*I can't explain what happened… it's as if I passed out.

+You're repressing that one moment. Why wouldn't you? You almost killed someone.

*…B-But he said I would have died if I didn't…

+This is Mr. Eff. He talked me into trying to kill…


Before another word could be said, a loud thud was heard from the door behind Mr. Eff. We both stared at the door to see the too familiar sight of a knife sticking out of a door. My eye twitched at the sight. I looked around the restroom.

"T-There's no fucking window!?" I yelled in anger. I looked around the restroom one last time to see if there was an exit in the room. The knife was pulled out and stabbed into the door one last time, making my face turn pale. I spotted what I was looking for.

I ran up to the sink and climbed on it.

Mr. Eff raised an eyebrow at my actions.

"You don't seem too worried about this." I hissed in anger, grabbing onto the air vent.

"I can't die." He yawned in boredom. I stopped what I was doing hearing this and slowly turned to stare at him. "What? I'm just a figment of your imagination at this point right now. You're the only one that can see me."

I glared at him.

"I hate you." I pulled the air vent off the wall and threw it in his direction, only to have it land near his feet. I hopped up in the air vent and stared to crawl my way through it to get away from the crazed fan girl. "Not only can you talk in my head, but now I can see you talking to me in a form, son of a bitch."

"I don't have a mother smart one."

I scream in shock seeing him ahead of me in the air duck, looking at me from around the corner.

I sighed with my head hanging in shame.

"I'm stuck with you, aren't I?"

"Yep." He replied with an evil smirk.

"Oh goodie," I said in sarcasm.

"Where are you going Sis?" I snapped my head around to see Share's eyes gleaming in the darkness of the air ducks. "Don't you want help?"

"Oh shit."

"GO!" He yelled at me, grabbing onto my jacket and making me crawl faster.

I heard her laughter from the other end of the air ducks as the sound of her crawling faster than me came to my ears. It was like she was damn grudge girl! I crawled faster and didn't look back, not wanting to stare into her freaky eyes again. She was worse than Johnny! I spotted an air vent at the very end of the duck, making all hope come into my heart.

'I'm not going to die!' I thought as I laughed.

Then, something warm wrapped around my ankle. I turned back to see that Share was holding onto my ankle.

"Come help me!" She chuckled then turned into mad laughter.

"Oh fuck this!" I mule kicked her in the nose to get a loud scream to escape from her.

I then tried to crawl only to have a sharp pain in my thigh come. I screamed in agony and fell onto my face. I bit my lip so hard that the taste of blood entered my mouth. I glanced back in time to see that she was twisting a knife into my thigh as her smirk grew more as the blood from her noise ran down her chin.

"No, no, no~," She mused. "Bad Sis!" She yelled, jabbing the knife down harder in my thigh.

I yelled in pain with closed eyes, balling my hands into fist. But, something prevented me from balling my right hand all the way. I open one eye slightly to spot something I refused to use.

The knife.

"Do you want to die?" Mr. Fuck asked me.

"N-No." I answered through my teeth.

His red eyes gleamed in the darkness of the air duck. "Then you know what you have to do." He pressed. "Kill or be killed."

"I-I can't!" I snapped with tears in my eyes. "I can't kill!"

"DO IT!" He yelled near inches away from my face. "She doesn't seem to care about killing you for that stupid fuck!" He grabbed onto my face to make me stare him into his never ending crimson eyes. "She's is nothing," I felt her jab her knife farther into my thigh. I gasped in pain and let some tears slip down my cheeks. Mr. Eff smiled at my pain, saying, "Kill her."

I'm really sure what made me snap, but I-I…

I stabbed her hand, pinning her to the air duck. She screamed in pain as I screamed in rage at the idea that I could barely move my left leg now because of her stabbing my thigh so much. After that… I blacked out. I can't recall what I did. I couldn't even taste the blood from my lip anymore. It was just all black.

The sound of an engine knocked me out of the nothingness. I snapped my eyes open to see I was sitting in a seat on the back of the bus. I scanned the bus to see that no one was on it. It was just me. I sighed and rubbed my head, feeling a head ache coming on. I was at a loss for words.

"What the hell happened?" I mumbled, removing my hand from my head. I paused to see blood on my hand. I gasped at the sight of the butcher knife that was still in my hand, blood dripping from the tip. I dropped it to the ground and sunk into my seat.

"I-I didn't." I mused in a shaky voice, eyes locked onto the knife. "I couldn't!"

"But you did."

I snapped my head over to my left to see Mr. Eff eating a piece of toast.

"And it was beautiful too." He chuckled. "Just like Johnny's first time."

I slapped the piece of toast out of his hand.

"What did you do?" I hissed, glaring at him with everything I had. "What did I do!?"

