Yo my names Kat I'm sixteen have blond hair with pink streaks I have bright blue eyes and a twin sis named Em. What up? I'm Em I'm sixteen and have black hair with purple and orange streaks and it's very layered I have bright green eyes that sometimes change to orange. My twin sis is Kat. Our birthday is the 31st of October (Halloween) I know you're thinking how can they be twins well I dyed my hair but we have the same style and we look alike you know like body shape and stuff! I bet you've heard a lot of stories but none quite like this…..

"Kat! Get back here" my best friend/twin sis Em called as we were playing out back we were around 6 at the time and didn't worry too much about what was happening in the world. But on this particular day everything changed…..we were playing like normal until my mother came and hurried us inside I wasn't sure what was going on because we usually got to play outside till dinner and it wasn't dinner yet. We did as we were told and ran inside. As soon as we got inside we were hurried to the basement I was confused because usually we weren't allowed in the basement. We went down and my mom opened a secret passage way. "Now girls I want you to follow this passage to the end don't stop don't turn around and don't come back alright? When you're at the end there will be a door knock 13 times and then wait someone will ask for a password tell them "it is I who does not speak" ok don't forget now. When you're inside tell them the black knight sent you they will know what to do from there. Ok I love you, never forget that no matter what happens take care of each other. Now hurry!" As soon as my mother finished explaining we hurried down the passage it was long but we ran as far as we could the walked fast so we would make it there in time we came to the door and we knocked 13 times a slot opened at the top and we saw 2 eyes peering down at us. "What's the password" the man said "it is I who does not speak" I responded "enter" was all he said. We walked in to a big room filled with many people I was scared but tried to look somewhat calm so I wouldn't worry Em. We walked up to a man sitting behind a desk "umm excuse me" he looked up "yes?" "The black knight sent us" I said "so you're the famous kid knights eh?" he said more to himself than anyone else "excuse me kid knights what do you mean can someone please tell us what's going on" Em said the first thing she said since this all started "well you're in a secret organization called The Dark Abyss to get to the point we do assassin work along with thieving. Your parents were the best we ever had your mom the black knight and your dad the knight king worked together and never once messed up a mission. So you are the kid knights or otherwise known as daughters of the knights all their skill has been passed down to you 2 by a ritual that was done when you 2 were babies. So you have all their skill plus your own you might be the most powerful assassins ever born." … Em "so what are we assassins? Can I be a ninja instead?" Man "I guess" Em "YES IMMA NINJA HAHAHAHAHA!" "Ok Em now let them explain what we are supposed to do" I said. Em "fine but I want waffles for breakfast tomorrow" "yes you can have your waffles. Now shh!" "k well my name is Tomo I'm the leader of this organization and this is sherry she will show you where you will sleep tonight and yes she will bring waffles in the morning" Em "yay!" Tomo "Now go get some sleep" Em and I doing our salute "sir yes sir!" and we march away like a boss.

NEXT MORNING: because I'm too lazy to write anything else…

Sherry walks in at like 6:00 in the morning "girls wake up!" Em and I "it's too early" we roll over and go back to sleep Sherry "I brought waffles" Em and I "were up!" We scarf down some waffles and drink apple juice like a boss! After breakfast we were told to walk back down to the main floor where we entered yesterday. We met some very interesting people that day… Sherry "ok girls this is Jacob and Hallee they will be training with you from now on" Hallee " I'm Hallee I'm 7 years old and love anime!" "I'm Jacob. I'm 6 and a half years old and I love video games!" "I'm Kat" "and I'm Em" in unison "were twins" after introductions we were sent to the training hall first we had to run laps. It was very boring and very tiring. Then we were educated on the different types of weapons there are. Like hidden blades, throwing knives, and just awesome assassin stuff. Then we did muscle building and practiced thieving. After that we had lunch….. "Hey Kat, Em over here." We heard Hallee shout from across the room. We walked up to them and they introduced us to some older members. "This is Kira and her friends Tanna and Amber." "I'm Kira I'm 8 years old." "I'm Tanna and I'm 9 years old" "I'm Amber and I'm 7 years old" "they've been training since they were 6 and Tanna has already had her first mission." Said Hallee "Wow! What was it like?" Em asked "nothing special" replied Tanna "just some pickpocketing, I haven't done any assassinations yet." "Still that's pretty awesome" I said Lunch went by smoothly and we went back to the training room as soon as we got there we knew something was wrong. There was no one there and sirens started going off… "What's happening?" I asked "I don't know" replied Hallee "But we better get to the emergency room follow me! And Hurry!" we all went to the emergency room we waited for hours but no one came finally we decided to go check it out. "Alright we'll all go but stay quiet and stay close!" Tanna said we searched the training area first we grabbed some weapons and headed for the main room when we got there we saw Tomo fighting 3 guys and Sherry with 2 and a lot of others we don't even know yet it looked like the whole organization was fighting except all us kids of course. We snuck in as quiet as we could and jumped into the fight. "What are you doing here" Tomo said while dodging a swing from a short sword "we're here to help and It sure looks like you need it" I say while making and attack on one of the men that Tomo was fighting. "We have everything under control now go back to the safe room!" said Sherry while nearly getting hit by a throwing knife. "Yeah that's why you haven't finished them off yet." I said "just let us help we've only been here a day but that doesn't mean we don't want to help" Said Em while fighting back to back with Jacob. "Fine just don't get yourselves killed or I'm dead." As the fighting went on we slowly started pushing them back….. Get down yelled Jacob as he pushed Em down landing on top of her just nearly missing getting their heads cut off by a flying double edged sword. We all ducked and were safe but we knew we had to finish them off and fast. As Em and Jacob are getting back up a guy comes around from behind and tries to hit Em. I, being the closest, launch myself at the man and I stab his arm. He staggers back and disappears into the fighting. "Are you ok Em" I ask "Yeah thanks to you, you always have had cat like reflexes." (Hehe cat, Kat get it? lol.) "No problem now let's finish them" We continue the fighting and after several hours we finally manage to get them to call a retreat and they all run out of the base.

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