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Attempted Murder


Strong language

Blood and gore


Car theft

Brain washing

Black mail

And so much more

So sit back, relax and laugh at the pain I put myself into through this story.

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+Why didn't you do it?

*Do what?

+End it.

I couldn't really tell you where I was at. At the moment, I was just passed out with a throbbing pain to the side of my head. But it was hellishly cold where ever I was. I squeezed my eyes tight before actually opening them fully. Not to my surprise, it was completely dark and I couldn't see shit in a creek if I wanted to. Sorry for the language, but I was in harsh pain. My wrist hurt but I didn't know why completely. But I knew I couldn't move my arms and it felt like I was against a wall.

I not sure as to how I ended up at the place I was at, but I knew that before I was in the dark hole I was walking the block just to get some fresh air to stay awake tell 10:35 P.M. or something close to it. I find that I'm always tired and I can never fully be awake. It could be that I'm somewhat underweight. Is 110 pounds to light for a girl that's five foot? I don't care. So, back to what I was saying.

I was walking around then I felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat side of my head. Then I found myself in a dark place hoping to god that it wasn't a rapist or something close to it. I was only 18; I still had stuff I want to do before I kick the bucket.

I squinted my eyes to see if this would help me at all see my surroundings better.

And just my luck, all I could make out was the objects that were on the wall to the left of me. Well, the shapes of them. I couldn't place what they were. I sighed and rolled my head to hear a quite snap from my neck.

'Guess I've been here for some time…my wrist hurt like a hot poker is sticking into them and my neck aches most likely because my heads been hanging down for hours.' I glanced around the room. 'Question is… where the hell am I?'

A blinding light stung into my eyes and I closed them to avoid the pain of the sudden light that turned on. I slowly opened one eye, and then opened both to blink in utter confusion. I wasn't the only girl in the room. There had to be at least ten others in the room with me, all chained to the walls. But unlike me, they were still passed out. I frowned and looked to my left again to spot the object that I was trying to identify.

My left eye twitched in fear.

'A-Are those knifes?'

That. Was. It.

"Out. Out! OUT!" I said freaking out, thrashing my feet on the ground somewhat. "I need to get the hell out of here!" I rammed my head against the wall and paused, hissing at the new injury that I had caused myself. "Aw, ooow…"

I lowered my head to stare at my black shirt with the jackass symbol on the front, my brown hair falling around my face. I wasn't really a girly girl. I always found myself dressing in a skater boy like fashion almost every day. I had a reason to dress that way. I don't like being looked at. Sounds weird, yes, but I'm shy somewhat. Unsocial you could say if you didn't know be from a hole in the ground.

That and I hate the colors pick, purple, and any other girl like color. And that seems to be the only colors that clothing for girls wear. I frowned at the sudden thought that popped into my head. I glanced up and sighed slightly. My plaid baby blue and lime green beanie was on my head still.

"Thank god." I mumbled with a slight sigh.

"I see that one of you is awake." A male voice said quite darkly. I jumped at the voice and looked up to see something I thought I never would. It was a man that looked just like Johnny C. and frankly, it was scaring the crap out of me. He just stood by door he came from and glared at me with all his rage, as if his dark eyes were trying to kill me themselves.

"…O-Okay… This is a joke right?" I giggle nervously, feeling the sweat run down the side of my face.

The man dress as Johnny glared at me even more. But I found something stranger. The guy didn't just look like Johnny, but he seemed to be… Drawn?

I paused and looked around the room at the other girls in the room. They looked to be drawn just like the guy that was imposing Johnny, even the things in the room seemed to be drawn as well. I shot my head back to the only man in the room.

"I rarely joke." The man growled. "I'm not the joking kind at all." He placed a hand on a lever that was next to the light switch. He smirked evilly to me, the smile being somewhat close to the Cheshire cat's freaky smile, saying, "I'm all business when it comes to scum like you." and pulled the lever down.

My eyes snapped over to the first girl in the line that screamed, then the next, then the next. I looked to all the girls in fear and found what was making them scream. On their heads were wires, the wires were all connected to every girl in the room, one wire going to the first person then the next in line, and those wires were connected to the lever the man happened to pull, shocking everyone down the line. I shot my eyes to look at my own head as the girl next to me screamed in my ear.

There were wires on my head, and I was the last in line for the current to go to.

"Oh, fucGHAAAA!" I yelled, the electricity flowing through every orifice of my body and making it scream as bad as I was back then. The man pulled the lever back up, and everyone stopped screaming in agony. I dropped my head down and huffed and puffed to regain my air.

"Ah, like music to the ears." He sighed happily.

