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Work was done and Sasuke and Naruto were heading out to a restaurant to eat BBQ with their friends… and to tell them the good news.

"Hey, Sasuke," Naruto spoke up as they walked.

"Hn?" Sasuke asked.

"Who should be the godparents?" Naruto asked, as he unconsciously rubbed his lower stomach.

Sasuke looked up to the sky in thought before he spoke up. "I have an idea of who it should be."

"Me too," Naruto smiled as they walked inside the noisy restaurant.

Everybody was sitting around the huge table that was covered in food… that was quickly disappearing thanks to Choji. Shikamaru was covering Temari's mouth nervously as she almost called Choji fat. Kiba was trying to feed Hinata some food while Lee was getting inspired from seeing them and trying to feed Sakura. He would not stop babbling about youth. Neji, who had finally accepted Kiba as part of the family, was giving all his attention to Gaara. Ino was yelling at Sai for giving the others perverse smiles. Ten-Ten was happily eating her food while Shino talked to the group whenever they included him in conversation with small sentences. Naruto was slightly leaning on Sasuke as the raven ate.

Everybody started to drink the sake except Naruto… and Lee of course.

"Hey Naruto," Kiba called out, already down to his sixth cup of sake. "Aren't you going to have some?"

"Yeah, Naruto-kun," Sai agreed slyly. He already seemed drunk though nobody was sure how much Sai had to drink so far. "Have some." Sai moved forward and tried to bring his sake up towards the blonde's face.

Naruto shook his head no and gave the cup back to a clearly drunk Sai. "I can't, sorry," he apologized.

Ino pulled herself closer to Sai. Sai may act perverse and she yells at him for it but that is only because she gets jealous easily. Though she will probably never admit it. Sai will probably never admit that Ino was all he ever looked at either.

"Why not, dude? Its good sake," Kiba asked.

"Because-" Naruto started but cut himself off and sat up straight. He clapped his hands once, successfully getting everyone's attention. "I almost forgot! I have something to tell all of you," Naruto exclaimed, a grin covering his face.

Sasuke was sitting up straight and smiling too, everybody knew something was up. The Uchiha did not smile for no reason, especially not in public.

Naruto was just grinning at first and not saying anything. Finally, Sakura spoke up. "…Naruto, spit it out."

Naruto laughed. "Yes, Sakura-chan." Blue eyes closed momentarily as he took a deep breath. Eyes that now looked as if they were a sky that contained millions of stars snapped open. " I'm pregnant."

Naruto and Sasuke smiled. Kiba was frozen in place, his face dumbfounded at what he had just heard. Hinata was turning red and looked as if she would faint soon. Temari dropped her sake with a crash; Shikamaru had opened his eyes and was staring intently at the two. Choji had stopped eating halfway. Ino had stopped scolding Sai, who had also stopped giving smiles that could send chills down another's back. Sakura's mouth gaped open along with Lee's. Ten-Ten had almost choked on her sip of sake. Shino was clearly staring at Naruto, probably thinking he said the craziest thing he had ever heard in his life. For some reason, Neji and Gaara didn't seem to be so shocked as the others; instead, they looked pleasantly surprised with small smiles forming at their lips.

"Um… Naruto? Sasuke? Do you two have a fever or something? Last time I checked, men can't have kids," Sakura finally spoke up from the stunned silence.

"Well, Sakura-chan, most men aren't jinchurikii with male lovers," Naruto explained.

"Huh… Wait," Sakura's face turned into a blush. "Does that mean you two finally did it!?" She burst out.

Sasuke's and Naruto's face turned red as tomatoes. They didn't even nod yes, but everybody knew.

"Ha! Ino, pay up," Sakura screamed with glee, shooting out her hand signaling for her to hand over the money. Ino just groaned.

"You two bet on when we would do it!" Naruto erupted, the blush never fading from his cheeks.

"We-We all did," Hinata whispered.

Sasuke glared at everybody, but everybody laughed. "Why am I still your friends?" Naruto pouted.

"Because you couldn't live without us," Kiba laughed. Akumaru barked in agreement.

Naruto slapped his forehead with a groan, "Sadly, it's true."

While the rest continued to laugh at Naruto's and Sasuke's glares, Gaara and Neji came up to nudge the two.

"Congratulations," they whispered.

"Thanks," the two mouthed.

"So… Gaara. When are you two going to have a kid?" Naruto teased.

Gaara's face turned almost as red as his hair. He went quiet in embarrassment.

Neji shrugged with a smile, "We will when we are ready."

Naruto smiled softly back, "That's really good. I wish you the best of luck."

After a while, Naruto got up to go the bathroom. As soon as Naruto was out of earshot, Sasuke called for their attention.

"I'm going to propose to Naruto," Sasuke revealed.

The girls immediately shrieked in glee. Marriage was every girls' dream after all, and it was even more fun to see their friends get married.

"Good job, Sasuke," Kiba smiled patting him on the back. "We may not be close friends but I expect you to make Naruto happy."

"Y-yeah," Sasuke replied. It was one of the few times he had a conversation with Kiba that hadn't ended with him thinking of Kiba as a stupid mutt.

Sasuke cleared his throat, rushing to finish what he was saying before Naruto came back. "You guys cannot tell him though. It's supposed to be a surprise."

