I'd like to thank just-a-cardboard-box for the post about Spanish and Italian being 98% understandable between each other.

"If you will excuse me for a moment…" Machiavelli said to his co-workers as he felt his phone vibrate against his leg. He quickly flipped open his slender cellphone and pressed it to his ear, already knowing who was on the other end.

"We are now moved in!" Billy said excitedly, a TV blaring in the background, along with children's voices and toys. Niccolo could pick out Nicolas and Marietta fighting over the television program to watch, while the babble of John's baby-talk was heard closest to the phone, probably getting a bath in the sink, still being too little to take a bath in the tub.

"Tell the children to turn the TV off and go play outside." He said with a chuckle. Billy sighed and yelled for them to get outside.

"So how are you? Was work good today?" The Kid asked, keeping the phone between his ear and shoulder as he dried John off and dressed him. He turned off the television so he could hear the Italian better.

"It was fine. Though I believe that my newest client is an immortal. I could smell magic on her when she walked in, though she didn't look all too human either. But that is for a later investigation. How were the children?" Billy and Niccolo had four children (with a surrogate mother), but unfortunately the first born had died a few years after his birth.

"An immortal, eh? The kids were fine; Nicholas had a rough day at school. John tried to say his first word, without success though. Marietta is getting better at her make-up skills though… it only took me half an hour this time to scrub everything off." Both men laughed. Their daughter aspired to become a make-up artist, and always tried her ideas on Billy ('Daddy has a more girly face'), which the family always got a kick out of seeing him when Marietta had finished. The laughter died away and there was silence on both ends. Billy had tucked John in for his nap and had taken residence on his and Machiavelli's bedroom floor. He pushed his long sandy blonde hair back and sighed.

"Please tell me you're coming home tonight? You stay at the office too long, the kids miss you…" Billy's voice was strained now, obviously from the stress of being a stay-at-home dad and not seeing his partner as often as he used to.

"I should be home around eight tonight. I have to do a few errands and type up a paper… I'm sorry; I know it's been rough on you these past few weeks, only seeing me during the night. I'm going to try hard to make sure I can be home." Again, silence. Then a sniffle, a struggle, and a noise that sounded like an animal being strangled. Billy burst into tears and Niccolo felt tears pricking at his own eyes "Please, please don't cry, William."

"I just… Miss you so much, it hurts. I just don't want to lose you." The American replied in Spanish through sobs. Billy bit down on his finger to keep his weeping quiet when he heard the older two come back inside.

"You won't lose me. Ever. That is a promise." Niccolo said gently in English. On the other end, the sobbing started to calm slightly, where it was down to sniffling again. "Ti amo, Billy"

"Te amo demasiado, Niccolo"