But I didn't hear this from the man that looked like Johnny. I was more stunned to see what all the girls had on or looked like. All of them were dressed in either a Goth or Emo style clothing. But that wasn't what shocked me the most. It was the fact that all of them had a shirt on that said the same thing.

I 3 Johnny C.

"What the fuck?" I said to myself. "What shit is this?!"

I was stuck in a room full of fucking ragging, mad, lunatic fangirls. My left eye twitched madly at what was about to happen next.

"OH MY GOD! EEEEEEK! NNY~! IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE!" All the girls screamed at the sight of him.

I stuck out my tongue and gaged as all the girls went on like a flock of chickens.

"Ugh, gag me with a spoon." I hissed glaring at all of them. They all stopped and glared back at me. I even think one of them tried spitting at me. "Are you all stupid or something? The guy's a murderer! What the hell do you think you're down here for in the first place?"

One girl with blue dyed hair and green eyes stated the most stupid thing anyone would say.

"Well it's not that hard to know why he brought us down here." All the girls looked over to her. "It's because he's going to pick out his one true love!"

I stared at her unblinkingly.

"I swear to god, if I wasn't chained up here I would-," I bit my tongue and squeezed my eyes closed. I was raised better than to talk to people like trash. "Even if that is horribly WRONG," I sighed and opened my eyes. "I respect the fact that you answered my question all the same." I leaned my head to the direction of Johnny, at was watching the conversation going on in front of him intently. "It is evident that he's going to KILL us all." I hissed.

I watched all the girls look at one another.

'Did I get through to the-,"

"EEEEEEK~!" They all screamed at the same time. I groaned and hit my head against the wall behind me multiple times. That was better than hearing those damn girls scream like ten year olds. They all started to fight with one another about who was going to get killed by Johnny first and how they wanted to die.

I was dumbfounded by all of this. They were about to be murdered… And they wanted it?!

"You know what," I said, not really caring if they heard me. "You all can suck a big one. People as stupid as you need to die if you fall for a guy like," I glanced over to Johnny to see he wasn't staring at all of us anymore. He was glaring at me with everything he had. "That! He kills without remorse. Yet you say you WANT to be with something as mad as him. He doesn't like you. He hates the world and everyone that inhabits it! "

A clap came from nowhere.

I frowned at this and found that it was Johnny that was clapping.

"A beautiful speech," He mumbled. He stopped clapping and smirked. "And such beautiful last words to die by as well."

"Why thank yo-," I paused. "Wait. What?"

"Yeah! Kill the nonbeliever!" One of the girls yelled, making others start up as well in a chant. My eyes widened in fear seeing that he stared to walk over in my direction, an evil smirk on his thin pale lips.

"Nononono!" I spat out fast, backing up against the wall I was chained against to. He stuck out his hand, it reaching out to my face as I felt fear wash over me. I closed my eyes and said, "F-Fuck that shit! This is messed up!" In a fast matter that came out as gibberish, turning my head to the left.

I felt a tug on my head and little pop sounds like suction coming off skin came out of nowhere. I opened my eyes slowly to see that Johnny was walking away from me. I glanced around and found out what he had done after seeing them on the ground near my feet.

He pulled the wires off my head.


Johnny turned to face us all once more after walking over to the lever.

"You are all here for a reason." He stated coldly, scanning his cold eyes over all our faces. "The people that have hired me to do this to you will go unknown. But they want me to say that they hate you all with a burning passion." He crossed his arms over his chest. "You all have something in common in here. Except,"

He pointed over to me.


All the girls started to yell and scream about how I need to be killed and how they hated me for some reason. All of them saying,

"Kill her!"


"Make her eat her eyes!"

Johnny grinded his teeth and shut his eyes in aggravation.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He yelled, his voice booming off the walls of the hallow room. All the girls fell silent with wide eyes.

I blinked once.

'Bitches be crazy…'

"Well~" I stated, breaking the silence in the room and gaining everyone to look at me. "This is nice and all, really. Buuut, I'd like to get the hell out of here." I looked over to Johnny with a wide smile. "So if you could let me down and tell me how I can get out of this world I'm in, I'd really appreciate it."

He stared at me with a bored look plastered on his face.


My gut dropped as my head dropped at the same time.

"Come ooon!" I hissed in aggravation. "I don't even understand why I'm here in the first place! I'm not like," I turned to the girls on the wall next to me. "Them."

All the girls opened their mouths to yell at me, but I cut them off as fast as I could, saying, "And there's nothing wrong with being the way you are! To each is to own."

I looked back over to Johnny.

