I detested moving. Especially when I had to move to a new town and leave all of my friends behind. My mom had gotten a new job in 'a quaint little small town' (her words, not mine), named Whitechapel.

As we enter the town limits, a sign that says WELCOME TO WHITECHAPEL, greets us.

"Ugh," I groan. Great, a town where everyone will know everyone and I'll be the outcast.

"Abbey," my mother scolds me. "It won't be that bad, I promise."

Sure she thought it wouldn't be that bad, she didn't have to start a new school in the morning.

"Yeah, ok," I reply sarcastically.

I dig my iPod out of my bag and start blaring music. Music helped me think and block out the rest of the world. If I could literally get lost in music I would. I could escape reality and make everything work out in my favor. But no, you can't get lost in music, it's not physically possible. Sigh.

"The grass wasn't green enough here,

After washing it with my tears.

I'm not sure where you went,

Now we are just past tense.

And the snakes,

They're slithering in,

Chasing me to my end.

I can't say where that is,

I'm running again.

And when I get there,

it won't be far enough.

I'm a renegade,

it's in my blood.

If ever I get there,

it won't be fast enough.

I'm a renegade,

I always was."

We pull up to the house just as I'm about to zone out. My mom has to shake me to get my attention.

"Home sweet home," my mom says, as soon as I remove my earbuds.

I look at the house. it's a huge two-story, that had ivy growing up the sides and it looked old.

"I'm guessing you didn't buy this new?" I ask, not very pleased.

"Not all old houses are haunted," my mom points out. "Whitechapel has a very interesting history."

"Like what?" I ask, curious.

"Like the town founder rumored to be a vampire."

"Yeah, right," I say, not believing her. Vampires did not exist. I was sure of it. It was scientifically impossible.

"It's what the real estate agent told me," she says. "I'm not saying it's true."

"This town was established in what, the 1800s?" I ask. "Those people were running scared. Science couldn't prove anything back then."

I was sort of a science geek. And I didn't believe in anything that science couldn't prove.

"Actually, it was founded by a cult who supposedly preyed on the townspeople," she corrected.

"Preyed how? Like blood-drinking?"


"What kind of whack-job town did you move us to?"

"One with a good school district," my mom teases.

"Whatever," I shrug. "Let's just go get settled in and think about dinner. I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood for pizza."

"You had that for lunch," she accuses.

"So? I could probably live on it."

I go into the house, heading up the stairs to my room.

"Don't you wanna hear about what happened to the cult?" my mom asks, before I make my escape.

"Not really…" I trail off, trying to make a get away up the stairs.

"The townspeople rounded them up and burned them in their worship place. The whole flock was burned."



"I really don't wanna hear it."

My mom loved the paranormal. Vampires especially. Of course she would move us to and take a job in a town that was supposedly founded by a vampire.

I run up the stairs to my room, thinking about the dreaded day that was to come tomorrow. I really wish that I didn't have to start a new school. It was definitely not on the list of my favorites.

I plug my iPod into my iHome and hit play, resuming the song from earlier and turned up the volume. I was dancing around my room when the music started.

"And this spark never lit up a fire,

Though I tried and tried and tried.

The wind came,

From your lungs.

A hurricane,

From your tongue.

And I'll keep your secrets with me,

Right behind my teeth.

Your anger, your anchor,

But I'll sail much further,

On, on, on, on.

And when I get there,

It won't be far enough.

I'm a renegade,

It's in my blood.

If ever I get there,

It won't be fast enough.

I'm a renegade,

I always was."

I was too busy dancing and singing, that I didn't realize that my mom was standing in the doorway with who I assumed were our new neighbors.

So, what do you guys think? Should I write more?

I do not own MBV and I also do not own the song Abbey was listening to. It's called Renegade by Paramore