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Gwen woke up to her alarm going off. It was her first day at her new school. Torchwood High it was called. What is the point of going to a new school? I already had friends at Police High. Gwen thought. Sighing she got out of bed and clicked off her alarm clock. Put on her dressing gown and slippers on, she went downstairs where her mum and dad were talking.

"Morning" Gwen said to her mum and dad as she went over to the kettle to make herself a cup of tea.

"Looking forward to going to this new school Gwen?" Her mum asked her.

She sighed and said, "Why do I have to go to a new school? I was perfectly fine at that one. I have friends there." Gwen moaned.

"I know sweetheart. But I think it is time for a new school. New start and all. I thought you would have liked this since you broke up with your boyfriend of 3 years." Her mum said to her.

Gwen continued to make her cup of tea as she talked to her mum. "I don't get it. It's not like me and Rhys was in the same class Every day." Gwen said as she took a sip of her cup of tea.

"Why don't you go get ready sweetheart. I'm sure today will go fine and you'll make loads of new friends." Her mum reassured her.

"Yeah okay. Thanks mum." Gwen went to give her mum and dad a kiss on the cheek before going upstairs to get ready for school.

Jack groaned when his alarm went off. Turning it off he got out of bed and put his dressing gown on and went downstairs to where his mum was making breakfast for him and his little brother Grey.

"Morning Mum" Jack said to his mum as he give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good Morning Jack" Jacks mum said to him as she gives him some toast for his breakfast.

Putting some butter on his toast, his little brother Grey came downstairs and sat at the table and picked up some toast for him and started to butter it.

"Looking forward for the new school term?" Jacks mum asked her boys.

"Yep" They both muttered as they ate their toast.

After Jack had finished his toast, he got up and went upstairs to get ready for a new term at school where he would finally ask Ianto Jones out. Sooner or later he would do it when he had the chance. Especially since they were now in year 11 and he doesn't know if he will be staying on for sixth form or going to college instead.

Ianto Jones smiled as his alarm went off. He got up straight away and turned it off and went to put his dressing gown on and went downstairs to where his mum was. "Morning Mum" Ianto said as he went to get some cereal.

Iantos mum smiled at him as he sat down with his cereal and began to eat.

"You okay Ianto?" His mum asked him.

"Yeah great." He said with a big smile and continued to eat his cereal.

As soon as Ianto was finished he got up and put his bowl into the dish washer and went upstairs to get ready for school.

New term at school. He hopes Jack will ask him out since it is there last year at Torchwood High and he is hoping to stay on at sixth form than go to college where he won't know anyone and he wasn't really good at making new friends. Who would want to leave school, when they have friends? Best friends. Friends that you've known since primary. Pushing his thoughts to the side Ianto got ready for school.

Owen pulled his pillow over his head as his alarm went off. He hates school. But at least he had made quite a few friends over the years that he wants to keep in touch with when he finishes.

Groaning he climbed out of bed and got his dressing gown and put it on and made his way downstairs where his mum was arguing with his dad. Always. Always happens when I'm around he thought.

Ignoring them he made his way to the kettle to make himself some coffee that hopefully will wake him up for the moment till he gets to school and Ianto can give him some proper coffee.

After he had finished drinking his coffee he made his way upstairs to shower and get ready for school.

Can't wait to get out of this house he thought to himself as he started to get ready.

Toshiko smiled as her alarm went off and turned it off and went to get her dressing gown, and then made her way downstairs to where her mum was making bacon.

"Hey Mum" She said as she sat at the table.

"Morning Toshiko" Her mother replied to her and then put some bacon and eggs on her plate for her breakfast.

She started eating while she thought if Owen would notice her this year since it was there last year at school.

Finishing her breakfast she went upstairs and started to get ready as she thought if this was the year where Owen would notice her and finally ask her out.

Pushing her thoughts to the side she got ready for school.

As they all left their houses and made their way to school.

Jack was waiting outside for Ianto, Owen and Toshiko to turn up as he saw someone walking up the street. She's new he thought to himself.

Gwen was walking up the street when she bumped into someone. "Crap" She said as she dropped her phone on the floor and picked it up straight away and looked at the person she had bumped into. "Sorry" She quickly whispered.

"It's fine, guessing you are new here? Never seen you around here before." Owen asked Gwen.

"Yeah. My mum thought it would be great to go to a new school since it's my last year." Gwen said as she smiled up at the person she had bumped into.

"Well then. I hope you like it. I'm Owen Harper by the way." He said as he offered to shake Gwens hand.

"Gwen. Gwen Cooper." Gwen said as she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Gwen Cooper." He said with a grin on his face.

Gwen smiled back at him.

"I'll show you around if you want?" He asked.

"Sure. Thanks." She said as she followed him to a bunch of people.

Gwen got a bit nervous as Owen started to talk to them.

"Oh guys, this is Gwen. Gwen Cooper. She is new here and I'll be showing her around and stuff." Owen said to his friends.

"Gwen this is, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones and Toshiko Sato. The best people you will ever meet." Owen said as he pointed at them.

"Hey, nice to meet you all." Gwen said as she smiled at them.

They all stood there and talked until Owen took Gwen inside.

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