"But I just started reading your comic…" I started to think quietly to myself. "What was it? Um…Three months ago? What the hell did I do that was so bad to get to," I moved my head around. "This?!"

Johnny smirked and chuckled darkly. I furrowed my brows in puzzlement.

"Ms. Child," He waved a hand at me trying to think of what to say after that. "Thing. You are the first of your kind to come here to my basement."

"What would that be?" I asked, trying to get information out of him. "And I'm not a Child. I'm 18."

Johnny seemed confused by this.

"Really?" He put a hand on his chin and investigated me. "You look to be 14."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?" I snapped at him. "I'm almost done with high school! I have one year left!"

He snapped back at me, pointing and snarling like a dog, saying, "Don't yell at the man that holds your life in his hands! It'll end faster for the likes of you, you shit!"

I was about to yell at him again, but stopped knowing the end result of it all.

Me dead in the basement. My head, separated from my body, in the gutter as a hobo talked to it for company. I shuddered at the thought.

He took a deep sigh through his nose with closed eyes.

"Very good." He pulled out a knife from his jacket making my blood go cold, but the girls around him cooed like idiots. He smirked as he tested the sharpness of the knife on his thumb. "Time to slim down the herd…"

With one swift movement of his arm, the first girl in the row died with a stab to the throat. I watched as the blood flew in the air and the other girls finally came to the realization what was really happening. But they didn't scream in fear. They screamed and cheered with happiness. Johnny went to the next one and chopped off the lower half of her jaw to stop her from cheering, then gouged her eyes out to stuff them up her nose. All the girls cheered and yelled to be the next one in the group to die by his hands.

I couldn't watch. I closed my eyes and turned my head in the other direction to get away from it all. Slowly but surely, the amount of screaming died down until finally there was no yelling left, but the sounds of the last fangirl's gurgling blood in her throat. I felt a cold touch of metal on my cheek. I opened one eye slowly to see that the tip of the knife was held to my cheek. And on the other end of the knife was none other than the homicidal maniac.

"How should I kill you?" He hissed low, his eyes becoming wild. "Electrocution? Drowning? Fire? Stuffing beavers into your chest cavity?"

"H-How about none of the above?" I stuttered, forcing a smile on my lips.

I froze seeing someone on the other side of room. She didn't look like a fangirl, she seemed to be as stunned as I was too, and she was watching Johnny about to kill me with what seemed to be tears in her brown eyes. The girl was wearing a blue sweater, black jeans, and gray convers. Her blond shoulder length hair was a ratted mess and was covered in mud. She looked skinny, about as skinny as I was really.

Johnny frowned seeing me stare at something other than him.

The girl stiffened up seeing both me and Johnny staring at her.

"Ah, I see you met the other one that was different from the other girls as well." Johnny exclaimed. He pulled the knife away from my cheek and backed away. "But only a little different."

"W-why?" The girl said softly, but still riddled with fear.

Johnny smirked at her.

"You know why." He glared and her and stormed over to her. She backed up against the wall and Johnny pointed at her. "And it makes me sick to think of!" He shook and crossed his arms, his eyes darting back and forth. "So sickening indeed. Just the thought of it makes me want to gag!"

Johnny paused and looked around the room as if listening to something.

"Right…" He mumbled. He backed away and glared at her then me. "I'll be back later for you two. The wall is in need of blood..." He walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him shortly after, making the lights in the room flicker.

I blinked at his actions. "Right…" I glanced over to the girl to see her investigating the floor. There was a drain on the floor under her. And it wasn't just her. Under all of the people that were in the room. I cleared my throat and she snapped her eyes over to me. "Umm, sup?" I said, trying to strike up a conversation.

'If I'm to talk to her, then maybe I could learn what the hell I did wrong to get here.'

She didn't answer.

"Name's Sis." I said going on.

Still nothing.

"…Sooo," I swung my feet around. "What brings you here?"

"…" She looked away from me to face the ground again.

I nodded my head.

"Nice chat…" I glanced up to see the locks that were keeping me to the wall. My hands were barely staying in the locks. All they were doing were cutting my wrist. I laughed at myself.


I undid my fisted hands and shimmied my left hand out slowly and painfully. I could feel the metal from the lock cut deeper into my wrist as blood started to roll down my forearm. I squeezed my eyes closed and groaned in pain.

'Come on, I've gotten myself out of hand cuffs before for a magic trick! I can do this!'

The blood on my wrist started to act as a lubricant. My left hand popped out of the locks as my right hand fallowed shortly after. I landed on the bloody ground and smiled to myself.

