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Chapter 8

Derek felt that his heart was going to explode in his chest. When he heard the doctor say she didn't have leukemia, he couldn't help but let the tears fall down his face. He didn't care if he looked like a big baby; his sweet heart was going to be alright. He looked over to Penelope and saw she was crying too. They were happy tears. He gave her a smile and she beamed at him, making his heart race even faster

"Well, Ms. Garcia, I'm very pleased to tell you this information. You will have to take a series of medicines so we can try to make your blood cells equalize. But that will be all for today, I've already written your prescriptions for this medicine, and you are free to go. Have a great day." And with that said, the doctor walked out the room.

"Baby girl, I'm so happy. I'm so very happy that you're going to be ok."

She was gathering her stuff and turned around to meet his gaze. "Thanks hot stuff, I'm happy as well."

They started walking out of the hospital, to the car, and Derek noticed that she was being hesitant with her actions and her words. He decided to wait until they got to her apartment to talk about it. The ride to her place was very quiet, and he noticed that she seemed like she was deep in thought. It hurt him because she should be ecstatic and excited about the news she just found out. He pulled up to her apartment, and helped her out and they made their way inside.

She was scared to talk to him. She just has insecurities sometimes, which can be understandable, considering her appearance. She heard him clear his throat.

"Baby, what's wrong?"

"There's nothing wrong." She replied a little too quickly. They were standing in her living room, and she was facing the opposite way from him.

She felt him place his hand around her elbow and spun her around to face him. "Sweetie, I know you better than I know myself, and I know something is wrong. So spill."

"Derek, now that I don't have to worry about this whole cancer thing, the thing I'm concerned about is us." She said with a small voice, and avoiding contact. She was so nervous. She realized in the doctor's office that though the news was good, she had a problem with Derek all of a sudden wanting her. Why now? Was it because he pitied her?

"Sweet heart, you are the sunshine in my life. Every time you are around me, I get that happy, bubbly feeling inside, and Pen sweetie, guys never say they feel bubbly. But I'm not afraid because I love you. You are the first thing I think about every morning, and the last thing I think about before closing my eyes, just to find myself dreaming about you. Baby girl, I have never felt this way about anyone. You make my world a better place. You are sweet, beautiful, loving, caring, and everything I've ever wanted in a woman plus more. I love the way you smell, the way you taste, and the way my heart feels every time I am close to you. I can feel this small spark of electricity in everyplace you touch, and baby, nobody, and I mean NO BODY has ever made me feel that way. I know that things between us are meant to be because I feel that my heart is whole and complete when you are in my arms. I love you Penelope Garcia."

She couldn't help herself but to cry. She was sobbing into his chest and he ran his hand on her back trying to help soothe her. His little speech was so beautiful, and it made her so happy inside. She felt so silly for having those thoughts. She pulled back and looked into his eyes, finding truth and love in them. This made her cry more, because she felt the same way about him.

"Oh Derek, that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I don't know why I was having those insecure thoughts. I felt that I'm not worth-"

"Baby, you are worth everything in this world and more."

"Thanks sweet stuff. I know that now. Derek, ever since the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that there was going to be something special between us. Call it a woman's intuition, but I just knew you were going to hold a special place in my heart. Every day I watched you and fell in love with you more and more. Even while dating Kevin, I knew my heart didn't fully belong to him. But I settled because I was sure you didn't feel the same. But now I know different. I know you are my soul mate, but I'm scared because I've never felt this strong about a man before, and it makes me really nervous."

"Penelope, you never have to be scared around me. I promise you that I will be here for you for better or for worst, for richer or poorer, and I will spend an eternity and more making up for lost time. I've loved you ever since I called you Gomez that first time. I love you because you're such a free spirit, and you own your own definition of personality. Believe me girl, I know what you mean about being nervous, because every time we touch, I get nervous, but I know it's right. You are my world now."

She started crying her happy tears again. She couldn't help him. She stood on her tip toes and started kissing him. Her kiss was full of love and promises, and she knew that everything was right. He pulled away from their kiss and he got down on one knee. She couldn't believe the sight before her eyes. She smiled a nervous smile and gasped when she saw him pull out a velvet box out of his pocket. "Derek-"

"Baby girl, I've been carrying this in my pocket everyday for the past three years, because I knew you would one day come to me. I'm hoping it's not too soon, but Penelope Garcia, I love you with all my heart, with all my soul. You are my other half, and I want you to have my children. You are my sunshine when it's cloudy outside. You are my God given solace, and I don't want to wait too much longer to officially make you mine. So, Penelope Garcia, will you do the honor of becoming my wife?"

She felt her heart soar higher than the sky. She choked back tears, to make sure this moment was perfect. "Yes, Derek Morgan, I will become your wife, your best friend, and you're everything. I love you."

She saw tears pool in his eyes, and this was a rare thing for Derek Morgan. "I love you too, sweetheart." He stood up and kissed her tenderly.

She couldn't believe what was happening to her. For years she had dreamed of him becoming hers, and now, here he is. She began to kiss him with more passion as the thought came across her mind, that indeed, love is strange.