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Nick's Room, Spiro Needle

Nick was bored. Extremely bored. He tried meditating like he had seen Artemis do. He tried counting all the bricks on his wall. He used a chair, a blanket, and the bed to make a tent. What would he do until his uncle sent in the assassins? If his uncle sent them. Maybe Jason wanted Nick to die of boredom. The sprite wondered if that was possible.

I'll probably go crazy first. Nick thought, glumly.

He banged his head against the door for several minutes until it opened.


Five minutes previous

The team had broken into the tower, no need to go into detail about how. I'll give you a clue. Front door.

The front door to the Spiro Needle had been left unguarded ever since Arno Blunt had gone to jail. With no one in charge of security the tower had really just become a large, open, tower that anyone could enter. Not many people had broken in yet. There were rumors that Arno Blunt had been killed in prison and his ghost haunted the building. Anyone who hadn't heard that hadn't heard Arno had been sent to jail.

Artemis, knowing for a fact that Arno was not dead and still remained in prison, had guessed Jason Spiro had not even considered beefing up on security since the place belonged to his brother.

Artemis and Butler had walked in the front door and told the receptionist that they were there for a meeting that was happening on level eighty-five. The receptionist waved at them and went back to reading her romance novel. Surprisingly, Butler recognized the book and smiled. It had been a good one.

Present Time

"Nick, nice to see you too." Artemis sniffed.

"How, how did you? Huh?" Nick blubbered.

"We came to rescue you. The original plan was to apprehend Jason, but you were a slight variable. I'm afraid that we'll have come back for your uncle once we have you in a safe place." Artemis snorted.

"What about the…"

"The cameras? Yes well, we disabled them. Simple really. Much easier than when Jon was in charge." Artemis glanced at the ceiling, "And, a lot less messy besides."

"Uh, thanks?"

"Mmm hmm." Artemis was scanning the wall with his modified, x-ray phone. "Aha!" The teenager shoved on a brick with his shoulder and the wall "swished" back to reveal an unconscious security guard.

Nick jumped and hovered slightly.

"That was too easy, Artemis. We are getting too good at breaking into places." Holly said, rolling her neck and cracking her knuckles.

"And I suppose a dwarf is going to jump out of the other wall." Nick said dryly.

"No one invited Mulch, correct?" Artemis said with all seriousness.

Everyone shook their heads.

"What's a Mulch?" Nick asked.

"The correct question would be 'Who is Mulch' since 'Mulch' is a proper noun. When someone asks if one was invited you should assume the one is a person. Never a what." Artemis corrected.

"He is a dwarf who has a tendency to pop up when you least expect him." Holly explained.

"Did someone call my name?" A dwarf said from the hallway.

Everyone except Nick groaned.

"Well what a nice welcome for someone who has saved your sorry behinds so many times." Mulch grunted.

"What on earth are you doing here?" Artemis gasped.

"I was passing by. Their renting out some of the apartments in this place. I thought I'd come up here and remember some of the times we used to have before Koboi became a major problem in our lives." The dwarf rubbed some sun-screen out of his eyes, "What are you folks doing up here? And who is the green kid?"

"I'm Nick. I'm not that green you know." Nick complained.

"Yes you are. You're as green as a lime." Mulch noted.

"A lime! A lime! You think I'm the same color as a lime?!" Nick hissed. It would seem that his sprite's sense of pride was kicking in.

"Actually, you look sort of like an olive now. This guy is like a mood ring!" Mulch exclaimed.

"What?!" Nick bellowed.

"I wonder what color he turns when he's in love." Mulch smirked.

Nick turned a sickly shade of emerald.

"So that's what sprites look like when they're embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed." Nick mumbled.

"Can we please discuss the color of Nicholas' skin later?" Artemis rubbed his temples and frowned.

"You always say that and we never discuss anything later. I bet on the next adventure we go on I'll come up with some great joke and you'll tell me that I can say it later and I'll never get the chance!" Mulch sulked.

Artemis rubbed his forehead again. Mulch could be so tiresome. Artemis frowned at the dwarf in a creepy sort of way and Mulch shut-up.

"Mulch you may join us if you wish, but remember the crimes you've committed and that there is a LEP officer right here. I am sure we will be seeing you shortly anyway for, Koboi is not yet finished and we may be in need of assistance." Artemis sighed.

"Uh, I'll see you later then. Bye Holly! Remember, I'm not doing anything illegal right now!" Mulch waved and ran as fast as his stubby legs could carry him.

"So that's a Mulch." Nick commented.

"I assure you, there is only one Mulch in the world. There for you should take away the 'a' in your sentence." Artemis corrected.

"Uh, okay." Nick shrugged, thoroughly confused.

"Now, how do we go about escaping from this building?" Artemis carefully counted out his words to make sure that there was not eight. It seemed important that there were ten, but he didn't know why.

"Escape? I'm not going to escape!" Nick shrieked.

"Why not? You need to." Artemis, calm as ever, said.

"Trudy." Nick replied as if it made perfect sense.

"Who?" Artemis had a good idea of who Trudy was but he wanted to be certain.

"Trudy, she is my cousin. Well, sort of. She's Jason's daughter." Nick shrugged.

"And why is Trudy preventing your escape?" Artemis asked, and then added, "Please, do tell."