"Fuck yeah~!" I said in a whisper punching the air. "Who's a beast!? I'm a beast!" I stopped my little chant to see the girl staring at me with wide eyes. I ran over to her and stared at the locks above the girl's head. Her hands didn't seem to be small enough to slip out even if they had blood on them.

"Don't worry," I said in a monotone voice. "I'm goanna get ya out of here."

I glanced around the room and stopped seeing what would help me get her out.

A hammer

I ran over to the wall with all the knives and weapons and pulled the hammer off the wall. I walked over to her and placed the hammer on the lock.

"Don't move." I said, not pulling my eyes off the lock.

I smashed the lock once and flinched at the noise it made. It echoed off the walls and ran down the hall. I slammed the hammer again over and over to try and get the lock undone. After the sometime, the lock came undone and the girl fell to the ground, stumbling a little to catch herself before she fell on her knees.

I waited for her to say thank you or something. But she snapped her head back and forth and dashed to the door, running out of the room and leaving me dumbfounded and stumped.

"You're…Welcome?" I said staring in the direction she had ran. I looked at the hammer, seeing blood caked all over it. I dropped it and said, "Eck, nasty man!" I paused and glanced over to the wall with knives.

'I have to protect myself somehow…' I grabbed a small knife and ran out of the room.

So many screams filled my ears as I ran up the stairs that seemed to never end. I stopped on a flight of steps and huffed to regain my air. I had to have been running for almost two hours just to find a way out of the basement and out of the house. I glanced around the stairwell as I wiped the sweat off my face.

"This has to end somewhere…" I mumbled to myself. "I mean, where the hell did that girl go anyway?" I frowned in thought. "Where did she go?"

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to running up the steps.

I stopped seeing the top section of Johnny's house.

"Oh, thank god!" I sighed. The lights were off, the place was cold, and no one was in the house. But the front door was wide open. "Damn, that girl got out fast…" I started to walk over to the door, and then stopped halfway to the door.

'I have to get information on how the hell I got here. Who the hell sent me here. Why…And how the hell I can get back home.' I turned and spotted the thing that would help me. Or should I say things.

I walked over to the two doughboys that stood on the floor near the T.V. with bunny ears on them, and glared at them, placing my hands on my hips, my shadow hovering over them.

"I know you can hear me." I hissed. "And I have questions."

They didn't move. I can't tell you how stupid I felt talking to Styrofoam figures in the dead of night. Their lifeless eyes stayed locked onto me as I growled in anger. I pulled the small knife out and pointed it to Mr. Eff threating.

"Talk damn you!" I hissed in rage. "Why the hell am I here? Who sent me here? How do I get back home?!"

They didn't talk what so ever. I felt tears stink in my eyes, threating to pour out. I didn't know enough to understand how or why Johnny could talk with the doughboys. Hell, I had only had read JTHM three times. Once a month! I was still just a noob at understanding any of it.

I grinded my teeth to hold back the tears and I pulled the knife away from the Styrofoam figure's nose.

"Please talk." I whispered. The wind from outside blew through the boarded up windows, blowing my brown hair in the wind. I knew that the things weren't going to talk to me. All I wanted to do was to get home. I didn't want to stay in a place that was WORSE than where I lived, which is very hard to do.

I fell quietly to my knees and lowered my head, my hair falling over my face.

I didn't know how to get around the place. I didn't know what town I was in. I didn't even have money to pay for anything to get around.

I was doomed for sure.

"They're not going to talk." A male voice said from behind me.

I frowned at this and turned to where the voice was coming from.

"They can talk, but they choose not to with you. They're stuck up when it comes to talking with people from the outside."

I couldn't find where the voice was coming from. The darkness was just too overwhelming for my eyes. I stood and looked around.

"Then again, you are the first to get out of Johnny's basement… Besides the other girl. Did you help her get out?"

"Yeah…" I answered slowly, looking to where the voice was coming from. "Where are you?"

"On the dresser," The voice said calmly. "Standing on a box."

It clicked then.

"Your-," I stopped seeing the Bub's burger boy sitting on the box with a hamburger hoisted in the air his chubby porcelain hand with a smile on his fat face.

"Reverend Meat." He finished for me. I smiled at the porcelain figure as if I had seen a little baby.

"I can't help but say you look cute." I said patting him on the head. "Holding a hamburger in the air with a smile on your face."

"Why thank you." He replied happily. "That's quite nice of you. I rarely get any complements, yet alone anyone to talk to."

"Well that sucks." I crossed my arms over my chest. "I don't see why. You seem nice to talk to."

