Torchwood High Chapter 5;

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The next day, Tosh got up nice and early and made sure her plan with Gwen would go into place. She'd make sure Gwen would say yes, well why would she say no?


When Gwen got up that morning she was excited, not only because she was seeing Owen today, but because she wanted to know if he felt the same way she did.

Before thinking about anything else Gwen got ready for school and made her way there after she ate breakfast and said bye to her mam and dad.


Owen was happy when he woke up, for once he was finally happy, all because of Gwen, and she was so kind, friendly, caring and loving too. He liked her a lot, but they had both agreed that they should take it slow. But did Gwen feel the same way about him? He didn't know. Hopefully she'll be the one he thought as he got dressed and headed downstairs for something to eat before he left for school.


When Ianto woke up he already had a smile on his face, knowing that he was dating Jack? Was he dating Jack? He didn't really know, he only knew that they had gone on a date so that must mean they are dating right? He was so excited to see Jack today that he had rushed to ready and left the house without eating, and hurrying to school.


Jack woke up before his alarm, grinning to himself, was something finally going his way for once? All he knew was that he wanted and needed to see Ianto now, so he rushed getting ready for school and missed breakfast, hoping it would make him quicker on seeing Ianto's gorgeous face and smile. He really wanted and needed to see that smile again before he went into any lessons today.


When Tosh had made it into school she saw Gwen and Owen first, they were talking and laughing, that wasn't a good sign at all. She started walking up to Gwen and Owen and said, "Hey guys."

Owen smiled at her, wow he just smiled at me she thought while smiling back at him.

"Hey Tosh, you okay? You look a bit tired." Gwen asked.

Tosh panicked, thinking of something to say. "Oh I just didn't have much sleep that is all." She said, hopefully she would fool them, when really she was working on her plan for Gwen.


When Ianto and Jack saw each other at school they both smiled at each other and laughed. Jack broke the silence, "Hey." He said.

"Hello." Ianto replied.

"I really really enjoyed last night Ianto, I was hoping we could do it again sometime?" He asked.

Ianto was hoping that Jack would say this, because he really wanted to see him again. "Of course I'd love to do it again. I really like you Jack." Ianto replied.

Before Ianto could say anymore, Jack quickly give him a kiss on the lips. When they both came up for air Ianto was shocked, was he shocked? He didn't know, but all he knew was that he was happy Jack did that.

Ianto smiled at him, "Wow." He said.

"Did you like that?" Jack asked.

"YES!" He shouted by mistake. "Oh Jack, I've been waiting for you to do that for ages."

Jack laughed not knowing what to say. "Well you'll be getting it more often so get used to it." He winked at Ianto.

"We should be getting to school." Ianto said quickly.

"Yep." Jack replied to Ianto as he offered his hand to Ianto, they both smiled at each other and started walking to school.


When they arrived at school, they saw Gwen, Owen and Tosh standing at the school gates.

"Something you want to tell us Jack?" Asked Owen.

Jack and Ianto looked at each other before Jack answered him, "We went on a date last night, so I guess you could say we are dating." He paused for a bit. "I like it." Ianto smiled. "So do I." He butted in.

Gwen smiled at them and they all walked into school.

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