"Well, if Captain Short arrests Jason then Trudy will have to go live with some relatives. Then when the relatives die or reject her she'll go live in some school. After that she'll meet some people who tell her that they are going to be a big, happy family, but really they'll just want her to break into museums or banks or something." Nick choked. He was thinking of his own experience and was saddened by the idea that Trudy would have to go through the same thing.

"I see that you are speaking from experience, and it hurts. I am sure Trudy will not have to go through anyone like Clyde and Bonnie. The LEP will keep an eye out for her, I am sure. Anyone related to these sorts of problems tends to be watched by them. Jason killed your parents, Nick. I think he should go to prison, don't you think so?" Artemis coaxed, wondering if he should resay that so all the sentences had five words.

"No. I don't think he should have to. I can tell he is sorry for what he has done and I don't think that he needs to go through anymore guilt." Nick stated.

"Nick, justice needs to be done. There is nothing you can say that will keep us from arresting Mr. Spiro. If we don't then we'll have to turn him over to the human police and they will give him a much harder punishment than us." Holly said.

"There may be nothing I can say, but maybe there is something I can do." Nick muttered.

The boy opened his wings and flew out the door and down the hall. He was headed straight for Jason's office.

"We must pursue him, quickly!" Artemis yelled.

Butler ran after Nick and nearly got close enough to grab him. Holly opened her own wings and flew after him. She followed him until her wings gave out and she fell to the floor. Artemis, not being any physical help, figured out which route Nick would take and found an Assassin Entry that would take them right to the office. The Irish teen issued orders for the rest of his team to follow him and they found their way to the office.

Nick had flown to Jason's office and told his uncle that some people were after them.

"Who? Who is it?" Jason said, rising from his expensive leather chair.

"Do you know who the LEP are?"

"Oh no! They got you on their side? Well at least now you're doing the right thing." The man chewed his cigar for a moment, "Alright, here is a pirated moon belt that I got from some underground illegals. Put it on and I'll attach myself to it. We'll go out the window and fly by Trudy's room. We'll pick her up and fly to the next town over. I've got some contacts there that might be able to help us."

Nick put on the moon belt and frowned. It was LEP equipment. That centaur could have a tracer on it. He'd have to worry about that later. The two flew out the widow, Nick using his limited magic to shield and Jason covered in some pirated cam-foil. They flew to what Jason said was Trudy's window and knocked on it.

Artemis and the gang had arrived at the office just in time to see Nick fly Jason out the window. Butler ran to grab them but wasn't fast enough.

"Now what?" Holly asked.

"To Trudy's room, they'll be taking her with them." Artemis said quickly.

The trio ran through the secret passages and finally found Trudy's room.

Trudy's room

Trudy had been practicing her bass solo for her band when her father's head appeared in her window. Nothing else, just the head.

Trudy screamed.

"Quick Trudy! Out the window! We need to get out of here before…" Jason didn't finish because Artemis had slammed the window closed.

"You must be Trudy. No need for you to know who I am." Artemis smiled a vampire smile.

Trudy screamed again.

Butler stepped forth. "Are we taking her with us?"

"Yes, I suppose so. Are you okay with that, Captain?" Artemis asked a shimmer that was next to Trudy.

"Fine with me. Do you want me to knock her out?" Holly said.

Trudy backed away, totally terrified but not dumb. She grabbed a baseball bat that she happened to have next to her dresser and swung it in wide arches.

"Stay away from me! My body guard is right outside!" Trudy bluffed, remembering that her father had sent Charlie home.

"I think not. He would have come in as soon as he heard you scream. No need to knock her out, Butler will take care of this."


Nick had insisted that they fly away before Butler could grab them.

"But what if they kill Trudy?" Jason asked as Nick flew south.

"Artemis may be mean but he wouldn't kill. He is nothing like your brother. He'll probably take her back to Ireland and call us from there. I have a feeling he doesn't like doing business in Chicago." Nick guessed.

"What will happen to Trudy?" Jason sobbed.

"I don't know, but she'll be safe." Nick was pretty sure that nothing would happen to Trudy. If something did happen to her he would personally kill Artemis.

Jason wept about his daughter until Nick set him down in front of a sleazy motel. Jason helped Nick cover his wings and they both signed in. The room they got was smaller than some bathrooms that Nick had seen, smellier too.

Things looked grim.

Trudy's Room

Butler had taken the bat away from Trudy and was about to pick her up when she pepper sprayed him. The big body guard staggered back for a moment and wiped his eyes. He had been trained how to get pepper spray out of his eyes at Madame Ko's academy.

He tried to pick her up again but she jumped out of the way. Her bass guitar swinging around on its strap. Trudy ran for the door but was stopped by Holly, who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Holly shocked Trudy with her Neutrino. The girl dropped to the floor in a heap.

"I thought I told you not to knock her out." Artemis snorted.

"It seemed easier than letting her run around and pepper spray people. By the way, are you okay, Butler?" Holly shrugged.

"Fine. I did not see that coming, I must be getting old." He grimaced when he remembered that he was old.

"Alright, we'll take her back to Ireland and contact Nick from there. I have a feeling that an exchange is in order." With that Artemis left the room and waited for his team to follow.

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