The Library

A/N: No pairings, just psychological insanity.

"You ignorant loser! You'll never be as good as your sister! You don't even deserve to be around her! Go back to your cage and hang out with the smelly girl and the lesbian. "

Her fang was visible, showing a look of contempt to her face.

I had been trying to sit with my sister at lunch, on one of the few days we didn't sit in the classroom to eat. Upon trying to sit down next to her, Misao and Ayano had distracted her. Upon Sis leaving with Ayano, the orange-haired slut turned and gave me an evil look and gave me the finger behind sis's back, while the jock had stuck around to taunt me.

I held my tongue. Today was the day I could take it all with a smile, because by this time tomorrow, that jock bitch would be dead. I got the giggles just thinking about it.

Fang bitch scoffed at me again and left to pursue the slut an my sister. My perfect in every way, popular, better than me sister.

It wasn't her fault. She looked out for me. Tried to keep the 'cool' kids off my back. Too bad the rest of this god-forsaken scum filled place had to go and put me and Kona-chan on the bottom of the pile in the make-believe chart of equality and importance.

They didn't care that we were people. They didn't care that we had feelings, interests, hobbies. They didn't care about any of that. All they ever cared about was that we were the weirdos, the bimbo and the otaku. They hounded us, caged us, berated us. But they didn't know.

They didn't know that we wouldn't take their shit lying down. We know things. We know people. And we know what we want. We want revenge.

At first, our revenge plot was more in line with vandalism and delinquent pranks. We made bombs out of cleaning supplies and set them off on people's lawns. We caused quite a scare just two weeks ago, to test the water for our true intents.

Konata knows a lot about a lot of things, and is a part of a phreaking group that operates in Akihabara. She made a smoke bomb without leaving any fingerprints on the device and planted it in the school library. During our lunch, she remotely set it off. Thick red smoke overflowed from the room, and the whole school was evacuated and closed down for 24 hours.

We had to act scared like the rest of the worthless sheep around us. The bomb was harmless, but it was a delicious omen of things to come. I almost with we HAD put something in it. Anything to make these worthless drones suffer, and maybe realize what they are before they atrophy and die a meaningless death.

It's like only myself, Kona-chan, and Hiyori are fucking self-aware. No one realizes that there's a bigger picture, or that nothing you do "matters", and no one will remember or care that you existed after your death.

That is, of course, if you don't make your mark on the world first. It's been done, so we'll do it; and we'll do it right. Those pansy-ass Americans only bagged 12 of them, and the Korean upped it to 31. We're gonna put it up a few levels.

I went to the classroom Hiyori was in, where she was sitting with Konata's cousin, a frail and sickly girl who was more pure of heart than any of us.

I nodded to her, then back to the door leading to the hall. She cut her conversation with the salmon-haired girl short and jogged out of the room to talk to me alone.

Hiyori was important, in a way no one could imagine. Her dad was Yakuza, and she could get guns, lethal gases, anything illegal, easy. She'd been gathering our stokpile for close to 6 months, a little bit at a time, to not gather attention.

Not that she could; she was just as much of an outcast as us, being openly gay. That shouldn't matter to anyone, but because it sets her apart from them, the shitty drones that inhabit this place give her a huge amount of shit, cussing her out in the hallway, and twice, even taking swings at her. But she was with us; she knew it was only a matter of time.

She leaned on the lockers about ten meters down the hall. I leaned on them next to her looking at her thin wire-frame glasses.

They were taped in the middle, evidence of the physical ostracizing she had endured recently. Disgusting. Not her, but the douchebags who think it's okay to do shit like that. No matter.

"So we're really gonna do it tomorrow?You're all set already?"

Her voice interrupted my thoughts. Her eyes were on mine, waiting for the reply.

"Of course. Kona-chan and me went to the warehouse over the weekend and got ourselves...'familiarized' with what you brought us. Are you ready to make hisory, Tamura-san?"

She cracked a demented smile, rubbing her hands together.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Later that night, I was on a three-way call with the others, going over the final plans for tomorrow. Hiyori managed to lift a set of the emergency procedures from her teacher, and we had reviewed them, finding a goldmine of information. It turned out that Ryoo High did indeed have a procedure for "armed assailants", but it was flawed. There were two areas of the school that had bulletproof, airtight doors, and room for large quantities of people.

Those two places were the cafeteria and the library. Due to an incident that happened last year, we found out that the cafeteria had no exhaust system, only intake. When the room is sealed off, any airborne contaminants would stay there, the incoming air pushing it down to the masses below. Perfect.

We had managed to get two canisters of tear gas from Hiyori's contacts, and we had secured them in Konata's backpack. She'd leave it in the cafeteria, then once the room gets sealed, we set it off and watch them suffer. It will be a glorious day indeed.

"Tsukasa, who are you on the phone with?" I froze, and turned around. Sis was standing less than a meter behind me, hands on her hips. Had she heard what was being said on the line...?

"Come on, we need to go to bed." I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. She was just as ignorant as the rest of them. I wouldn't shoot her though; I'm not a monster, I'm just kicking up natural selection a bit.

Sis stood there as I bid them goodnight, saying "We're still good for tomorrow, alright? Bye!" as I hung up. We got ready for bed, and Kagami went into her room. I did likewise, but I sat in the room with a flashlight, making sure that my backpack and slingbag was prepared for the grand event. I wasn't taking a lunch; no, I fully expected to not even make it out alive. It didn't even matter anymore. Now it was just personal revenge, a way to get even with those pieces of shit before we die.

The empty bags would be filled with bullets, shells, and bombs before entering the school property tomorrow.

At 11:05 A.M., we will begin our attack on the populace of Ryoo High.

A/N: Like I said, not going to be pretty, and will most likely be 3 chapters, max. Next chapter is the...ahem..."meat" of the story, and will be much longer. This is just setting the stage for tragedy. Mentally disturbed Tsukasa is mentally disturbed.