Rose Lucas sighed at the thought of going to her new school tomorrow. Her summer had gone by so fast! It seemed as if she had only just gotten out of school yesterday. She leaned back in her bean bag chair and thought about all the exciting things she had done over the break. It couldn't be over, it just couldn't! She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone, just to be sure.

Nope. The date read August 25th. Ugh.

She got up and walked over to her laptop to check her messages. None of her friends back in Florida had bothered to message her. Some friends they were.

Suddenly, the door to Rose's room opened, and her eleven year old brother, Jacob, strode into the room, looking rather pleased with himself. "Hey, Rose, guess what?" He asked eagerly.

"What?" asked Rose, still staring intently at her laptop, hoping that someone would decide to send her an email.

"I just made three friends!" Jacob replied proudly. "I was out on my bike, and I rode by the park, and these kids were playing basketball-"

"That's nice and all, J," Rose interrupted , "But I'm trying to work on my summer reading." She held up Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

"Oh." Said Jacob disappointedly. "Well, I'll let you get back to your work." He walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Rose groaned. She didn't like telling lies to her little brother, but she couldn't stand listening to him talk about how popular he was. Rose was never very good at making friends, but for her brother, it seemed to come naturally. While Rose had grown up unpopular, Jacob had always been surrounded by friends.

Rose hated Western Maryland. She hated how far away she was from the beach. She hated this stupid town called Frostburg with it's stupid little stores. She wanted to go back to Florida where her best friends, Megan and Rachel lived. Her parents only wanted to move because she would be closer to her Grandmother and Grandfather this way.

Rose decided to just put on her pj's and go to bed. It was getting late. She slipped on her favorite night shirt and curled up under her covers. Maybe school wouldn't be as bad as she thought.


Rose's eyes snapped open when she heard the sound of her alarm. She hit the snooze button and sat up, rubbing her eyes to get the sleepers to fall out.

Maureen Lucas, Rose's mother, opened the door. Light flooded into her room. "Morning, sleepy head!" She said with a grin. "You ready for school?"

"No." Rose murmured, sliding out of bed. "I am most certainly not ready for school, mother." Her Mom sighed.

"Rose, I know moving was hard on you, but you know that Grandpoppy is on his last legs. Grandma would be left up here, all alone." She stepped into the room, carefully walking around the brown boxes labled 'Clothes' and 'Toys', sitting down on Rose's bed while her daughter pulled on a T-Shirt. "Just do your best, and think positively! Can you do that for me?"

Rose looked back at her mother and saw how tired she looked, and not just because it was 7:20 AM. It was a different kind of tired. She knew her grandfather's health was slowly getting worse and worse, and her mother had stayed up late on the phone with her grandmother. Reluctantly, Rose nodded.

Her mother smiled thankfully. "That's my girl. Come downstairs, I made you pancakes."

After a large breakfast of pancakes, strawberries and orange juice, Rose began the short walk towards her school. When she got there, she realized how big Mountain Ridge high school actually was.

She took a deep breath, and stepped inside.

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