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Naruto's PoV:

People realize he has a depressing past because he is always acting broody and really serious.

People don't realize that I have a depressing past. It's because I always grin from ear to ear and I act like a fool, frequently shouting "Believe It!" or "I'm going to become Hokage!"

He is treated special and even has more than a hundred fan girls who all want to be with him. They call him loving names or smile/squeal in glee as soon as they see him.

I am treated like a monster by most of the people in my village. Even the few people who say they are my friends only shower me with insults, never realizing how much they are hurting my feelings.

He is the one who acts all emo. I am the on who acts like an overly happy teen. He is the one who only says "Hn." I am the one who is loud-mouthed and talkative.

People call me mean things and do worse if I don't let it slide. I get called dobe (mainly by him), idiot, or monster. I get kicked out of places, get beaten up, have things thrown at me or where I live, and much more but am not allowed to do a thing about it. If somebody, miraculously, insults him and they anger him they immediately back off due to his cold glares or are in for a hell of a lot of pain. (I am the only one who calls him teme. Hell, I'm the only one who insults or challenges him and gets away with it. Still, I don't ever cross the line because if I do, even I know that I will be dead.)

We both share the fact that we no longer have our families. Why do others accept him while they don't accept me? The reason is simple.

He is the sole survivor after his clan's massacre and he belonged to one of the most powerful ninja clans in history. He is Sasuke Uchiha.

I am the one with really no family to begin with, the one with a demon inside of me that had almost killed everybody, I am Naruto Uzamaki.