly.

Casey rolled her eyes. "Just shut up."

Derek shook his head smiling as he brought Casey in for a much longer kiss.

"Do you have that blue eye shadow still?" Derek asked that night as the two lounged in Derek's bed.

"Yeah, why?"

"I was thinking we back track our memory and go look for that Mercedes; maybe visit the rink and-"

Casey cut him off. "Derek I was drunk that night. I had tequila shots and vodka with chase…" Casey trailed off trying to remember everything she had consumed. "Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not like that usually."

Derek looked down dissapointed before he jumped up from the bed and left the room. Casey was about to call after him when he returned with a full mickey of rum in his hand.

"I know it's not that same," Derek covered Casey's mouth as she was about to make a rebuttal. "But it will do."

"I don't drink hard liquor. You know what happened last time."

Derek stared off into space fondly. "Yes, I do."

"So-" Casey tried getting a word in.

"But things change; people change. I wrote you a three page admission of… feelings," The last word rolled off his tongue like he tasted something sour. "Nothing is gonna happen. I'm here. It's not like tonight is going to change your life."

Casey smiled inwardly to herself. That's what Zoey said last time, and well… look where it's gotten me.

"Fine, hand me the rum. I blame all of this on you ahead of time."

"Wouldn't expect anything less."

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