"Billy, get this insufferable best off of me!" Machiavelli snapped and the young American immortal. He walked over and pulled the golden retriever off of his flat mate's lap, a slight blush forming on his face

"Mac, she ain't a beast, she's a dog, and her name is Lacy," Billy said, sitting on the floor by Niccolo's feet and rubbing the dog's belly and making weird baby noises. The Italian just rolled his eyes and continued to read the book until he felt a pressure against his leg and laughter from his companion

"Lace, stop, stop!" the American was trying to push the dog away from licking his face. Machiavelli pushed at the Kid's back with his foot gently. Billy looked up at Machiavelli and gave him a tooth grin, Lacy barking loudly. He turned his attention back to the dog "Shush, girl. Mac is reading." Niccolo pinched the ridge of his nose and set the book aside

"William, how many times will I have to tell you not to call me that?" his tone held annoyance as he glared down at the younger man. He shrugged his shoulders and pet his dog briskly before she hopped up on the couch and pulled Billy up by his collar forcefully.

"Lacey, what are you doing?" Billy asked as he carefully sat down on the couch next to the older immortal. The golden retriever nudged her head hard against her owner, knocking him into Machiavelli "No, bad dog!" the older man had moved himself away slightly from Billy, but he couldn't not admit he liked the feeling of their bodies being close like that. Lacey backed away and circled a place on the couch and looked at the pair with sad eyes. Billy rolled his eyes and turned to face his friend "Geez, I'm sorry, I don't know wha-"he was cut off by a quick kiss on his lips, both men blushing profoundly. Billy covered his one cheek and looked over towards his dog, who looked slightly more happy "Niccolo?..." the young immortal asked carefully.

"It was nothing. Just forget about it." Machiavelli had picked up his book again and was reading it, not paying attention to how Billy was now pressed close enough so he could hear his rapid heartbeat.

"Look at me," with a sigh, the Italian did what he was told, being greeted by a longer kiss this time. Billy wrapped his arm around Niccolo's neck and quickly slid into his lap. The older immortal found it surprising how light the younger was in his lap, and proceeded to place his hand on his hips. After sometime, the pair pulled apart and leaned their foreheads together, both smiling "Well, now that the tension is broken, as Virginia would've said." Billy joked lightly. Machiavelli rolled his eyes, but then bit his bottom lip.

"Was it that obvious?"

"Supposedly…." Niccolo leaned back in and continued to kiss Billy the rest of the night. Never had he been so glad Billy got that dog.