Softness was against the left of my head. I didn't know what the softness was that was against it, but it felt homey almost. With closed eyes, I buried my face further into the softness that was against my head, and then I felt something warm wrapped around my body. I slowly opened my eyes to be met with whiteness. I squeezed my eyes closed and covered my eyes with my right hand.

"Ahh, too bright." I mumbled, my eyes throbbing from the brightness.

"Sis?" I heard a small voice say softly. "SIS!"

The stomping of shoes came running up from the right of me and I opened my eyes to be met with a familiar face that made my heart rise with happiness.

"Bro? BRO!" I wrapped my arms about my younger brother's neck, getting a face full of his brown hair. I laughed happily as my younger brother did the same, wrapping his small arms around me. I pulled back and investigated him hard, putting my hands on his freckled cheeks and searching in his copper eyes for any sign of deceit. "Is it really you?"

He shoved my hands off his face, frowning darkly as he rubbed his face.

"Yes it's me!" He snapped, his copper eyes glaring at me, dropping his hands to his side to reveal the red marks on his face from where I pressed my hands so hard. "Who else could it be?"

"I can't believe it with my own two eyes!" I screeched happily, clapping my hands like a morn. "Wait…" I snapped my hand to my left eye to see my small hand to my relief. "OH! IT'S THERE!" I jumped up in down on my knees in the bed I was placed in.

"…Bed?" I glanced around the room to find I was in a hospital room. Seconds later I looked down at myself to see that I was in a white hospital gown with blue dots surrounding it. I felt my mouth slightly gape as I tried to put it all together. I was just in a world with a crazed comic book character and now I found myself in a hospital room to some unbeknownst reason. Did any of the past events really happen? "…How did I get here?..."

I saw from the corner of my eye that my younger brother Alexander was frowning at me as puzzlement slowly took place on that small fragile face.

He said slowly, "You don't know?" I shook my head no, feeling my gut slowly turn in fear of what was about to come out of his mouth. Was it going to be something out of this worldly crazy? If it was, it wasn't going to be as crazy as what I went through. "You were found on the sidewalk near the gas station. The cops say that you passed out do to someone hitting you upside the head with a baseball bat!"

I lifted my left hand and touched the side of my head to feel bandages wrapped around it, a zing running through my head as soon as my fingers brush it. I couldn't help but pull my hand away to stop myself from making the mistake of touching the side of my head again.

"You were all bloody!"

"Wow…" I looked at my hand as the words registered fully, and then I dropped my hand to my side. The white fabric rubbing against my left hand gently, making it tickle ever so slightly. My eyes traveled down to the tiles below us. "Where are mom and dad?"

"They went to go talk to the doctor." He answered in a rush, jumping up and down from the candy he must have ingested. I don't know how we kept him skinny, all he eats is candy. He wiped his hand on his blue jean shorts, covered in grass stains, and his white shirt with a skull design plastered on the front. "I'll go get them! They've been waiting for you to wake up for two weeks!"

My eyes widened in shock hearing this, and I yelled, "TWO WEEKS!?"

Alexander dashed out of the room, slamming the door behind him and leaving me in the room once more, but for the first time when I was fully awake. I sighed and rested back down on the hospital bed, glancing out the window to see the full moon shining through the glass and down upon me.

"So… It was all a dream then?"

I sighed, closing my eyes and resting as thoughts upon thoughts clouded my mind from the dream that seemed so real.

"One hell of a dream." I mumbled, opening my eyes slightly. The lights in the room flickered on and off until they shut off completely and left me in complete darkness, the moon being the only light for me at the moment. I frowned at this, looking up at the lights above me as I did so. "Must be timed."

I touched my side softly in wonder, and idea popping into my mind like a subtle reminder to one to get milk before going home. I sat up and pulled the thin white covers off my body. The idea ran through my head as I stared at my left side, a hint of hopefulness and fear bubbling in my gut. If there was a scar there, then all of it was real. The Doughboys, Squee, Nny, Meat, Nailbunny, all of it. I pulled the gown away from my side steadily, my mouth dry from weeks without water and now anxiety.

My pale side was revealed and…


I smiled slightly.

"Guess not." I said to myself, a hint of sadness and relief in my voice when my face became solemn, a small smile on my lips. A subtle click noise like a lock being sealed came from the right side of the room, making me jump and turn to face the door to see that no one was there.

'Maybe it came from the other room.' I thought, trying to calm myself down and rationalize it. I lowered my eyes to the flooring as I took a deep breath. 'That's it.'

A cold breeze hit my ear and ran down my neck shortly after I thought this, knocking me out of my thought. I shivered and started to pull my gown back around my side so the coldness wouldn't enter under it and make things worse.

But something hindered me from doing so.

A coldness wrapped around my left side where the scar should have been, giving me goose bumps all around. I tore my eyes away from the flooring to see if the window to the right of me was open from a previous visitor that was in the room, allowing the wind to enter the room.

I turned and froze. I couldn't help but shiver and cower like a child at the sight before me.

Crimson eyes stared down at me as a wicked smile filled with needle like teeth shined in the moonlight when a form of a skinny body was shadowed over from the moonlight.

"You don't need the scar Johnny Boy gave you to remember what happened Little Miss Sis." A familiar cold voice hissed. "You have me to be your reminder." Crimson eyes lowered down to my view, the coldness that was a hand grip was still holding onto my left side. "You are stuck with me for the rest of your life."

I couldn't tear my eyes away from the familiar eyes that brought fear in every fiber of my being.

"Mr. Eff."

Mr. Fuck's face came near inches away from my own, making my blood run cold and the color in my face vanished in seconds flat.

His cold breath hit my face, knocking me out of my disbelief and devastation of my worst nightmare standing before me, as he whispered darkly, "The one and only dear."

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