Everybody nodded; they swore not to reveal the surprise to the blonde.

Sasuke acknowledged their nods and continued. "So here's the plan…"

"We'll try, but its going to be hard… you'll have to wait till midnight," the friends spoke simultaneously.

Sasuke nodded his head. "I know but I really want this to work. Thank you guys."

"Hey, don't thank us Uchiha. It's not like you," Shikamaru yawned.

"Hn," Sasuke agreed. It really wasn't like him.

"Hey, guys what are you talking about?" Naruto asked as he appeared.

"Nothing. We were heading home," Shino quickly lied to cover up for them.

Naruto made a small frown. "Ok…"

"Hey don't look so sad, Sasuke is still with you," Sakura assured, her hand lightly squeezing Naruto's shoulder as she got up to leave. Her lips mouthed a "congratulations."

Naruto and Sasuke waved the others goodbye before heading back home.

"I wonder why they had to leave so early?" Naruto whispered to Sasuke.

"Hn," Sasuke responded.

The others regrouped once Naruto was out of sight. "Ok, does everybody know the plan?" Neji asked.

"Yeah," Shikamaru sighed before heading of the find Sasuke's fan club. This was going to be troublesome.

"What! Sasuke and Naruto… what!" The girls screamed. Their faces contorted with horror that Sasuke would officially never be theirs.

"Yeah," Shikamaru responded without a care or a hint of delicacy of what the girls would say. All he knew was that they were loud and he wanted to go back to being lazy. "So will you help?"

The girls huddled up together muttering to each other. They turned to face the lazy adult with frowns on their faces.


The girls shook their heads and nodded, they gave up. "We may not like it… but if Sasuke is happy we… we will do it."

"Good, if you had said know I had already thought of 2056 more ways to make you do it," Shikamaru sighed as he walked away from the dumbfounded girls. His job was done, now he could sleep.


"You guys, ready for this?"

They all nodded their heads, smiling. This was going to be amazing. They were going to let the year go out and start with a bang.

"Sasuke, the lights aren't working," Naruto complained.

"Hn," Sasuke shrugged.

Naruto peered out from the window. From his view, nobody's light were on. "Sasuke! The village is in the dark!"

"Maybe they are all sleeping," Sasuke shrugged, trying to hide the smirk that appeared on his face. Thankfully, Naruto didn't seem to notice.

"Sasuke, don't just lay on the bed. We have to go see what has happened to the rest of the village. I'm the Hokage."

"You sure you want to go out in only your boxers?" Sasuke asked, this time his smirk was in full view.

Naruto blushed, "Fine, you get changed too."


"The whole entire village is without lights!" Naruto exclaimed. He couldn't help but shiver slightly in the cold air. Turned out that all his clothes except the white kitsune kimono that Sasuke had gotten for him one year was in the laundry, Figures.

"Yeah, but aren't you cold? We should head home," Sasuke told him, he didn't want Naruto to get a cold, no matter how sexy the blonde looked in the outfit. Plus, he knew just the way to get Naruto warmed up, he thought smirking.

"No way Sasuke. I can just get Karuma to warm me up with his chakra," Naruto explained.

"Hn." Sometimes Sasuke thought that Naruto cared too much about being responsible for his duty. Oh well, that just how his beloved was and he wouldn't have it any other way. "Come on, lets just go check the village from up there," Sasuke pointed to the top of the mountains that now had Naruto's face carved in it too.

"Ok, Sa-su-ke," Naruto smiled as he felt Sasuke's hands wrap around his. He immediately felt warm. He saved the sight of Sasuke blushing at the way his name was saved to memory.


Meanwhile, Karuma was in his domain curled up, but smiling. He knew Naruto wouldn't hear him until later but he was going to say it anyways. "Congratulations Kit," he whispered.

"The whole entire city is seriously in the dark," Naruto pouted as he faced Sasuke. "Now what are we going to do?"

"It's ok Naruto, look," Sasuke reassured as he looked and pointed to the city.

"What are you talk-"


The lights came out one by one, magically preforming letters, which formed words. Golden lights sparkled saying:


"It's amazing!" Naruto gasped.

Suddenly he felt Sasuke's hand leave his. He turned to face him. Instead, he found Sasuke on one knee with a small box open that revealed a ring that contained a small diamond which constantly changed into a beautiful range of colors: from clear, to pure white, sunshine yellow, to kitsune orange, to Uchiha red, to a navy blue, and finally to a midnight black before starting its cycle over again.

Sasuke's onyx black eyes gazed up to Naruto's surprised blue ones. "Naruto, stay with me?"


His eyes shined even more beautiful than the stars. "Yes, Sasuke, a million times yes."

Their lips met each other as Sasuke slid the ring on to Naruto's hand. As if on cue, magnificent fireworks exploded into the sky around them.

The two lover's foreheads touched each other while their faces couldn't hide their smiles. The fireworks continued to explode in the night sky.

"I love you Naruto."

"I love you Sasuke."

They whispered to each other simultaneously: "Thank you for staying with me."

A/N: Kyaa~! This story has finally come to a close and I am personally happy with this ending. To me, it's beautiful. Oh yeah, this took place on New Year's Eve/New Year's

Though it is sad to end stories and I actually cried a little from writing this ending, I love it. This is the first fan fiction I ever wrote so I'm happy it came out so well.

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