Maurice watched with slight horror as the creepy kid stood up and began bashing his head against the wall. He figured that he should probably do something, but wasn't sure what. So, he decided to warm them all of the dangers of bashing your head against a wall repeatedly.

He turned to the group. "What Roger is doing can cause brain damage, which is defined by as 'injury or harm, congenital or acquired, to the tissues of the brain resulting from inadequate oxygen supply, trauma, or other cau-"

"Shut up," Bill said. He put his phone in his pocket and pulled Roger away from the wall. "Group therapy is boring and the kid's a psycho. It was bound to happen sooner or later."

Roger, who looked a little dazed from the 'bashing head against wall repeatedly' thing, pulled away from Bill and laid facedown on his bed. "Should we just let him do that?" Simon asked. He sounded concerned. Maurice waved a hand dismissively.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," he said. "So, what are we going to do now? Let's do something fun. Let's play tag. Let's go swimming. Oh! Idea! Let's go swimming and play tag in the water!"

Everyone just kind of looked at each other, and then Bill picked him up and put him in a closet. Maurice heard the door lock and sighed, slumping to the floor. This wasn't going to be fun at all. Now he was stuck in a closet while they did fun things and Roger recovered from bashing his head against the wall.

This was actually very sad.

After locking Maurice in the closet, Bill turned to Mrs. Flies. "So," he said. "What are we going to do?"

"Well," Mrs. Flies said. "I thought we'd go hiking today to start the session off at a nice, not-to-hard start."

"I love hiking!" Maurice screeched from the closet. They ignored him. Bill considered sound-proofing the door, because someone as cool as Bill had sound-proofing powers. He could sound-proof whatever the fuck he wanted to.

Okay, that was a lie. But Bill could block Maurice out pretty easily.

"Okay," Mrs. Flies said. "I have backpacks for all of us. They hold food, water, and other supplies. All of us are required to hike… apart from Roger, because he's injured."

"And Maurice because he's annoying," Bill said, stepping quite comfortably into the second-in-command role. Mrs. Flies looked at him. He looked at her. She looked at him. He wondered if she was really married. She looked at him. He wondered how old she was. She looked at him-

"Okay, let's just go already," Robert said. Nobody paid attention to him because Robert was boring. Not forgettable, like Bill, just incredibly boring. People remembered him. They just didn't pay attention to him. Bill would bet that Robert's mother had never forgotten his name. Bill would bet that if Robert had a girlfriend she wouldn't forget that they were dating and start going out with some other guy. Bill would bet that if Robert had a job his boss would remember him and wouldn't insist on him filling out an application and sitting down for an interview every time he went for his shift.

Bill was very bitter about some facts of his life. Well, really only one fact. The fact that nobody seemed to remember him, even though he was cool. Extremely cool. He wore sunglasses. He texted all the time – okay, he didn't text because people kept forgetting who he was, he played games, lately it had been Candy Crush – and he was pretty damn hot, if he did say so himself.

It just didn't make sense.

"Are you coming?" Jack asked. Bill was torn from his inner angst. Oh. They were leaving. Well, he should probably follow them. Maybe he could become friends with Ralph, who seemed to be naturally cool and not forgettable. Maybe being around someone as not-forgettable as Ralph would make people remember who he was.

He caught up with Ralph, who was, for some inconceivable reason, walking between Piggy and Simon. Bill shoved Piggy out of the way. Piggy fell over and rolled away somewhere. Bill didn't really care enough to pay attention. Maybe someone would get him. Maybe not. Bill didn't care.

"So," he said. "Hey."

"Who are you again?" Ralph asked. Bill sighed. "Wait, let me guess. Robert."





"That's two people."

"The guy whose mom forgot his name."

"Well. Yeah."

"I forgot your name too."

"I figured," Bill sighed. "I'm Bill."

"I'm Ralph," Ralph said.

"I know- Fuck. Um. Yeah. Cool," Bill said. He was fairly certain that he was bright red. "Look over there. No. Fuck. Um. Bye."

Bill decided that he wasn't coming on this stupid hike anymore.

Roger laid on his bed with a pounding headache that Maurice's screeches weren't exactly helping for about three minutes before he got up and let Maurice out. Maurice responded by tackle-hugging him. Roger inadvertently screamed a little. Maurice held him to the ground, practically smothering him with affection. Roger wriggled, trying to get free.

The door slammed and Roger paused 'try-to-get-away-from-Maurice' to look and see who it was. It was Bill. He looked extremely embarrassed and, after nodding to them, took out his phone and started texting.

Maurice finally got off of him and Roger debated locking himself in the closet. He decided against it, however, and instead sat on his bed and contemplated the similarities between this world and the last. Maurice was still attempting to be affectionate with him, which was bad. Mr. Flies was now Mrs. Flies, and she seemed to be sane, at least, so that was good.

It was just too early to tell if this world would be as horrifying (and weird) as the last or if it would just be a normal camp.

For some reason, Roger had a feeling it would go the horrifying and weird route.

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