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Derek couldn't fall asleep. Knowing his Baby Girl was with another man kept him awake for the millionth time. That woman! He thought that he'd made it really clear to her of his feelings. She may take it as him just flirting, but he was being oh so serious. After she was shot, he told her he loved her. And he was as serious as a heart attack. She said she loved him too! But no…she had to let Lynch come in and steal her heart.

Lynch. Every time Derek even thought about him he shivered. That guy is a real creep. He is always stuck up her ass! He's supposed to be down with the tech pool, but for two years he's done nothing but stay up her butt in her office. It was like he was protecting her from Derek. Lynch need to protect her from him?! What a joke.

Derek hoped he could win her heart before it was too late.

Penelope woke up the next morning with a slight hangover. Of course Kevin wanted to take her out for their two year anniversary. They had spent all week planning it. But he still surprised her none the less. After their dinner at this nice Italian place in DC, he took her for a horse and buggy ride. She was shocked when they walked out of the restaurant to see that. But of course his big mouth always ruined everything. Thinking back to her Friday night…

As they were riding in the horse drawn carriage, Penelope started the conversation after many moments of silence.

"Kevin, thank you for this lovely dinner."

"You're welcome Penny. I'm glad we finally had time to celebrate."

"Kev, you know we've been busy in the BAU. With all the cases we've been getting, it's been work overload. But next week we get a three day break. And I plan on spending every second with my lover."

"Well I hope you're talking about me and not Morgan…"

"KEVIN! What the hell? You know you're my man." She started to get real angry with him. He was being so childish once again about her relationship with Derek. Lately that's all that Kevin could talk about. It was almost like he was coming up with excuses to pick a fight with her about Derek.

"Well Penny, I've noticed that you and he have become very close again. I know he's your best friend, but sometimes I feel like you two are too close. I mean, I haven't seen you in a week-"

"Kev, I've told you we have had some pretty rough cases lately. We solved a two day case, and as soon as the jet landed, the wheels were up again within 14 hours. It's been madness all week. And you know Derek is my best friend. There's no need to even discuss him."

"Whatever you say, love."

She was starting to get really agitated with him, so she decided to just stay silent.

Later, when Kevin pulled up to her apartment…

"Penny, I think I need some space."

"What are you trying to say?" She felt her heart start to crumble to a million pieces. How could he do this on their anniversary?!

"I just need to clear my head plump sauce. It's just your relationship with Morgan overwhelms me too much. I actually think-"

"Whatever you think, Kevin, you're wrong!"

And with that said she got out the car and went to her apartment to drink her pain away…

She really hated that she was such a light weight. She drank a bottle of wine and had a few shots…at least that's what she remembered. She felt like laying in bed all day and catching up on her favorite TV show. They've had such a crazy week she deserved to be lazy. And she had to think about Kevin. What was his deal? He knows that Derek is her best friend. After the two years they've been together, you would think that he would understand that by now. Her cell phone started buzzing. Looking over she saw "Hot Stuff" on the screen.

"Hey hot stuff." She was trying not to sound too sad or hungover.

"Baby girl…is everything ok? Last night before you went out you sounded ecstatic, and now you sound all sad. What's up?"

"Oh hot stuff, I just woke up. I still haven't registered to the light outside. Coffee is calling my name! Ohh Derek today is gonna be a great day! I get to lie in bed all day in my pajamas and catch up on a good program-"

"Whoa whoa whoa baby! Did you forget that we had plans for today? I haven't had my Goddess fix in a long time; I'm dying to hang out with my girl!"

"Oh my awesome chocolate God of thunder…I'm so sorry. I did forget…but I'm really not up for anything today. Rain check?" At least she wasn't lying. She felt so horrible for cancelling their plans, but she was not up for any adventures today. She needed to get things straightened with Kevin first before she decided to do anything with Derek.

"Ok baby girl. I understand. See you Monday. Enjoy your lazy day."

"Ok sweet stuff. Thank you. Love you!"

There was a long pause before Derek answered her back.

"Bye Penelope." And he hung up before she could say anything.

Her head was spinning. First, he never hung up before she responded to him. That was unlike him. She just realized that he has been acting strange for the past few months. He still flirted and whatnot, but she sensed tension sometimes in his words and his actions. And she couldn't tell if he was just too tired to come with a cute goodbye…or did she sense a feeling of sadness in his tone? And when did he start calling her by her first name? He only did that if he was worried...