While you wait for A look on another one… this is my masterpiece.
Dedicated to my grandpa and anyone who has suffered the shock of a sudden stroke, by own experience or by a beloved relative/friend's.

It's been a long way… I started taking notes on this one year before even nearing the end of the final result.

Seiken Densetsu 3.
Leader = Duran, second character = Carlie, third character = Angela
And now I'm going to write about…

~*~ ~*~Those NOT chosen by the fairy~*~ ~*~

Well I'm kinda going to make an attempt to explain how and why at least half of the non-used characters show up at certain places throughout the game… kay-o?
And yah, I lend the characters a few… abilities that I think would be quite possible, even though the good ol' people maybe never needed 'em in the game. There, now you won't have to ask yourself if you missed something while playing ;)
Oh, and this version is the non-Riesz, Charlotte and Deatheater man (for example), due to the fact that I never played the ROM (shame, shame, shame…) with that translation. But I don't think there should be any problem, I have no troubles reading fanfics based on the Riesz-version. OK, so that's me. Well, anyhow, let's just get on with it…
Aaand… action!

I said action!
Duran! Hello?!
Carlie, wake him up so we can get started…
"Okay! Here goesh…!"
Ouch! Ah, now we're talking!

*~*~*Chapter 1, The chosen ones*~*~*

"Urgh… where am I…?"
Duran heavily rose up on his left elbow, trying to massage some life into his head. It took him several seconds to realize that he was rubbing the visor of his helmet. With a frustrated snarl he moved his hand to the back of his neck instead.
"Carlie and Duran are criminals!" a squeaking voice happily announced, "we're in jail!"
Oh God… so Carlie wasn't just a tiny, irritating nightmare after all…
Err… what did she say?!
Duran looked up and around, finding himself in a small prison cell.
"What the heck…?" he snarled in a harsh voice.
It all dawned on him. The big crab, Wisp, the cave… the beastmen.
Duran growled at the memory. Surprise attack, eh? And they were supposed to be the naturally strongest race of the Earth, were they?
Just afraid of him, that was it…
Well, anyhow… now what?
His sword was gone, and as he tried to stand up he fell back again a couple of times before managing. The time unconscious still had a grip of him; he was slightly dizzy.
And to make matters worse Carlie sat on the floor, her pink-purple shoes moving back and forth as she waved with her feet.
The only reason Duran had allowed her to come along in the first place was that she showed signs of having a very frustrating way of crying. So… alright, she could fight surprisingly well for being so small, he had to admit that… but she was so incredibly…
"Shtoopid hairy guys in charge here."
… /Irritating/…
"Carlie think they are big and ugly."
… Dumb…
"Do you think they'll spank us?"
… Sadistic…
"Err… no," Duran muttered and stumbled over to the door.
It was made of iron bars, and the lock looked pretty resolute.
On the other side of it, just across the room… his sword. And Carlie's flail. And also a cane of light wood, carrying a few simple mysterious inscriptions. It looked like something belonging to an aspirant magician or something.
All the three weapons were on a table, so close and yet so far away…
"Hey, is somebody there?" an unknown voice suddenly called.
It was a young woman's voice, and it seemed to come from the mercenary's left. But in that direction was only a wall.
"Ohh… person in other cell!" Carlie exclaimed and jumped to her feet, rushing over to the wall closest to the voice, "hello, who'sch there?"
"I'm Angela," the woman called back, "who are you guys?"
"I'm Carlie, the cute little girl from Wendel. And Duran is here too," the child announced, "he's a merchant."
"Mercenary!" Duran growled, groaning.
He walked over to the wall too.
"Where are we?" he asked.
"In Jad," Angela replied, frustrated, "and just how dare those beastmen keep me here?! Pha!"
Duran was about to ask what that was all about, when he heard heavy steps closing in.
"Hey, pipe down!" a snarling voice demanded; the same kind of voice that Duran had listened to when he had been in Jad the first time.
A beastman.
"I have a plan," Angela hissed, "I'll let you out when I'm free…"
Carlie and Duran turned to glare at the pile of hairy muscles that suddenly stood on the other side of the bars.
"What's going on here?" the beastman growled.
Duran's brain tried to figure something out, but planning wasn't his kind of thing. So Angela beat him to action.
"Oh, mister guard!" she voice called out, dreamingly, "I need some help changing clothes, would you lend me a hand?"
The warrior of Forcena's jaw was about to hit the floor, and he couldn't help staring at the wall that separated him from the mad woman. The beastman looked much the same as Duran felt.
Carlie just looked puzzled.
At first the guard was stunned by the sheer surprise, then he turned and walked out of the two prisoners' sight.
