Happiness: 2

To say he was a confident person would be an understatement, but even he felt a bit of shyness as he approached Mei Mei's door, and knocked on it gently.

"Who is it?" Mei Mei called out from her room, voice sounding a bit muffled.

"It's me." Chao Xin laughed awkwardly as he clicked the door open, and gazed over at her.

She was lying on her bed, hugging a pillow as she looked up at him, "Yes?"

"So funny story... but I kinda know about your secret..." Chao Xin informed, putting his hands behind his head.

"Wha-!?" Mei Mei blushed, immediately sitting up. How did he find out?

"Yeah I mean there's no shame in being jealous, I totally get it. But if you worked hard you could probably get some fans..." Chao Xin smiled, ruffling her green hair.

"Your an idiot!" She shrieked, pushing him out of the room and promptly slamming the door. He thought she was jealous of his popularity!?

Ugh. How could he be so dense. Didn't he realize she cared about him...

Mei Mei had just returned to her bed when Chao Xin opened the door and asked, "So you were upset because of your period instead?"

She threw her pillow at his head and yelled, "Get out, O-U-T"

"Geez I was just trying to help..." Chao Xin explained, a giant sweat drop on his head as he barely managed to dodge the pillow.

Those were his best guesses he'd come to a conclusion of. So whatever Dashan was muttering about earlier he hadn't the slightest clue. He figured it would probably be best to give Mei Mei some space to cool down.

Plus he had a date to attend to~

"Dummy." Mei Mei murmured, pulling the covers over her head as tears streamed down her face.

"Mei Mei!" A voice called out startling her.

She peeked her head out to see her good friend Chi Yun standing in front of her.

"Is that what you do now, quit?" He questioned, seeming a bit disappointed.

"No sir." Mei Mei sighed, sitting up. "But-"

"No buts! You like him, correct? So instead of waiting for him to figure out let him know!" Chi Yun demanded, a scowl on his face.

Mei Mei nodded, feeling a small smile cross her lips. Yes, she had to tell him. Otherwise it would take him forever to piece the facts together... unlike the rest of her team who found it quite evident.

Hopping to her feet she declared, " I never give up! Where is he?"

Chi Yun grinned back at her and explained, " That is the Mei Mei I know. But... it would seem he's left to go on another date..."

Mei Mei sighed in exasperation, "Well it looks like were going to have to smash that party!"

Chi Yun nodded although he knew if Chao Xin was there he would have corrected, "crash" not "smash" but that wasn't important.

What was important was that she was smiling again.

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