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Morgana carried on, ignoring the knight.

"Oh, I'll find your precious Merlin, all right. Now, would you like him dead or alive?" she asked pleasantly.

Percival raised his hand. "Um, alive please," he answered.

Morgana cackled again. "Too bad!" she replied, downing her potion and disappearing from the room in a puff of smoke.

"Quick! After her!" Arthur commanded, and he, Gwen and the knights all downed their potions, leaving Gaius to find their bodies all in Merlin's room and sigh, shaking his head in an 'I don't even want to know' fashion.


"Where are we?" Gwen asked, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

"I don't know, but it had better be somewhere with a tavern," Gwaine replied, looking around nervously.

They were in a dark, empty area that was seemingly deserted.

"Well, this is creepy," Arthur said, drawing his sword and holding it up as if to stab any invisible monsters.

"Aw, scared of the dark, are we Arty?" Morgana teased, ever the annoying older sister.

"I'm not scared!" Arthur replied hotly.

"Yeah, whatever. Just thought it might be hard for you to be all alone in the dark without Pudsey to protect you." Morgana smirked.

"Who's Pudsey?" Gwen asked, momentarily forgetting that Morgana was evil in her curiosity.

"His stuffed yellow bear." Morgana told Gwen, making her giggle.

"Not that it matters. Not even Pudsey could stop me destroying him now," Morgana stated, and when she got five glares (Gwen was still too busy giggling) in response to her statement, she continued, "Oh relax, it's not you that I'm interested in, it's Merlin."

And with that she walked off in the other direction, her smugness radiating from her, completely sure that, even though she could still feel them glaring at her back, none of them would attack her, seeing as she could blast them to pieces if they did.

"I hate her," Gwen muttered.

"Well, I rather like her," said a voice from the shadows, which, though being surprisingly nasty, was strangely familiar.

Morgana whipped round, preparing to cast all her fury upon the person who suggested that she was even slightly nice.

The others all made 'wasn't me' gestures, looking confused, and the evil she-witch stalked towards them.

"Why should I believe you?" she said distrustfully.

"No offence," Elyan answered, "But you haven't exactly given us any reason to give you Camelot's Witch of the Year award."

Morgana still looked doubtful, but even she looked fearful of the frightening voice that none of them knew the owner of.

"Well, I suppose it would be better if we travelled together," she said, her eyes darting to all of them in turn, looking at them with disdain. "At least until I find better companions, anyway."

"You mean completely evil ones?" Leon suggested.

"Yes," she responded, "though one that was half-evil in a way that made you feel sorry for them would do" she added thoughtfully.

"Hmmm," Arthur said, scratching his head. "Half-evil in a way that makes you feel sorry for them. Now why does that sound familiar?"

"Shut up," Morgana growled.

"Come on, can't stay here chatting all day," Lancelot intoned, eager to break up the sibling fight that was sure to come if no one stopped it.

And so they began walking. However, they hadn't gotten three feet when they bumped into someone. Merlin!

His eyes darted backwards and forwards, and he looked agitated, as if he hadn't slept in weeks.

"Help me. P-please help me," he begged.

"It's okay, Merlin, we've come to take you home," Gwen said soothingly, obviously seeing her friend was in distress.

"Not if I take him first!" Morgana darted forward, and Merlin squealed, hiding behind a figure that was practicing sword moves. And that figure was…Merlin!

"Wait a second, I'm confused. Either I'm seeing double, or there are two Merlins," said Gwaine, pointing out the obvious as usual.

"Young one, we are not the only Merlins," said another person to his right who looked like Merlin, but he had Gaius' reading glasses and the look of a mad scientist.

"There are many more of us. Musician Merlin," he asked a different Merlin who had just appeared in front of them, "would you care to introduce these men and women of average intelligence level to ourselves?" the other Merlin nodded, grinning excitedly and, putting an arm around Gwaine, he sang "Well, there's meeee! The Musician! Merlin,"

And then pointing to the Merlin in the glasses "And there's hiiim, Wise! Merlin"

He pointed to the Merlin practicing sword moves and crooned "And then there's hiiim, Swordsman! Merlin,"

Moving toward the other Merlin cowering behind who was now known to be Swordsman! Merlin, Musician! Merlin lulled "And then there's hiiim, Afraid! Merlin, and that's not alllll"

Swinging Gwaine around, Musician! Merlin pointed to all the other different Merlins that had sprung up in from of them, singing.

"There's…Angsty! Merlin, AU! Merlin, Clumsy! Merlin, Arrogant! Merlin, Cheerful Merlin, and that's not alll!

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