The Handsome Guy

Chapter 1

Best friends Jessica Harrison and Kirsty Clemants met each other outside school Monday morning. "Hey " Jessica waved to her friend as she struggled to balance her folders and dropped them.

"Oh Jess " Kirsty said with a smile as she helped her to pick them up and they continued to walk in to the school.

"What have you got first?" Kirsty asked sitting down at a table in the canteen while Jessica got their coffees. She walked over to the table that Kirsty had got and sat down.

"English " Jessica replied taking a coffee.

Kirsty nodded. "Fancy going out at dinner? My treat?"

"Sure " Jessica said as her and Kirsty walked out of the canteen to go the separate ways to their lessons and promising to meet up at 12:30 to go to subway.

Kirsty walked in to science and sighed as she took her seat. Her class were experimenting with bunsen burners, she lit hers and put a piece of gum in her mouth. They were not allowed to chew gum in class but Kirsty didn't care. Her teacher Mr Jackson, was watching her from behind his desk.

"Kirsty take that gum out and put it in the bin " He pointed to the bin beside his desk and folded his arms.

"No " Kirsty replied cheekily as she blew a bubble and skillfully popped it.

Mr Jackson looked sternly at Kirsty as he wiped his glasses on his shirt. That girl was trouble. "Detention " The teacher said.

"Whatever " Kirsty rolled her eyes as she text Jessica.

To: Jessica.

Time: 11:35

'Babe, bad news. Mr Jackson has give me detention. He's a bore. Love ya xx ' Kirsty sent the text.

In English, Jessica heard her phone go off. She put her pen down in her notebook as she got her phone out of her handbag. Miss Roberts, her English teacher was watching her.

"Put it away please Jessica?" She asked looking over at her.

Jessica sighed but she did as she was told, she didn't want her phone confiscated.

The bell rang for lunch time and Kirsty was walking out of the class room when she was stopped by Mr Jackson as he handed her a pink slip. "Detention. In the drama hall at 3 "

"Really?" Kirsty replied sarcastically as she walked out of the class room and met Jessica by their lockers and they walked out of the school and walked to subway.

They waited in the queue and paid for their food and drink and Kirsty got a table. Jessica unwrapped her cheese salad sandwich. "Are you OK?" She asked looking at Kirsty.

Kirsty smiled and nodded.

They headed back to school and Kirsty realized she had forgotten her PE kit. She put a hand over her mouth.

"OK?" Jessica asked.

"I've left my PE kit at home " Kirsty told her.

"OK " Jessica said quietly as she hugged her.

Doge ball was a breeze for Kirsty which meant the lesson went fast. Then. She sighed. She had detention with Mr. Bore as she had renamed him. She laughed to herself as she went to get changed. Checking her make up she text Jessica.


To: Jessica

Time: 2: 46

'Just got, out of gym. I'm going to the drama hall. U coming? xx '

Jessica took her phone out of her handbag and replied to the text

To: Kirsty

Sender: Jessica

Time: 2 : 46

'Sure. xx '

Kirsty walked down the corridor her heels tapping on the marble floor.

"Boring " Kirsty said swinging her leg's back and forth.

"Girls be be able quiet. Detention is time to reflect on the things you have done wrong!" Mr Jackson snapped.

Kirsty laughed; he couldn't control them. They were best friend's.

Mr Jackson looked at his watch and sighed letting the two girls go. "Kirsty you may go but don't chew gum in my class again "

"Yes sir " She said as she picked up her handbag and linking arms with Jessica she walked out of the drama hall. "Fancy ditching tomorrow?" Kirsty asked mischievously.

"I don't know " Jessica said as they arrived at her house. She unlocked the door and walked in after Kirsty putting the keys back in her handbag. Kirsty was texting her current boyfriend Dan. He was a nice enough lad with brown hair, stubble and brown eyes but he didn't excite her like he used to and Kirsty was losing interest in their relationship. She put her phone away and stood up.

"I'll see you later Jessica, I'm off to see Dan. Love ya " Kirsty smirked and walked in to the hallway.

Her boyfriend was waiting for her. He was a builder. "Where have you been?"

Kirsty smiled as an answer. She walked home. Upstairs in her bedroom she kicked off her boots and sitting on her bed she looked at the picture of her and Jessica at Alton Towers. The girls had been on Air and Nemesis. Thrilling roller coasters. Both girls had screamed in delight. Kirsty picked up her iPod from her desk where her laptop was, and lying back on her bed she played her favourite song of the moment 'I wish I was a punk rocker ' She lay back on her bed and looked around her room. She had a poster of Zac Efron on her door and on her notice board she had pictures of her and Jessica with their arms wrapped around each other. She stood up and got her laptop. She logged in to Twitter.

JessH in reply to KirstyC: 'Did you get home OK?'

KirstyC in reply to JessH: 'Yeah thanks, I met Dan'

KirstyC: 'Has logged out of Twitter '