"Oi! Don't get all bitchy with me!" He snapped, glaring back at me with hate. "You were the one that chopped Share's hand off with the knife!"

My heart dropped.

"I-I did what?" I whispered.

His eyes sparkled with interest.

"You mean you don't recall?" He scooted closer to me as the grin on his face grew wider. "You don't recall cutting her left hand off? Throwing her out of the air duck? Chopping her hair off and making her eat it? None of this?"

I felt the tears sting my eyes and fog my vision at the idea of doing all of this to another human. All the blood on me was from her. All the scrapes on my arms were from Share trying to stop me by clawing at me. I killed a human.

"O-Oh god." I covered my mouth, feeling my gut turn and vomit slowly entering my mouth. "I-I killed her."

"You didn't kill her." Mr. Fuck patted my back softly and rolled his eyes at the words that passed through his pale cold lips. "Though I wish you would have…" I pushed his hand away from me as the words rung in my head. I stared at him with hope.

"I-I didn't?" I asked.

"All you did was bang her up a bit." He sighed in frustration. "I don't get you. She tried killing you and you-,"

"I fought back!" I snapped at him. He frowned at this. "You don't have to kill just to make it out alive!"

"But you do have that right when they try to kill you!" He pointed at me. "It's call self-defense!"

"It's called over kill!" I growled, crossing my arms over my chest. "Damn it, is killing someone in this place that big of a damn deal to you people!? Devi didn't kill Johnny when he tried to kill her!"

"That's because she was too scared to do anything further than that!" He hissed. "That and she got lucky…"

I frowned, hearing the last part. Then it clicked.

"Holy shit." I laughed and pointed at him as he frowned at me. "You have a grudge against Devi!"

"What the hell does that mean?" He spat. "That bitch just got out because Johnny went soft on her."

"You're pissed because she got out alive and she's the one Johnny gets all depressed about!" I pointed out. I laughed madly seeing his face turn dark on the subject. "You know that Psycho Doughboy is going to use that to get Johnny to kill himself!"

"Oooh, you think this is funny, eh?" Mr. Fuck snatched my beanie off my head.

"HEY!" I snapped, grabbed at the beanie as Mr. Fuck placed one skinny hand on my head to keep me away. "Give me that back!"


"Because it's mine dipshit!" I pushed his hand off my head and kicked him in the gut.

"HEY!" He grabbed my foot and started to twist it. I flinched at this but grabbed him by the shoulder and bit down on it. He yelped in pain then grabbed a hand full of my hair.

"Little cunt!" He hissed in my face.

I tried to make him stop pulling on my hair, only to have him pull harder. I pinched his ear, pulling and yanking on it.

"Let go of my hair!" I hissed.

"Let go of my ear!" he growled.

"HEY!" We both looked to the front to see the bus drive glaring back at us in the review mirror with his glossed over eyes. "I'm not sure what weird shit you're doing back there girl, but I don't like it!"

I pointed to Mr. Fuck.

"He started it!"

Mr. Fuck glared at me. "He can't see me, smart one."

"Fuck you." I replied coldly.

"Not in a million years." He stated back coldly.

My face turned red.

"Sick!" I yelled.

"GET OFF THE BUS!" The bus drive howled from the front. The bus came to an abrupt stop, making me fall from the seat to the ground. Mr. Fuck stayed on the seat, looking down at me.

"They were right." He exclaimed. "Small people have short fuses and are more fun to screw with."

I raised my middle finger at him.

"Off the bus small fry!" The bus driver yelled again at me.

"Sorry, sorry." I apologized, sitting up and feeling the sharp pain of where Share had stabbed me in the thigh. Mr. Fuck watched with interest as I hobbled towards the exit. "Thanks for the ride."

"Get out." The fat bus drive stated coldly. I rolled my eyes and got off the bus. I turned back to say good night, only to see something that made my face go pale. Mr. Fuck was stabbing the bus drive in the chest multiple times.

"MR. EFF!" He looked at me like a child would after getting caught stilling the last cookie out of the cookie jar.

"Someone has to kill tonight! I was getting all itchy waiting for you to do it." He scoffed, pulling the knife out of the man's chest. "But that's like waiting for a vegetarian to kill a baby cow. Not going to happen."

I steamed at this.

"Are you saying I don't have a back bone in me?"

"Yesss, that's what I'm trying to imply." He walked off the bus and said, "Just the thought of killing someone makes you want to gag." He tried handing the knife to me. I backed up. "Face it Sis. You're just a child in this place we call a world."

"I can handle myself in this world!" I snapped at him. He laughed and tossed me back my beanie hat.

"Is that so?" He raised a thin eyebrow at this. "From what I can recall, I'm the one that did all the murdering in the pasted couple of days."

