It was Jane's birthday. Sarah had been up all night planning her surprise party, not that it mattered because she doesn't sleep… Jane stretched and went downstairs.

"Happy birthday!" Ethan said, meeting her at the bottom of the stairs. "Would you like a ride to your royal breakfast, princess?" He asked and she climbed onto his back and he took her into the kitchen where Sarah had made chocolate-chip pancakes for her.

"Thanks guys!" She said, diving into her pancakes while Ethan went over to put his arm around Sarah and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Ethan, can you guys take me to school super-speed? Pleaseee?" She begged.

"Fine, but only since it's your birthday." He said. Ethan ran her to school while Sarah cleaned the dishes. Benny walked into the door for the first time since the remodeling.

"Whooaa… it looks so different! I wanna see the rest of the house!" He ran upstairs. "Umm why do you guys have a bed? Nevermind, I don't want to know." He said and shuddered.

"It's for show, smart one." Sarah said in a "duh" voice. "Come on, help me decorate before we have to go to school." She told him and he helped, the house was decorated by the time Ethan got home.

"Wow, it look fantastic in here! Oh, hey B. What's up?" He said when he got home.

"The sky. Come on, we gotta go to school!" Benny replied.

"Uh… okay?" And they went to school. After school, Sarah went to get Jane and the others went back to the house to hide. Suddenly, Jane opened the door.

"SURPRISE!" They all yelled and Jane had the hugest smile on her face. Then, they ate the princess cake and opened presents.

"You're a really good party planner." Ethan said, kissing Sarah's forehead.

"I know." She said and wrapped her arms around his waist.