Bright little star

A beautiful songfic based on tomorrowlands favorite alien

I don't own Sonny Eclipse, he's property of the Walt Disney Company

After working a long day at cosmic rays starlight café singing to a bunch of people all I want to do now is sit on my patio and look at the stars. I really like looking at the stars at night because they're so beautiful. Out there in space there's a whole new world to explore, planets to visit, people to meet, and so much more.

Although I like my life here on Earth I feel that there's something missing in my life, and that something is my beautiful wife Luna. I haven't seen her since I left for earth and that was years ago. I'd do anything just to see her again.

"Luna my love, if you can hear me right now, I wrote this song especially with you in mind. It goes something like this."

'O bright little star, though I'm light years away from her now, I can't help but to feel that somehow, we're both wishing on you. I imagine your light in her eyes, as she gazes up into the skies, at this moment does she realize, you are in my eyes too. O bright little star, is she wishing the same wish as me, that somewhere out in space there maybe, a nice planet for two where someday we'll be, all alone in our own galaxy, dancing under a star canopy, and our favorite is you. Someday, Somewhere, I will find her in a universe up above. Tell her little star, I'll surround her with all my love. Goodnight little star, watch and keep her till we meet again, in the glow of a love without end, shining brightly like you do. And every night, as we gaze until loving starlight, we will know that when wishes are right, they will always come true-oooo-oooo.

Luna if you can hear me, I want you to know that I love you and I hope one day we can be together again. I love you

The end

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