"But I ran away!" I pointed out.

"Yeah, ran away." He patted me on the head as he walked passed me. "Just as a scared child would."

"I'm not a child!" I snapped, trying to catch up with him. He put his hands in his pants pockets. "I'm 18!"

"That doesn't prove to me anything." He hummed, pressing a button on the light pole that would let us cross the street. "Age is something every human has. Hell, even things have it. I'm …" He placed a hand on his chin. "How old am I?" He waved his hand at it. "That doesn't matter. What I'm trying to say is that your argument doesn't hold up."

"I don't care! I got away from Johnny three times!" I pressed on. He rolled his eyes and sighed in aggravation.

"That bitch got away and she ran just like you did." He sneered, crossing the street with me at his side. "Now look at her. She can't even set foot out of her home without freaking out. And she's 21."

I sighed and grabbed onto my hip, feeling the pain from when the car hit me coming back as my thigh throbbed in pain. My thigh was bleeding still. If it didn't stop soon, then I would pass out from blood loss.

I glared at him from the corner of my eye, and mumbled, "Well I stay by your scary ass…"

"I'll give you that one." He replied, glancing into every store we passed on the way to the hotel. "But you were scared shitless when I was in your head."

"You're still are in my head." I grinned at an idea. "How is it in there any way?"

"Hallow." I glared at him as he walked forward without even looking back to see my reaction.

"Ha ha, funny." I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest. "What made you appear in the first place?"

He stopped looking at a bread shop that was beside us. "Eh?"

"What made you come to the club?" I repeated, rolling my hand. "Did you hear me in my head?"

His eyes seemed to liven up at what I was getting at. "Oh no, Little Miss Sis." He pointed to me with a gleam in his crimson eyes. "It was the anger that pulled me to you." He circled around me like a vulture would its prey. "That homicidal side of you that craved to beat the girl into a bloody pulp." I felt myself grow cold hearing him say that to me.

"Y-You knew about that?" I whispered, averting my eyes towards the side walk below my feet.

"Yesss and I must say you out did yourself on this thought." He hissed near my ear, almost like the devil would on ones' shoulder telling them what to do. I flinched and backed up.

"You know you liked it too. The feeling you got when you were threatening that strange girl. The way you were holding back the smile that wanted out. The tingling that went up your spine the whole time you were doing it."

I glanced up to see Mr. Eff's smile turned into a full out malicious grin that made it hard to stare at him.

"You loved it and I know you want more of that feeling. Do you know how I know this?" I didn't want to answer his question. I didn't even want to hear the answer because one thing was growing from that.

My fear of Mr. Eff

Mr. Eff's cold, skinny, index finger landed on my forehead, knocking me out of my bubble. But my eyes stayed glued to my feet, not wanting to see those endless sea of lifeless crimson eyes.

"Because I'm in your mind." He grabbed onto my shoulders and dug his unclipped, jagged, rotten like, black nails into them. I flinched in pain and lowered my head, biting my lip to hold in the scream that was threating to burst out. "I'm the one that's making you feel this way. The one that's making that spine tingling feeling appear in your spine. The one that makes you want to laugh madly at others pain. All of this."

"Shut up." I murmured. Head still lowered to avoid eye contact.

"I'm so close to getting what I want from you, it's not even funny." Mr. Eff paused. "Well, funny for me. Not you."

"Shut up." I hissed in anger.

"You can't back down now, Little Miss Sis." He lowered down near me so I had to look into his eyes. "Just like Johnny Boy, I control you now." I felt as if the life was getting suck out of me hearing this from Mr. Eff. The whole time… He was lying to me about helping me. He was lying to me about everything. He tricked me. "You're stuck with me."

Mr. Eff grabbed my head and forced my ear against his cold chest, making me squirm and try to get away from the crazed doughboy. But doing this only made him shove my head deeper into his chest to the point it felt like he was trying to suck me into him.

"NO! STOP DAMN IT!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Silence!" He snapped, making my whole body jolt due to him shaking me. I grew quiet. "Do you hear anything when your ear is against my chest?" I didn't want to piss him off. His hand was on my head. If he wanted to he could've snapped my neck and been done with me. So, I listened. The city around me seemed to vanish as I tried to hear what he wanted me to. "DO YOU!?"

The fear got to me at this point and I shook violently, crying, "N-NO!"

"Listen close." He ordered me. I bit my bottom lip and squeezed my eyes closed. A few tears shed from this as I tried to figure out what he wanted me to hear. I didn't hear anything. I frowned at this and listened closer. Then it hit me.

"You don't have a heartbeat." I answered in a whisper.

"Ding ding ding. We have a winner."

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