It was the last month of 8th grade. Deidara was talking to his boyfriend Sasori in front of his door. "I'm sorry, Deidara. I've met someone else. I'm breaking up with you." Sasori and Deidara have been dating since the beginning of 7th grade. "Wh-What?! Why, Sasori?!" Deidara cried. Sasori walked in the house, leaving Deidara outside crying.

Four months later...

It was the night before the first day of highschool, and Deidara decided to go to sleep early. He was just about to go to sleep when his phone flashed on and buzzed, indicating a text message.

Hidan: Hey I have something to tell you

Deidara squinted at the screen and texted back.

Deidara: What?

Hidan: I love you.

Deidara's eyes widened as he dropped the phone. Dei threw on a shirt and sweats and his slippers as he ran to Hidan's house, which was just a few blocks away. Hidan was awake in the living room of his house and Deidara could see him through the window. He opened the door without even knocking. Hidan turned around to see Deidara panting at his front door. "!" Deidara got out between breaths. He stared at his best friend, waiting for an answer. Hidan got up and kissed him. "Does that answer your question?" Deidara nodded, wanting more. Hidan kissed him again, and felt Deidara's tounge begging for entrance. Hidan happily let it in. After a while, they parted for breath. "School's gonna be weird tomorrow..." Deidara said. "We were just friends when we were in middle school..."

"Things change, Dei." Hidan said. "Go back home. I'll see you tomorrow." Deidara did as he was told and slept well that night.