Carlie and Duran held their breath.
There was a sound of clinking keys, and Angela giggled seducingly. Then suddenly a surprised "ouff!" was accompanied by the sound of running feet.
A jail door slammed shut and the key turned.
"Hey! You fooled me!" the beastman roared.
"So what?" Angela snorted, "you're the one who fell for it!"
Then she walked up in front of the neighboring cell.
And Duran saw Angela for the very first time.
His first and overwhelming thought was:
'What the heck is she… not wearing?!'
You couldn't exactly say that Angela was wearing any clothes. The peculiar clothing she had was more of a part of her body, and she was without doubt well aware of her looks. She moved with some sort of seemingly lazy sensuality, but behind the easy appearance there was a dangerous needle.
This girl could be nothing but trouble, even Duran was smart enough not to miss that.
He could feel more blood than usual move into his face as Angela made a teasing movement with her hips at the lured beastman's direction. She moved her body so that the part between chest and legs swung, and somehow that move made Duran's poor head spin around again.
"Angela nice person!" Carlie cheered and jumped up and down while clapping her hands, "let Carlie out now, thank you!"
The young woman gave the child a peculiar look before turning her eyes to Duran. Her eyebrows performed a small twitch, in a way that somehow lit a deep wish within the swordsman to flex his muscles in order to show his strength. He almost fell over as he tried to keep from doing it.
"Lemme out!" the beastman snarled, bringing both Duran and Angela out of the spell.
"I heard some townspeople were planning an escape," the young woman said and used the key for its better purpose, "if we hurry to the harbor we might be able to catch it."
Carlie leaped out of the cell and climbed onto a chair by the table.
"My flail!" she happily said, "and Duran's big sword too!"
The warrior of Forcena jumped backwards just half a second before his weapon got partly buried between two stone plates of the floor. Grumbling he tore it free.
"Don't ask," he muttered at Angela's astounded look.
"Is this yours?" Carlie asked.
"Hey, be careful with that…!" Angela snapped and caught the cane as it flew above her head.
Carlie jumped off the chair with her twin morningstar in her hand and a big grin on her lips.
"Carlie think we should spank some ugly beastmen now!" she announced and rushed up the stair.
Duran heavily sighed and hurried after her, followed by Angela.
In the building above the prison (seemingly the fort of Jad) were no other beasts than bound wolves. It seemed as if the beastmen themselves had taken the night off, or they were busy somewhere else…
'They were going to Wendel…' the fairy bitterly said inside of Duran's head, 'I opened the shield for them…'
Oh. Uh… uh-oh…
'Don't worry,' Duran said, feeling a needle of guilt for being the one persuading the little sprite into opening the path, 'we had to get through, you know. Besides, the priest of Light can surely think of something.'
'I hope you're right…'
Well, whatever the beastmen were doing, it was probably just as well if they weren't in the way. Duran was certain that he could handle the weird monsters, but Angela and Carlie weren't as strong as him.
Speaking of which, for looking like a beauty queen Angela fought pretty well. She wasn't strong, but somehow she seemed to manage in knocking the wolves whenever possible.
As soon as he had outrun Carlie Duran lead the way to the harbor. To the three warriors' relief a ship was still at port, and the captain waved at them.
"Hurry, get aboard!" the seadog shouted.
It was not an escape. Duran just hadn't time for battling the beastmen; he had to see king Richard as soon as possible.
It was simply a temporary withdrawal.
Duran, Carlie and Angela dashed onto the ship, the sails were hoisted and Jad was left behind with all its new inhabitants.
And a shadow rushing down the pier, desperately waving after the leaving ship. But the night had already swallowed all possibilities of being noticed on that distance.
Too late.
The ship was gone.
Lise heavily sat down on the harsh wood that the harbor was built with, staring after the distant big boat.
She'd been stuck in Jad for almost a week, unable to continue her journey. And now she missed her chance of escaping?! If she'd only managed to fend those two wolves off just a few moments faster…!
"Now what?" she muttered, rubbing her forehead as she tried to pull herself together.
Every minute wasted in this town was one minute which Eliott suffered in Navarre's grip! She couldn't be stuck here, she had to find a way out!
But the town gate was blocked, and climbing up the walls unnoticed would be impossible…
Take it easy… think!
Lise growled to herself.
She had been trying to think for a week. And now…
Missing the escape… it was simply worth an award for stupidity…
"Hey, don't just sit there! They'll see you!" a voice suddenly hissed.