"Well you see I can't really talk to 'Nny' because I have yet to reach that point." I tilted my head to the side a little. "The Doughboys still lurk around along with the thing in the wall."

"Ahhh got ya." I nodded my head in understand meant. "So you're basically stuck entertaining yourself really while they get through with their part?"

"That's it." He said somewhat sadly to me.

"Well what type of shit is that?" I huffed.

"You speak too much Reverend Meat!" A new male voice spat. "Just stay quiet and look pretty while we do our jobs!"

"Oh, shut up Mr. Eff!" Reverend Meat hissed in rage at the, now talking, Styrofoam figure on the other side of the house. "Go eat your shitty ass toast and choke on it!" Reverend Meat sighed after saying this. "Please excuse my language; they tend to get on my nerves after a while."

"I can understand that," I replied calmly with a shrug of my shoulders. "You guys have been stuck in this house for some time. It's just natural to get agitated with the people you're stuck in the house with."

"Yeah… It would be nice to get out of here and just," He seemed to lighten up at the idea that popped into his head. "See what's out there. The people. The towns. The food!" He sighed. "But I'm stuck in this hell."

"I have to agree with the fat ass over there." Mr. Eff sighed. "It's quite unpleasant to see the same things over and over again. Just to get out there would be a nice change for once."

"But what about master?" A new voice chimed in. "He needs us just as much as we need the psychopath we control!"

"But think of all the things we could see! Well, more me. I could care less about you." Mr. Eff said fast. "We could do whatever the hell we wanted if we got out of here for a little while! Eat toast, drive cars, KILL PEOPLE WITH THE CARS! Psycho Doughboy, kill people with a car! You could even talk people into committing suicide! Master would be fine without us for a little while."

"That would be nice…" He sighed after a moment of pausing. "But how would we get out?"

I smirked.

"Well~," I sung, getting everyone's attention. "I need to find answers from Johnny… And I can't just walk up to him and demand answers." I glanced over to the Doughboys on the other side of the house. "I do need a good hostage…" They didn't understand. "Or in this case hostages."

All three got where I was getting at.

"Y-You would take us!? Even if Johnny were to kill you for doing so?" Mr. Eff asked happily to me.

"Why not!?" I asked back, raising my hands in the air a little. "I'm already on his personal shit list for some reason."

"This is GREAT!" Psycho Doughboy cheered. "We're leaving this shit hole for once!"

"You know you'll have to take more than just them and me." Meat explained. "You're going to have to have more leverage."

I tapped my chin in thought.

"What?" I asked stumped, l looking at the ceiling as I did so.

Mr. Eff was the one to answer this question, saying the best idea.

"The rabbit!" Mr. Eff exclaimed, pointing to it. I was stunned by the fact that he was now moving on his own. He must have really wanted to leave the house. "And Johnny's Die-airy! He'll flip when all of this is gone! He's like a little girl when it comes to that thing!"

Psycho Doughboy ran off, saying, "I'll get the Die-airy you get the rabbit!"

Both Doughboys went running to get the things needed for the trip ahead of us. I stared at the other side of the house quite stumped.

"Can you walk?" I asked Meat.

"I can, but I don't want to risk the chance of jumping of the dresser and braking." He answered sadly. I smiled slightly and grabbed him, then placed him on the ground softly near my feet. He was actually a pretty big sized statue. He went to my knee in height. "Thank you Ms.…?"

"Just call me Sis." I answered, waving my hand at it. "And it was nothing."

The two doughboys came running in the bedroom with the objects in their small hands.

"I got the rabbit!" Mr. Eff yelled happily.

"I got his Die-airy!" Psycho Doughboy added. He also held up a backpack that seemed old and ratty. "I also got a backpack and packed money, food, drinks, and," He dug into the backpack and pulled out a pair of keys. "His car keys so we can highjack his car too!"

Mr. Eff turned to D-Boy.

"Kiss ass."

I bent down to the two and took the items from them.

"Alright!" I stuck out my hand. "High five!" They both high fived me and cheered happily, running over to the open door, heading for the car with Nailbunny in their grasp. I slung the backpack over my shoulder and messed with the car keys as I stood up.

"Are you ready?" Meat asked by my side.

I stared at the keys then stopped, a smirk coming on my lips.

"I need to get one last thing to really tick him off and get the answers I'm looking for." I glanced down to Reverend Meat to see that he was looking up at me. "Head to the car and I'll meet you and the others over there as soon as I get what I need."

"What are you going to get?" He asked as we walking out of the house. I glanced over to the house next door from the corner of my eye.

"A squeaky toy." I replied with a chuckle, the night air moving my hair.

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