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America wasn't crazy.

He knew he wasn't. It was impossible. He was a nation. And nations didn't just go insane. They didn't just start seeing things that weren't there.

And so, America had long ago decided, he wasn't crazy.

Hell, he even entertained England and went to see a therapist.

Multiple therapists, even.

And he was declared to be perfectly sane multiple times, thank you very much.

There wasn't a single sign that indicated that he had schizophrenic tendencies, or that he could be psychotic or bipolar. Nothing to suggest he could be depressed, or have dissociative identity disorder, or anything that could possibly be making him… see things.

He. Was. Perfectly. Sane.

Of course he was. He was the hero after all.

I told you I wasn't crazy, he had told England after his fourth session, so stop telling me that I'm 'just seeing things'.

Yet England, as well as the other nations, would keep giving him strange, worried looks when America got on their case about being forgetful. About their ignorance.

How could you forget him, he would ask angrily, he's my fucking brother.

Time after time they would tell him that he doesn't have a brother. That America was talking about somebody that doesn't exist.

That there's no such person as Matthew Williams.

And America was sick and tired of people telling him that Matthew Williams didn't exist.