Lise spun around and saw a darker shadow in the duskiness of a dark and abandoned warehouse. It waved at her to come over to the hiding place.
She pondered it for a moment, then gave up. Whoever it was he had already seen her, and the voice and shape of his body showed that he was no beastman. He grunted far too little and was too thin.
So the princess of the fallen Rolante got to her feet and hurried over to the safer shadows. Looking back on it, she had truly been unwise to sit on the pier. Anybody could have seen her…
The person in the shadow was a young man of Lise's own age, wiry and with something of a fox about himself. He kept his long, blue hair in a peculiar pigtail beginning from his neck, and his clothes were cut in a special manner. A manner which Lise knew all too well.
Her spear whirled in her hands, accompanied by another growl leaving her throat. The young man stared at her in shock, pressing his back against the warehouse's wall with the sharp end of Lise's spear just below his chin.
"Stop, wait!" he hissed, "what did I do?!"
"You're a Navarre ninja, aren't you?" Lise growled, "you monsters invaded my home and kidnapped my brother, you…"
"Wait, wait, wait!" the sunburned man hurriedly said, "I used to be one of them, but now they're after me!"
Lise hesitated.
"A traitor?" she suspiciously asked.
Her prisoner's shoulders dropped, and he looked so miserable all of a sudden that she removed her spear without considering it. His sadness took her too gravely of surprise.
But he didn't exploit the chance to attack.
"Well…" he bitterly said, "in reality it's all the others that are traitors. There's this woman, Isabella, who's hypnotizing everyone. She fooled me to kill my best friend Eagle and then cursed his sister Jessica… she'll die if I tell her the truth or if Isabella dies…"
He looked up and sighed.
"I guess you won't believe me that easily… but anyhow I'm Hawk, first class thief. Did you say you're from Rolante?"
The last thing was asked very carefully. Lise slowly nodded.
"Yes," she said, "I think I'm the only survivor, except my brother."
"I'm sorry," Hawk said with honest compassion, "but I'm telling you, the real Navarre thief guild would never kill anybody. It's Isabella who's behind it all."
Nobody could look that miserable without really feeling it. Lise came to the conclusion that she probably could trust this thief, even though his story was pretty vivid. But on the other hand, the whole world seemed to have gone crazy nowadays… ninjas and beastmen invading other countries without any provocation, killing innocents and kidnapping children…
Well… at least Hawk was a human. The exile princess wasn't the only one of that kind left in Jad, as she had feared. At least that was some better news, whatever it could be worth.
The amazon tiredly leaned against the cold, dark wall of the warehouse.
Navarre, Isabella… whoever the foe was, Lise knew that she couldn't do much about it alone. She just had to find Eliott, that was all that she possibly could do in order to put something right again.
"My name's Lise," she told Hawk, at first without any real spirit.
Then she thought about his former cause and straightened up.
"Do you know anything about my brother, Eliott?" she asked, a grain of hope glistening among the troubles she carried, "he was kidnapped in the attack…"
Hawk sadly shook his head, killing the weak light.
"I'm sorry," he said again, "I fled Navarre before the assault against Rolante."
"I see… thanks anyway," Lise said, tiredly.
They leaned back against the wall, both of them silent for a while.
"You wouldn't have even the craziest idea about…?" Hawk asked, without any hope waving at the high walls of Jad.
Lise looked at the dark ocean in the growing moonlight. She had pondered swimming a couple of times, but one look at the water pushed that one away. That weren't exactly smooth waves coming in from the east ocean. And apart from that, Jad was infamous for having nasty little fishes inhabiting its closest waters.
She shook her head.
"Nope…" Hawk muttered without the unspoken question and kicked at a piece of an old plank on the ground, "but there must be some way out of here…"
They both jumped and spun at the grunting sound. But seeing that it wasn't really a beastman standing in the shadow just by the building's corner the two warriors relaxed a little bit again.
But that murmur had really sounded like a beastman's growling, and anyhow…?
"Who's there?" Lise demanded in a not too loud voice, just enough for the stranger to hear it.
He held up a couple of empty hands in a sign of peace.
"Me not enemy," he said.
His voice was human, but it also had a deep growl that one normally awaited from a beastman. And that peculiar pick of words…
"That's good, but who are you?" Hawk said, his hands suspiciously easily resting by his belt.
The thief seemed to carry no weapons, but Lise knew better. Even though she didn't know him too well she felt much better knowing that she at least had a temporary ally in Hawk.
"My name's Kevin, gah… no attack, promise," the shadow said.